Sunday, August 26, 2012



Are there pressing situations in your life
That may weigh heavily on your mind
Just by turning them over to the Lord
He allows you to cast this burden aside

Because you are one of God’s children
And through His Son you know Salvation
To protect and defend you is priority one
That always gives the enemy frustration

Still satan will come at you in other ways
Always trying to unravel your repentance
But when you walk on God’s straight path
It points the adversary to his death sentence

This we know from reading Scripture
The Lord will return with a vengeance
Casting the adversary deep into the pit
The price paid for deception his sentence

As long as you make God your first priority
He will clear your path from infernal strife
To abide with him in the heavenly realm
Pouring blessings upon you for eternal life



When I observe most Christian Faiths
A cross is the very first thing that I see
Isn’t it enough to say who they are and
Tell of the reason that set mankind free

An example is the Messianic Jew who believe in
Yeshua just as Christians who call Him Jesus do
Their symbol is from a God given commandment
And from King David to identify them as a Jew

Yes Jesus is a part of the tri unity of God and
More emphasis is put on the new than the Old
But Yeshua was there even before the creation
Patiently waiting for God’s timetable to unfold

Why do people pray to interceding statues of Saints
Is another subject which I also find somewhat odd
A Believer should know that when the curtain was torn
That it gave them a direct line of communication to God

Why is it so important to identify a faith or
A person as a Christian or a Believing Jew
It’s more important to have blind faith and
Show this in all that you say think and do

My point is to put more emphasis where it belongs
By espousing the Lord with a faith that is blind
The purpose of the cross isn’t meant to be a symbol to worship
But to remind us of God’s sacrifice for the Salvation of mankind

Sunday, August 19, 2012



Look into the mirror
And what do you see
When I took a look into the mirror
What I saw was a much older me

Where did all the time go
To the mirror I’d query
Perhaps in my pursuit of life
I was in too much of a hurry

I was born of Jewish parents
A fact for which I am so glad
Years later as a grown adult
I did not practice what I had

I was married for many years and
Raised two girls but not spiritually
Yet knowing the Lord as I do now
I’ve no one to blame for this but me

Many years later my wife and I parted
What made me so scared I didn’t know
The Gentiles I knew always seemed happy
Yet it was not a secret what made them so

They all had Jesus in their lives
It was something that I wanted too
I was surprised when I discovered
That like me He was and is a Jew

Needless to say I was drawn back to God
But now I am a Messianic Believing Jew
To all of the Jewish people out there
I pray that you’ll come to know Yeshua too

The Lord brought a new meaning to my life
And He even led me to a very Godly wife
These days when I look into that mirror
My heart is no longer filled with strife

So what do you see when you look in the mirror
I pray that your life will be as blessed as mine
And that the love and peace that you will know
Comes from Yeshua our Lord God Savior Devine



Love means many things to different people
But the one thing that I know that’s true
Is from the moment your eyes met mine
I knew that I’d always be in love with you

I’ll love you in both the day and night
And throughout all of the seasons
What makes me feel the way I do
There are so many valid reasons

You’re beautiful you’re funny
Kind and gentle and full of love
You have wisdom and compassion
All these a gift from the Lord above

My love and all that I possess
Are yours within my span of life
I’ll be there for you unconditionally
And am so blessed that you’re my wife

What’s most important as my best friend
Is that no one else will ever touch my heart
For after God you’ve made my life complete
And throughout eternity we’ll never part

Saturday, August 11, 2012





Do you believe that you’re in control
Of most of what happens in your life
You really need to take a second look
For you don’t even control your strife

This is the truth of the matter
The Lord is in complete control
Every decision that you make will have
A bearing on the outcome of your Soul

God the Father is pointing you in the right direction
Even though you believe that you made that choice
Sometimes a detour is needed to keep things on track
So the Holy Spirit guides you through an inner voice

As long as you can comprehend these facts
Your Soul is headed in the right direction
Love God with everything that is in you knowing
That He will always be there for your protection

The end result is all that really matters
God wants you in heaven to seek His Face
Knowing that by always following His lead
These decisions led you to a far better place



The structure of many of the words that you read
Which the Lord has gives me to write that rhyme
Are always shared and adjusted as they’re needed
With my wife and Soul mate through eternal time

She doesn’t receive any sort of accolades for her input
Except for the multitude of thanks and gratitude from me
Although these thoughts come to me through the Holy Spirit
She helps me so that they will be understood grammatically

I always let her read what I have written unless
Of course she's the person that I’m writing it to
That's another reason why God joined us together
To share in these given words from God to you

Some times she says that it needs something else and
I go back to ask God if there was more that I missed
If the Lord should say no I relate that to her as well
If yes it may even give what was written a new twist

As long as I draw breath and receive what God shows me
We will continue to work together just as if we were one
Showing you that the only way you’ll receive His glory is
To believe in the Holy Spirit God the Father and the Son

Sunday, August 5, 2012



May God protect you on each and every day
For The Lord knows that your flesh is weak
To avoid being tempted by satan
It's the Lord that all must seek

If you will convey your faithfulness to God by
Showing your love through praise and prayer
The Lord will return His Blessings ten fold
And whenever you need Him He’ll be there

God has made you in His image
A fact that's indisputably true
He loves you for who you are but not
For some of the things that you may do

It is just one of the reasons
That God’s only Son was born
He died so that all of sin would be forgiven and for
The Salvation of the wicked weak sick and forlorn

Resurrected He walked with His disciples
Then rose to sit at His Father’s side
If the Lord could do this much for you
Couldn’t you cast away your foolish pride

By professing all of your faith in Yeshua
Just a part of your reward is eternal life
You know there’s only one alternative to this
Yes it’s the devil’s kingdom of eternal strife



I have often wondered why it is
That so many people do not see
The daily troubles that surround them
As opposed to what has kept them free

Our great nation was built on these
Principles that govern our daily life
Many people choose to ignore them
It has filled our daily lives with strife

Daily all you hear is give me give me
From those who have not yet learned
They don’t understand what it really means
To work hard for the things you’ve earned

There isn’t any clear cut solution to this problem
But one thing I know is that where we’re headed now
That only a privileged few will be in control of our lives
And the rest of us will receive what they choose to allow

Because when the Conservatives join the Liberals
On key issues where they would normally disagree
How can the average citizen expect any justice
Knowing that the price of freedom isn’t free

It’s time to rise up and take your lives back
On issues where you’d normally disagree
Bring back that time of self control
When it comes to your civil liberty

Don’t get in bed with the devil
On matters that will rob your soul
Keep the faith and just remember
That no matter what God is in control