Saturday, August 11, 2012



The structure of many of the words that you read
Which the Lord has gives me to write that rhyme
Are always shared and adjusted as they’re needed
With my wife and Soul mate through eternal time

She doesn’t receive any sort of accolades for her input
Except for the multitude of thanks and gratitude from me
Although these thoughts come to me through the Holy Spirit
She helps me so that they will be understood grammatically

I always let her read what I have written unless
Of course she's the person that I’m writing it to
That's another reason why God joined us together
To share in these given words from God to you

Some times she says that it needs something else and
I go back to ask God if there was more that I missed
If the Lord should say no I relate that to her as well
If yes it may even give what was written a new twist

As long as I draw breath and receive what God shows me
We will continue to work together just as if we were one
Showing you that the only way you’ll receive His glory is
To believe in the Holy Spirit God the Father and the Son

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