Saturday, May 25, 2013

A SPECIAL COMMENTARY FROM THE POET, PLEASE READ: (Although I believe that many Jews & Gentiles who read my poetry blog will not, because they do not believe in Yeshua, I still pray that they will read this!)

Before I enter this week’s 2 poems, I urge you to read the following commentary:

My wife and I attend a weekly bible study which is mostly attended by Christians & is led by a Messianic Jew which encompasses both the Old & New Covenants.

During last week’s study, a visitor,  (who I believe had Jewish roots) asked the study leader: How can you be Jewish, believe in the Old Testament & still believe in Jesus? He gave her several reasons quoting from the Old Testament & asked her to see him after the study for a more in depth explanation. She did not stay for the rest of the study, which is typical of most unbelieving Jews who are wearing blinders and either don’t want to or are afraid to hear God’s Truth that will set them Spiritually Free.  

Now for my commentary on the subject which is meant intended for the both unbelieving
Jews and Gentiles: Although there is so much more to it, these are some basic facts:

# 1: Jesus (His Hebrew Name @ birth Was & Is Yeshua, which means Salvation.) is a Living God.  I say Living God because of the power of His Holy Sprit which lives in all of us who have received God’s Salvation. Those who believe in other gods, need to remember that the others are dead and buried in the ground, but after Yeshua’s death He rose from the dead and rose again to heaven which was witnessed by thousands before He ascended back to heaven to sit at God our Father’s side.

You may ask, how can Yeshua be Lord, if there is only 1 God?  It is because of the Tri Unity of God, who came down to earth in human form, by the birth of Yeshua through the Jewish virgin Miriam (Mary) and the power of God’s Holy Spirit which lives inside of us, which in most cases helps us to make good decisions in life.

# 2: The New Covenant was written to the Jews by Yeshua’s Disciples who were all Jewish. What you need to remember is that in Israel before that time there were two types of believers. Either the people were Jewish and idol worshipers atheists. Christianity was born after the formation through a Spiritual group called “The Way” that was started by Yeshua’s Dispels, and is now called Messianic Judaism. They worshiped in the Synagogue and included Gentiles who were grated into God’s Tree of Life. The Gentiles eventually formed Christianity, which is composed of many Believing Churches. They were grafted into God’s Tree of Life. As was written in both he Old Covenant as well as th New Covenant by Yeshua’s Jewish Disciples.

# 3: The coming of the Messiah which was fulfilled by Yeshua is foretold in the Old Covenant and except for His Return which will occur in the end of end days, was verified by His Jewish Dispels in the New Covenant.

Because the scriptural quotes in both Covenants are too numerous to mention, I urge the Jews and Gentiles who are non believers to look them up on Google, go to them in both Covenants, and I prey that the blinders would be lifted from their eyes, for God’s Truth will set them Spiritually free

 This week’s 2 poems are next. Blessings in Yeshua, Joel



Messiah Was and Is and Is To Come
And He alone is God’s Perfect Lamb
The second part of God’s Tri-Unity
The Living Son of the Great I Am

You knew from Yeshua’s birth that He was special
Part man Part God whose name means Salvation
If you believe that He is who He said that He is
Then like many you’ve cause for a joyous celebration

Yeshua would sacrifice His life for each of us
The only Perfect Lamb to take away our sins
On the day that you accept and believe in Him
That’s when your newborn spiritual life begins

Among the very many promises that God grants you
Are eternal life treasures and a mansion in heaven
The rewards are yours when you confess and believe
It’s the price that Yeshua paid to cleanse you of leven  

When you reach God’s Kingdom
You may want to seek His Face
For now I want you to remember that
Your entire life was covered by His Grace

God has also given you freedom of choice
Whether you want to accept His Son or not
What you need to know in advance however
Is that the alternative to this is extremely hot

Once you have passed away there are no do overs
Eternity is an extremely long time to feel the heat
I urge you to accept Yeshua as your Messiah today
To receive God’s Shalom which is full and complete



There aren’t enough words to
Express the love I have for you
The Lord has double blessed me
For I know that you love me too

I will spend the rest of life
Telling you just how I feel
Because everything about you
Is honest caring warm and real

I look forward to our future together
Knowing God and you are in my life
All these things were culminated on that day that
You become my friend companion lover and wife

I know that I’m nothing without the Lord
I’ve loved you both right from the start
What riches I have are His and yours
For they come from deep within my heart

Saturday, May 18, 2013



Oh God please give those who seek You
The Spirit of your daughter Ruth
Not only the Gentiles but the unsaved Jews
Should follow your way leading to the truth

May they see her wisdom to stay
With Naomi and worship You
You chose her as Your Vessel because
You saw in her spirit all that was true

The Messianic Believers and Messianic Jews
Know that into her bloodline Your Son was born
Our Messiah who lived and preached Your Word
To all who would listen and some who would scorn

