Thursday, October 22, 2015



I feel like I’m in need of a vacation
Yet I’m not sure where I want to go
Should I fly up north to Canada
Or perhaps go south to Mexico

Maybe I’ll take a cruise to Alaska but
I really don’t like the cold or the snow
Hawaii might be nice this time of year
To see the hula dancers put on a show

I might like to take a flight to Paris
It has many tours and fun things to do
There is one small problem though
My French is limited to parley vou

With so many fantastic places to choose from
I just can’t seem to decide which one’s the best
So I’ll just go for a dip in my swimming pool
And continue to fantasize about all of the rest



Are you successful in the world we live in
Or are you struggling or just getting by
Either way you need to take a step back and
Check your relationship with God Most High

If you're living your life day to day
But your faith in Messiah is strong
This may be exactly where you need to be
And where the Lord wanted you all along

The riches of this world are only temporary 
Plant yourself on the rock of God here on earth
Heavens reward is beyond your expectation
There’s no way to measure what it’s truly worth

What about the people with successful careers
Do they know about tithing one tenth of their pay 
If they don’t when the final judgment day arrives
Heaven's gates won’t open hell is the other way

Take heart for no matter what your station in life
Just profess Messiah Yeshua as the King of Kings
He gave His life to absolve the sins of all mankind
Opening gates of the riches that Salvation brings

Thursday, October 15, 2015



I bend my knees before the Lord my maker
For He alone is my salvation
My first allegiance is to Him
For I am a part of His creation

God does not ask very much of us
Just to follow His commandments and laws
He knows that as humans we're not perfect
And is forgiving of our many flaws

He also told us that He's a jealous G-d
Serve and exalt Him with reverent fear
He alone is the only true living God and
In His time the others will all disappear

In life we are all to minister from the bible
Spreading the good news of Messiah His Son
Whose blood in death washed away total sin
For everyone professing belief in the Holy One

Messiah will come back one day
The New Covenant has told us so
And though we long for His return
The timing is only God's to know

From the East He will come at the shofar's blast
He will leas us back to the promise land
New Jerusalem God's heavenly kingdom
Each step was pre-destined and pre-planned

We may not completely understand it all
It is far beyond our comprehensive realm
Just to believe is a deep step of blind faith
Knowing that God our Father is at the helm