Monday, January 23, 2017



Are you in right standing with
The Lord God of all creation
Or do you worship other gods
And endure much frustration

You pray to them and don't get any answers
That's a no brainer because they're not around
The simple truth of the matter is that these
Other gods are all buried in the ground

These facts are completely indisputable
There is only one who died and rose again
He Lives within in you through the Holy Spirit
For those who believe whether women or men

What is the name of this Living God you might ask
His Name is Yeshua and He died to cleans you of sins
Through the sacrifice of His unblemished blood
He brought you salvation and a new life to begin

You will be born again in the Spirit
Not reborn from your mother's womb
Just believe in your heart that He is the Messiah
Otherwise your destiny is to face the devil's doom

If you accept Yeshua willingly
He promises you eternal life
The choice is as clear as common sense
G-d's Saving Grace over eternal strife

Sunday, January 8, 2017



I carved our initials
In a big oak tree
I put them there
For all to see

I wrote our names
In wet cement
To show the whole world that
Our love and faith is permanent

When I look
Up at the sky
The shape of the clouds
Look just like you and I

I envision us both
By the pearly gate
Where Saint Peter Says,
"But you'll have to wait"

He returns and says," You've carved
Your initials into Life’s Book
You're welcome here come right on in
There's a lot to see come take a look

And when you're finished looking
You can choose to sit or stand
I'll show you just exactly where
It's by Yeshua at God’s Right Hand