Yeshua because He was both man and God
Knew that He would be Your Sacrificed Lamb
Through Him sin was cleansed and Salvation given
To intercede for Believers with the Great I Am

God gave Yeshua breath generations ago
Through the Spirit of His Daughter Ruth
Eternal Life is yours when you professing God’s Son
As Messiah who is the Way the Light and the Truth



God does works in many different ways
That you and I will never understand
But if we know Him through the Holy Spirit
We know our future has been already planned

And knowing that God's Son paid the ultimate price
So that as believers in Messiah our sins are washed away
Doesn't mean that we don't need to ask forgiveness for
Sins that we commit or are not even aware of every day

Don't judge others because you too will be judged
Avoid offensive things that you know are wrong
Our Rabbi has spoken about this numerous times
Follow his suggestion so that your faith stays strong

Don't make excuses for not coming to a Sabbath service
Such as it's too far or my child needs to be at a game
Because if you're too busy for God you're just too busy
When you think about it these excuses are very lame

Serving the Lord is and always must
Always be your number one priority
God controls every facet of your life
For His Word is the final authority

Let me give you an example of what I mean
At your daughters practice ballet session
She falls and cannot dance at the recital
I think God is trying to teach you a lesson

If your priorities were in order
God would surely let you know
Her recital would be flawless and her
Performance the high point of the show

Or your son allows the winning run to score
I'm sure that you and he would be very sad
By putting your Godly priorities in order
One day his winning hit makes you both glad

By now I’m hoping that I've gotten my point across
The order of priority must be God family then you
So ask God's forgiveness and always serve Him first
As a believer you know that it’s the right thing to do  

Saturday, May 11, 2013



Motherhood is something too complex
To be given just one single definition
There are so many things that define it
To name only one is an unjust decision

Using my wife Trudi to define what I mean
Because she is the perfect example you see
Of the many hats that a mother wears in life
As well as a wife and a best friend to me

Although I wasn’t involved in her early years
I’m sure that playing house was the start of it
She learned loving and caring and cooking too
Experiencing even more when she’d baby sit

She learned many things in her first marriage
Especially when all her children came along
Loving and nurturing them even too this day
Her character in life became extremely strong

She was a cook a chauffer a nurse and a teacher
Always there if they needed a shoulder to cry on
And now she leads by example to her grandchildren
Because being a mother doesn’t mean moving on

Her children and grandchildren still seek her advice
Even long after starting a new chapter in her life
I thank the Lord for the blessing that she is to me
Even before the first day that she became my wife
She’s there for anyone who may be in need
My children love her as a mother and friend
My Mother’s Day wish for her for this and every year
Is to know that I’ll love her beyond the day our lives end



You’re the aunt who volunteers to help even when
You might not be needed right then and there 
It ’s a very good reason why you do what you do 
The reason that you have so much love to share

You may not always be available to he
But will change your plans if you need to
The help that you give is so appreciated
Even for the smallest things that you do
Although you may not be their mother
You’re still just like a mother to them all  
God sees how much you really care and will
Note your selfless devotion as not being small

Saturday, May 4, 2013



Where are you on God’s Pecking Order
We know that the Lord Our God is Holy
Are you secured in God’s Righteousness
Or do you consider yourself to be lowly

If you believe yourself to be secure in the Lord
Because you’re living life just as God has said
It’s a commendable thing and my prayer is that
It stays in your heart and doesn’t go to your head

But if you should feel that you’re not worthy
I’d like you to think it over again my friend
Just making a few simple changes in your life
Determines which direction you go in the end

Have you accepted Yeshua as your Lord and Savior
He gave His life so that your sins would be forgiven
Through Him you’ve secured a way to God our Father
That’s a blessing more than enough to keep you driven

Then start storing up your treasure in heaven by
Doing good and being a blessing to those in need
By spreading the Gospel to all who will listen
Although you can’t see it you’ve planted a seed

When the day comes that He calls you home
You’ll have done what is right in God’s eyes
And when God declares you a righteous person
By the life you lived it won’t come as a surprise



Sometimes I seem to get the feeling that
Although I may sense the need to write
God lets me know that I must wait until
After a Sabbath service on Friday night

Quite often word that He provides me with
Come while I listening to the rabbi preaching
His sermons very often reveal special messages  
To people that the Lord needs to be reaching

I draw from the words of the rabbi’s messages
And write them in poetic form for all to read
If it reaches just ones for whom it was intended
They’d see some things that they need to heed

I don’t claim to have extra ordinary powers but I know
That the Lord tells me exactly what to write and when
If  one of my poems applies to you but it still not clear
Go back to the beginning and slowly read it over again

If you feet I can be of any further assistance to you
Feel free to leave me a comment here or email me
My priority is to assist you on this special journey
The end result is that the Lord will set your Spirit free