Saturday, December 24, 2011



We know the date that Yeshua’s birth is celebrated
The church in Rome decided on this particular day
It had nothing to do with the Messiah’s actual birth
It was instituted by them to make paganism go away

Not one person knew the exact date of Yeshua’s birth
So I guess this day to celebrate was as good as any
What’s important here is the fact that He was born
To be loved, revered and Deified by so very many

And as the very famous saying goes
Yeshua is the reason for the season
Those who deny Him will be condemned
To the dark pit of hell for eternal treason

But if you love and revere Him as Lord
He will surely return that love to you
Make Yeshua an integrated part of your life and
He’ll influence everything that you think say and do

Yeshua is an integral part of God’s eternal plan
In the Tri-Unity of the Holy Spirit Father and Son
So we accept this day even though it was chosen by man
To celebrate Messiah’s birth and the victory that He won

Merry Christmas and Blessings in Yeshua to all.



Once upon a time there were two brothers
Each one believed that their cause was true
One would don a uniform of Confederate gray
The other would choose to wear Union blue

They both had fought many battles
Each trying to keep their cause alive
But regardless of which side won the war
They prayed that the other one would survive

Then one day a very crucial battle would occur
And each of the Generals needed to use their ace
In the heat of this bloody skirmish
The two brothers came face to face

The next thing that was supposed to happen
Was for each of them to pull their trigger
But their brotherly love was far too strong
It’s the one thing that the Generals didn’t figure

When the war ended they both survived
So it didn’t matter who had won or lost
Because if only one brother had survived
It would have been too high a cost

The lesson to be learned from this poetic story is
That no matter what the cost or for what good
One reason why the Son of God gave up His life
Was for mankind to seek peace and brotherhood

Sunday, December 18, 2011



On the first night of Chanukah
My true love gave to me
A menorah to celebrate
And to tell why we are free

On the second night of Chanukah
I lit the Shamash and candles one and two
It reminded me of the daily miracles
That God grants me and you

On the third night of Chanukah
I thank the Lord for all He does
A God filled with Grace and Mercy
Who Will Be Is and Was

On the fourth night of Chanukah
When the holiday is half way through
I think about Messiah Yeshua who died
To absolve the sins of me and you

On the fifth night of Chanukah
I go out and spread God’s Word
That Yeshua is the true Messiah and
Disclaim the untruth that you’ve heard

On the sixth night of Chanukah I Remember
How our Savior died and rose again
He made it clear through His disciples
That we are all to be fishers of men

On the seventh night of Chanukah
As the holiday nears the end
I’m reminded that one day
Yeshua will return to us again

On the last night of Chanukah
With the candles all aglow
I look toward the Eastern sky
And long to hear the shofars blow

And though each verse that I have written
May not truly depict each Chanukah night
I long for the gift of Messiah’s return
For He alone is the Truth Way and Light



Over many past centuries the rabbis have spread a
False doctrine about Yeshua and many other things
Admitting that He was a teacher rabbi and maybe
a prophet but not the Messiah the King of Kings

Do you accept the rabbi’s word as law
Or do you have a mind of your own
If you read the Old Testament prophesies
You don’t know it but a seed is being sewn

Several Jews have laid claim to these prophesies
But it is Yeshua who will fill every last one
Yet only in God’s time will the truth be revealed
That He and He alone is God’s Promised True Son

He came for the Jew first but was rejected by many
And later His apostles went to the Gentiles too
They accepted Him with open arms
As did the Messianic Believing Jew

God knows when you’re ready to accept Yeshua
Then you’ll be blessed in so many different ways
One of which is that you now have eternal life
When you pass into heaven for the rest of your days

There is only one way to be with God our Father
Through Yeshua whose blood cleanses all sins
By professing Him you are reborn or completed
It’s the glorious day that your Spiritual life begins

Now it will be your turn to plant the seed
My prayer is that you will be up to the tasks
Consider the sacrifice Yeshua made for you
The least you can do is whatever God asks

Sunday, December 11, 2011


As you may have read in my last posting as well as others in the past, God has given me a ministry through the written verse to reveal the Light of the World, first to the unsaved Jew and then to the unsaved Gentile who doesn’t have a personal relationship with Yeshua (Jesus). In nine more days I will celebrate the second anniversary of my blog. If you are enjoying the words that God gives me, I could use your help as well. Right now, I have viewers in 19 countries besides the U. S. Tell others in your country as well as other countries about the blog. (Especially if they enjoy poetry) Also I would enjoy conversations on my blog (Using the comments section after each posting.) (It does not cost to join the Blog) with both those who know the Lord And the lost souls who need to know Him before it is too late. If my ministry helps to lead at least 1 person to Salvation in the Lord, I will have accomplished the mission that God has given me, although I will strive to show the way to as many as are led here. Enjoy today’s 2 poems. Blessings in Yeshua, Joel



Yeshua said to come to Him
And He will give you rest
He said this to give you a free will choice
The words that He spoke were not a test

Will you continue on the path you’re on
One that can only lead to destruction
Profess Him as Lord and repent of your sins
You’ll be a new creation under construction

You may even think you’re ready but
When it happens it’s on God’s timetable
For you have been made in God’s Image
So only He can truly know if you are able

I can show you that I’m a prime example of this
In my late forties God Planted His seed in me
What would it be like to know Jesus and be Jewish
But God didn’t let it happen until almost sixty three

And God will give you or restore gifts that Glorify Him
Just like He restored my ability to write poetry
I feel so blessed because I can never do enough to Glorify
Father God and Yeshua who have set me spiritually free

Use your gifts so that others may know God
It will give you inner peace and pleasure
God’s reward for doing what is right and good
Will all be revealed in your heavenly treasure



Many people in the world
Hunger to know the Lord
And when they find and accept Messiah
To them abundant blessings will be poured

Under a spiritual covering that understands
That the two testaments are joined as one
The old prophesied of the coming of Messiah
Fulfilled in the new through God’s only Son

The church needs to emphasize the old more often
To show people that their the Messiah is a Jew
Who came first for the Salvation of His people
And ultimately came for all of mankind too

I pray that You teach them oh Lord
Of their Jewish roots in the Messiah
So that they may preach Your Word
With a fervent zest and burning desire

God chose to sacrificed His only Son
And Through Him there is eternal life
Because our sins have been forgiven
Our eternal souls are free from strife

In life God will still give you tribulation
Faith shows how strongly you believe
He loved you before you even knew Him
Just how much you could never conceive

Sunday, December 4, 2011



Some who have accepted the Lord’s Salvation
Revel in satan’s wicked ways and are still soiled
They need to confess their sins and walk away
To break satan’s hold that has kept them foiled

If they continue to hesitate they will not grow
In their walk to attain Spiritual Righteousness
They may be saved but when they are judged
The rewards they were seeking will be far less

No one has ever said that it would be an easy path
For the ways of satan bring temporary pleasures
A true believer will keep his focus on the mark
Uniting with God to revel in His heavenly treasures

It’s not too late
What will you do
God has given you that choice
Now the decision is up to you



I’ll always live by blind faith in the Lord God above
His Word passed down through those that He chose
Yet my faith in Him isn’t completely blind because I see
Daily miracles knowing only God could have done those

I’m a prime example of this statement
I believe that anyone can write poetry
Yet because of my faith God has chosen to
Put the words He gives me into a ministry

Specific things that God has done points to this
A book and web site that He provided for me
To Minister the Truth to both Jew and Gentile
Of the Lord’s Salvation that will set them free