Saturday, February 2, 2013



I have this thing that keeps gnawing at my brain
I just can’t seem to explain the reason as a whole
Sometimes I forget to see it in the proper prospective
Knowing whatever the reason that God is in control

And yet the Lord keeps these thoughts lingering
Such as facts that might help my ministry grow
That’s where my viewers come into the picture
I’d like your thoughts in the comment slot below

Please let me know if God’s Word is getting through
My aim is Salvation as well as to help the bereaved
All I’d like to know from those who view the blog
Is whether my poetic prayers are being received

If you can answer my question with a defining yes
Then there’s just one more favor that I would ask
Please pass this Godly Ministry throughout the globe
My prayer is that each one of you is up to the task

God’s Spirit has shown that I’m not alone in my quest
Every Believer is a vessel being put to use by the Lord
To that end we must be diligent and obey God’s Word
It’s the way that He sees His Flock to be of one accord

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