Saturday, October 27, 2012


This week after I publish my weekly two poems, you're in for a special treat.  I've published a poem by fellow poet Joel Addison. The poem is quite lengthy but it is Spiritual and extremely poignant telling things as they are without pulling any punches. I really enjoyed it and I believe that you will too.



I sense the end of days coming soon when
I see such drastic changes in the weather
It’s my belief that God isn’t very happy
Because mankind can’t get along together

Yes we were given the ability to discern
But quite obviously we’ve abused this gift
This is evident when a small understanding
Always seems to turns into a full blown rift

In reality we know who the culprit is
Satan daily spreads his wicked ways
And though God gives us discernment
The devil compensates with games he plays

Although God has the power over him
He’s seeking by our faith for us to resist
We need Him to return sooner than later
To destroy satan’s ways with an iron fist

The devastation that Yeshua will pour out
Will be horrendous and it will affect us all
There’s no disputing the book of Revelation
Which finally leads to the devils downfall

It may or may not happen within my lifetime
For only God knows when the time is right
Just keep your eyes glued toward the eastern sky
As the Lord will ascend there in the day or night

Perhaps it’s just something that I’m praying for
I just feel too many signs are pointing that way
I know for a fact that after the lord does return
God’s faithful will be in for a much brighter day



You’ve seen all of the presidential debates
But you’re still unsure who’ll get your vote
So I have a thought for you on the subject
Think about it and then make a mental note

Four years ago President Bush’s programs fell apart
Obama was election by promising to get us back then
Four years later we’re in even worse shape than before
His reelection will only move us even further back again

Romney has fresh ideas to get us moving forward again
So if the old way doesn’t work let’s try something new
If four years from now it’s still a mess or gotten worse
Like we did before we’ll have to do what we have to do

It’s not that I’m trying to influence your vote
Look at the situation from this perspective
One constant we know is that God is in control
And this is the way that I view His directive

If we as a nation reelect the incumbent president
Status quo prevails or we could be even deeper in
It’s a sign that brings us much closer to the end days
Godly influence will let us know when it will begin

On the other hand if our votes should elect the challenger
God may feel that there’s still hope before His final blow
Because of my spirituality I choose to the second theory
I personally feel that this is the direction we need to go

So if you’re still undecided I’ll repeat it again
The very same programs won’t bring us back
Hopefully by implementing fresh new ideas
We can get this great nation back on track

But whichever candidate you decide to vote for
Don’t let rhetoric or innuendos play a big part
Ask God for His help in guiding your decision
His influence will make you look very smart


Joel Addison

We the people, in order to form,
A more perfect Union thought:
That all men were created equal,
Until the unborn question was brought!
Should our special inalienable rights
Be presented by “those” who can’t fight?
Who’ll defend the little ones
Whose deaths are 20 times those done by guns?

God gave us life, liberty and a quest
To fulfill our goals of happiness.
Yet we, in our pride, began our demise

God spared not His own nation of Israel
When sacrificed children’s blood was to spill.
Our land shall be given to those we hate
Because our unrepented sins are great!
The fear of A.I.D.S. and other such plagues

Are broadcast on the news
Through liberal, anything goes, reporters
That scorn the conservatives’ views!
Mockeries of Jesus Christ and child pornography
Are among the list of tactical weapons
Destroying our society.

Our worship of eye –do$$ar-TREE
Is passed on by an addiction to: T.V.
Sex, violence, murder, and theft
Are telling our children, “there’s nothing left:
Of morals and integrity”
Just “Be All that you can Be!”

God gives us grace that we may stand
Above the decadence of our land!
Help us to be strong and shout our voice
That such lewdness is NOT our choice!

“Congressmen, Senators, hear our plea,
To avoid the judgment of God’s decree…
“That, if My people, who are called by My Name
Will NOT repent of their evil game,
Their land shall I smite with a terrible plight
And swiftly as, a thief in the night!” “

To do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God
Is all I required of you,
But injustice and hatred and pride you have sought
In arrogance to do!

Your banks and businesses
You’ve credited away
Your once firm economy
No longer shall it stay!

The humanist ideology
Into your schools you’ve preached
But interest paid on what they’ve said`
A demon foe’s unleashed…

Children with no respect
Thinking they know it all
Situational ethics
Morality shall fall!                
God help us in these last few days
Before our Savoir comes
To heed His call and give our all
So Heaven’s eternally our home.

Saturday, October 20, 2012



Let’s start with the birth name of Jesus
Born a Jew Yeshua is His Hebrew name
Jesus is a Greek transliteration of this
But translated they both mean the same

Translated both names mean Salvation and
He desires a personal relationship with you
To keep you on the path of righteousness and
Bless all of the good things in life that you do

To know Yeshua is your home free pass to heaven
Rejecting Him gets you a ticket going the other way
And once you’re there you can’t change your mind
If you haven’t already you need to decide today
Oh by the way all of His blessings that you received
Will count for naught to get you past the pearly gate
After you’re judged they are your heavenly treasures
To live in a mansion where you’ve already paid the rate

There is no need for Medicare Medicaid or Obamacare
For your reward there is no sickness pain or strife
The best thing to happen when you do get there is
Being with Father God and Yeshua for eternal life

