Sunday, January 29, 2012



I am a zealot for the Lord my God
I write verses that extol my Savior
People read them seeing who I am
A reflection of my spiritual behavior

I do my best to do God’s bidding
Writing of everything that God is
I try to lead others to seek Salvation and
See the Praise Honor and Glory that is His

I try explaining in verse very positive aspects
Such as Messiah Yeshua who is God’s son
God’s perfect lamb who sacrificed His life
Cleansing all sin is the victory that He won

I write about how the devil can trick you
It’s all there in the bible God’s Holy Book
But don’t just take my word for all of this
Dust off your bible open it and take a look

And if you’re still not convinced about God’s Truth
There is just one more thing that I’d ask you to do
Please let me know that you still have your doubts
So that I may intercede and strongly pray for you



Some seek the forgiveness of their sins only once a year
Praying that God’s forgiveness will bring them to an end
But from that day many of the same sins seem to return
Denying this fact is something that they can only pretend

Even if you believe that our sins have been completely forgiven
Through the blood sacrifice of Yeshua God’s Perfect Lamb
Still we sin every day through negative acts deeds or words
These are things which are not pleasing to the Great I Am

Ask God’s forgiveness when you believe that you’ve sinned
There are many times that you sin and may not even know
By being sincere God always knows that you mean it
And He will forgive each time because He love you so

I’d advise you not to give the Lord lip service
God knows your words before they’re spoken
Show God respect in all that He’s done for you
Make a covenant with Him that won’t be broken

But every time that you do break it
Because being of this world you will
Repent and say, ”Please forgive me Lord.”
And God in His Mercy will love you still

Sunday, January 22, 2012



Who do you turn to when you need advice or
Do you try to work these things on your own
There is one final authority you need to turn to
That is if the truth of what you seek be known

Now I’m not saying that the advice you get from
A spouse or friend or spiritual leader isn’t good
Or even trying to handle a problem by yourself but
By asking God the answer will be clearly understood

When you go to the Lord in prayer about these things
He may or may not tell you what you want to hear
Put your total trust in the response that you receive
Know that no matter what you decide God is always near

Because sometimes even when we pray about things
The outcome isn’t always how we’d like them to go
Just move on and accept the outcome graciously
Because what God really said to you was, “No.”

But if something works out like you had hoped for
Give God the praise and say. “Thank you Lord.”
It’s a blessing to know because of my faith in You
That we’re on the same page and are of one accord




On a clear day not long ago
They sent a rocket into space
And since man’s landing on the moon
Are all these other flights a waste

Oh sure we’re bound to learn much more
But have we thought about the cost
Is it really worth the money
When you think of all we’ve lost

Just think of all that could be done
With all of that enormous wealth
Curing sickness and diseases and
Restoring millions back to health

What about those who are very poor
That are starving almost every day
Who will fund all of this in the long run
Yes, you and I are the ones who will pay

The welfare roles are full of those
Who could just as easily find work
But that would be the harder way
It’s so much easier a task to shirk

Why can’t we live in a more placid world
You can do your share and I’ll do mine
It really can’t make things much worse
And might even help to restore mankind

For without sickness and hunger
We could strive for other gains
And maybe even go back into space
To see the mysteries it contains

Somehow though this will never be
Blame the rich, as well as the poor
The poor, content to live that way
The rich just looking to make more

In summing up the argument
Let’s let the heavens be
And concentrate right here on earth
On problems that we all can see

But then again on the other hand
What good would come of that day
With pollution bad and getting worse
We’ll be needing another place to stay

It’s becoming quite a vicious cycle
Like a top going round and round
Now let’s just stop and think a bit
There is an answer to be found

The point that I’m trying to make
Is not to let the status quo to be
There’s only One with the power among us
Who is always in control of our destiny

God will be the only one to judge our fate
Whether we are to be in heaven or below
The attitude that we have about all of this
Might just determine which way we’ll go

So let the poor not lift a hand
And let the rich make more
You’ll know if you were right or not
When you see who opens up the door

If you’re wrong but never know
What is the truth and what is not
It makes for little difference
And will all soon be forgot

The world as we know will never change
For not one person among us is the same
If that’s the way all of these things evolve
Just think about who really is to blame

The answer comes by turning to God
And so it’s best we should
For only through the Lord my friend
Is where all find peace and brotherhood

Sunday, January 15, 2012



As you can see when you read my blog
How I write is somewhat unconventional
This is the way that the Lord conveys it to me
So for all intent and purposes it’s intentional

It’s one way of getting the point across
About Facts that God wants you to see
That opens your eyes to accept His Son as Messiah
With a repentant prayer that sets your Spirit free

My verses to those who already know the Lord
Are reminding them that they have a ministry
Yeshuas told them to go and minister the Gospel
Showing that Messiah is a part of God’s Trilogy

