Sunday, July 25, 2010


JULY 23rd 1904 - July 1st 2004

Florence was a very special person
Someone who I’d known for many years
And although she died in a peaceful sleep
All those who knew her shed many tears

She left us with such pleasant memories
People she knew like friends and family
Now she is with her beloved Bernard
In God's Heavenly Kingdom for eternity

For years she longed to be with him
But the Lord had more for her to do
To bring joy and happiness to others
Before they would be united and renew

Now that they have bonded in Heaven
There's a blessing they will do as one
Watching over us as Guardian Angels
With authority from the Holy One

Like so many people in our lives
The Lord has taken them both away
But we can hold onto fond memories
Until He calls us to join them one day



I carved our initials
Into a tall oak tree
I put them there
For the world to see

I wrote our names
In wet cement
In order to show the world that
Our love and faith is permanent

When I look
Up at the sky
The shape of the clouds
Look just like you and I

I envision us both
By the pearly gate
Where Saint Peter Says,
"You’ll have to wait."

He returns and says, “I’ve seen that your
Names have been carved into life's book,
You're welcome here come right on in;
There's a lot to see, come take a look.”

And when you're finished looking
You can choose to sit or stand
I'll show you just exactly where
It's by Yeshua at God's right hand

Sunday, July 11, 2010



SHOW ME someone who obeys God's laws
That person is walking in God's path
Show me a person who scoffs at them
That person will surely see God's wrath

SHOW ME someone who believes in Yeshua
That person is guaranteed eternal life
Show me someone who does not believe
That person will only know infernal strife

SHOW ME a person who understands that
The only way to the Father is through His Son
Show me a person who thinks it's by works
I'll prove that their chances are zero to none

Lord when you know that the time is right
Remove the blinders from their eyes
On the day that they see God's light
They'll surely be in for a big surprise

Aba allow their eyes to see that Yeshua is the one
Who is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophesy
Which foretells of the coming of the Jewish Messiah and
That it’s only the truth of the Lord that can set them free

SHOW ME a person who will trust in Messiah Yeshua
That is the person who shall be saved or completed
When the armor of G-d fully surrounds them
The work of the devil will always be defeated



How nice it is to touch and feel
That which I no longer able to see
With my other senses taking charge
God has chosen to enhance my ability

Now when I hear or touch or smell
There are many new things that I find
For each new sense creates a picture
Within the confines of my mind

Sunday, July 4, 2010




On this day when we celebrate our independence as a nation
To be more specific it falls every year on the Fourth of July
If you are not familiar with our country’s history
The following verses will explain the reason why

There were thirteen original colonies
Which were ruled by England’s king
He needed more funds to support his shrinking war chest
So he decided to see how much taxing them would bring

The colonists were Godly people and
Believed that what he did was wrong
They fought back to keep their dignity for they knew
That with God on their side that they would be strong

Many battles were fought in the Revolutionary War
Some of them were lost but the most important one
Was on the day that General Cornwallace was defeated
By the continental army’s General George Washington

The leaders of the continental congress formed a constitution
Giving credit to God which set forth its principle foundation
This principle still exists to this very day
And is the backbone of our great nation

It gives us the unalienable right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Equality for all the right to speak freely and the privilege to openly pray
All of these and much more as prescribed by the letter of the law
Which states that you must also be in this country legally to stay

So let us never forget that this National Holiday on which we are given a day off
That is celebrated with memorial ceremonies parades fireworks and a Barbeque
Took place because of the Grace of God and the sacrifice of these brave souls
And has enabled each of us to perpetuate the values of the red white and blue

God Bless the United States of America



I feel like I’m in need for a vacation
Yet I’m not sure where I want to go
Should I fly up north to Canada
Or perhaps go south to Mexico

Maybe I’ll take a cruise to Alaska but
I really don’t like the cold or the snow
Hawaii might be nice this time of year
To see the hula dancers put on a show

Perhaps I should take a flight to Paris
It has many tours and fun things to do
There is one small problem though
My French is limited to parley vou

With so many fantastic places to choose from
I just can’t seem to decide which one’s the best
So I’ll just go for a dip in my swimming pool
And continue to fantasize about all of the rest