One of the things God gave you when you were born
Was to have the ability good or bad to make a choice
You’ve seen the end results of which way you can go
I pray that you’ll listen to your inner Spiritual voice

Heavenly angels rejoice when your decision is good one
By deciding to accepted Yeshua as your Lord and Savior
Look into the mirror and  see a creation that’s born anew
It will also be quite evident by your Spiritual behavior

The journey ahead of you won’t be an easy one because
Satan doesn’t want to let you spread God’s Good News
But as we get closer to end times God’s truth will prevail
So go spread His word to the unsaved Gentiles and Jews



When I’m no longer on this earth how will you or
Perhaps I should even ask will you remember me
If I’ve ever made any sort of impact in your life
I’d like for you to thank God that He set me free

Free to do God’s bidding and His will
Even though He said it was my choice
Thank Him for His showing me favor by       
Allowing me to retain my cantorial voice

Thank the Lord for my poetic ministry that
Allowed me to share the words I was given
Through the Holy Spirit that God wanted you
To read them and that it had kept me driven

Driven to comfort those who might need it and
Those who don’t know God show them the way
When you hear my name I hope that you smile
Because in some way I even helped you one day

I’m not looking for fame or a pat on the back but
When my time’s up I’d like to hear the Lord say,
“Well done My good and faithful servant,
Welcome to heaven on this beautiful day.”

Saturday, October 13, 2012


The Lord posed a question of me that came
Though the power of God’s Holy Spirit
And even though He already knew the answer
The Lord said that He still wanted to hear it

The question that He asked was this
He wants to know exactly how I feel
But since God already knew my answer
He told me that I needed to keep it real

On the inside I really feel like I’m dying
On the outside I make do the best I can
Knowing that all my strength comes from
My Lord Yeshua the Son of God and man

The lord told me to keep my faith in Him
Even stronger than it has been in the past
For the pain I’m feeling is just temporary and
When the right time comes that it will not last

God told me to just keep ministering like I have been
Because there is so much more that He needs me to do
To bring the word of the truth the light and to show the way
To the heart of unsaved Gentile as well as the unsaved Jew

The Lord said that I’d know that He’d sent for me
When it was the time for me to take that final rest
He told me that heaven’s gates would be open wide
For this faithful servant who had passed God’s test

Seeing all this before my eyes
Lord I hear you and I’ll obey
Thank you for giving me this blessing
For all this in Your Holy Name I pray


God said in the bible that
The wages of sin is death
But the Lord alone will decide
When we take our last breath

There isn’t a shred of doubt in my mind that
The Lord’s ultimate punishment for sin is hell
Until the day God decides that enough is enough
I’m sure He will make their lives a living hell as well

God also has the antidote for those who sin
It’s Salvation and it’s free of monetary cost
What you gained from the Lord will far outweigh
Any of the sinful pleasure that you will have lost

Think about the comparisons between the two
There’s eternal damnation in hell with no relief
Compared to a heavenly with stored up blessings
And all that it will cost is your faith and belief

Also while residing in your heavenly mansion
Through God’s benevolent gift of eternal life
The medical benefit that you’re entitled to is in
A realm where there is no sickness pain or strife

So now that you have the only two possible choices
Accept Yeshua and get these great things for free
Or continue your ways and be eternally damned
These are the choices which one of them will it be

If it were me the choice would be a no brainer
I would follow the Lord and be on the right path
Life is good here but heaven looks to be happier
And It’s also much better than facing God’s wrath

If like me you choose what you can see is much better
There’s one catch that I’d forgot to inform you about
By accepting Yeshua He said that you must die to self
On earth you must be prepared to possibly do without

By that I mean giving of yourself in service to God
Confessing your sin to Him if you falter in any way
Devoting your life and spreading God’s Good News
This is my wish for you that I will constantly pray

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Do you know that you have an attitude
You might not realize it but we all do
Some may have attitudes of gratitude and
Others haughtiness which of these are you

If you are grateful you thank God every day
The haughty person isn’t nice to anyone at all
The grateful person looms large in God’s Eyes
If haughty He sees them as smaller than small

God always blesses those who show gratitude but
If a haughty person needs help He may look away
However that may not always be the case though
For God sees there is hope in some that may stray

This is where God begins to work His miracles
Putting someone with a sweet spirit in their lives
More flies are caught with honey than vinegar
And their attitude is changed so that it thrives

It isn’t any different in so many other aspects of life
It pits good versus evil which is God versus the devil
No matter how hard he may try to be God he can’t because
God is omnipotent so satan will never achieve the same level


I believe that if I chose to do so I could write
Poems of biblical things that have occurred
You may even see this happen occasionally but
Mostly I write of what God wants to be heard

Just what is it that God is wanting of you
In a good many cases it’s your Salvation
Or if you’re in a quandary about a certain situation
He says that you come to Him without reservation

When you read many of these poems they are there
As a reminder that the Lord is aware of your need
And as to just when you can expect to see any resolution
He wants you to know it will all happen at God’s speed

When you read particular verses that I’ve written
You’ll know if these words were meant for you
At the same time please keep that situation in prayer
Although God knows it already He wants you to share