Sometimes I may put together verses to show comfort
To those who may feel ill or perhaps are depressed
To show by their faith that God will get them through it
It was just the Lord’s way of putting them through a test

For whatever reason you may read the poetry I write
I hope you see that I‘m one of many vessels of the Lord
Whether you preaching or writing words given by God
It shows that all who believe in Him are of one accord



The quote from a well known saying is that the
Best laid plans of mice and men often go awry
Have you ever stopped to think about the reason
And when it happens do you ask yourself why

Things happen that may make you change your plans
Could it be that someone is trying to get your attention
Because whether you believe it and perhaps you may not
All things that occur in life come from Devine intervention

If you truly know God then you understand that
Some things we think and do are not His ways
And just like any child’s good father would
He knows what is best for each of our days

Yes we make plans and they don’t always work out
And more often than not we belabor the situation
Just let God know that whatever His will let it be done
Thereby saving yourself a lot of aggravating frustration

There are times when you’re on the same page with God
And things work out just exactly as you expect them to
Sometimes they may surprise you and work out even better
I’m sure it’s because of the way that God understands you

By declaring the words, “Yes, I let go and let God.”
Blind faith shows that you walk with Him each day
More often than not all good things tend to happen
When you exalt God with praise and when you pray

Sunday, January 8, 2012



First and foremost it is the love of God
You exalt Him with both praise and prayer
And because your relationship is one on one
God is always right beside you everywhere

Next is the love of parents
Who some may not even know
But they still have God the Father
To whom their love they can show

Then there is the love of your spouse
Support them although you may not agree
Be there for them in strength and wisdom
The fruit that it bares you will always see

After that please love your children
By using both example and emotion
Teach them to know right from wrong
This in turn will earn you their devotion

If you are a part of the work force
Show love by doing the best you can
Don’t forget to tithe on your income
It’s all a part of God’s Eternal Plan

God commands you to love your neighbor
And yes He tells us even to love our enemy
When you obey what God commands
God’s Truth will set you spiritually free

God especially wants you to love yourself
A happy person can fulfill all the above
Because what goes around comes back
Especially the presence of God’s Love

There’s a bonus to all this love and goodness
It’s in the love that God gives you in return
He is preparing a place for you in His Kingdom
It is a time for which one day you’ll yearn



Just exactly how do we define eternity
It can’t be measured in time or distance
I believe that God has given you a choice
And that it’s the point of last resistance

Think about where you’d like to spend it
There are really only two distinct choices
The first is hell to be tormented forever or
Heaven where you’ll rejoice at angel’s voices

There are two ways to make that choice
One is by continuing with your sinful ways
Or to repent and seek salvation through Yeshua
Coming face to face with God and sing His praise

If you should want to choose the first way
It could be too late to change your mind
But if you confess your sins and accept the Lord
It means you’ve left your worldly ways behind

Welcome to the world of new beginnings
Where you’ve been spiritually born again
Confident because you made the right choice
All God’s people join you and say, “AMEN."

Sunday, January 1, 2012



Another twelve months have come and gone
And for a brief moment you need to look back
Not at the year’s events in the news but
At the good you did and what did you lack

Were you one of those who were in the world or
Did you spread God’s word as He commands
What can you do that will bless God in the New Year
That you know fits in with His eternal plans

It may just be some little things
Such as kindness giving and love
But things like this all fit right into
What God is doing from up above

Spread God’s word when and where you can
Tell everyone about Yeshua God’s only Son
How He died that your sins would be forgiven
By your example show the victory that He won

Do these things throughout the coming year
God will grant you blessings beyond measure
And when your time on the earth has ended
You’ll reap the benefits of your heavenly treasure




For many of the years into my adult life
I used the name of Jesus Christ in vain
As a young Jew growing up it was
A name that I was taught to disdain

I had no reason to question or doubt
Because the Rabbi’s word was taken
As the final word and authority
That is until my faith was shaken

In time God chose to take my blinders off
I read both Covenants all the way through
I saw the error of my sinful ways and now
I am completed and have been born anew

Yeshua came to set us free for both
Jews and Gentiles who are grafted in
His body was broken and His blood
Cleansed all who believe in Him of sin

Although I know that I have sinned
God said that He‘d remember it no longer
And because His Holy Spirit lives in me
Each day my faith grows even stronger

Now I minister God’s Message through
The poetry which I’ve been truly blessed
And if I’m able to plant a seed in someone
I know that the Lord will handle all the rest

He will remove many blinders throughout the world
With the power of His swift and mighty sword
And one day all God’s people will proclaim,
“Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”

So I implore both Jew and Gentile
Let God take them off for you to see
Once the devil’s bonds have been broken
You will know the truth that set y