Sunday, September 25, 2011



To my Jewish brothers and sisters. As we approach the High Holy Days. I've written this poem to show you about your Jewish Heritage in yeshua, the Jewish Messiah. The biblical facts written in the poem were all given to His Prophets by God and also passed down by the Disciples of Yeshua. All that I ask of you when you read it is to do so with an open mind, thinking objectively for yourself and not about what you have heard or been told by other sources.


I’m going to give you several examples
That are written in Old Testament
And some that are written in the New
To change your mind and set a precedent

We know that God formed the earth
And created both woman and man
You need to understand that this is proof
That whatever God wants to do He can

They may not be in chronological order
But none the less these facts are true
Fact one the Red Sea did not part itself
The walls of Jericho falling is fact two

When the boy David slew Goliath
Or the flood saving Noah in the ark
Only God made these things happen
They didn’t just happen on a lark

Do you see what I’ve written so far
This is what these facts say to me
So why couldn’t God put His Seed into Miriam
Who gave birth to Yeshua who set our sins free

What about the miracles that Yeshua performed
Like when He calmed the sea or His water walk
Only through God could this happen
It has to be much more than just talk

Admitting that these had to be acts of God
I’m asking you to walk in faith that is blind
Seeing these things that God makes happen
Profess Yeshua as the Messiah of mankind

I once felt just the same way as you
Because I took the rabbi at his word
Just like many who wear blinders
He passed on what he had heard

In the fifties some of these things would change
The rabbis finally admitted Yeshua was a Jew
But for reason known only to them and God
They would not accept Him as Messiah too

There are so many more facts that you need to know
Like the prophesies in the old that the New fulfilled
Only through a blood atonement are your sin forgiven
Yeshua is the only Perfect Lamb whose blood was spilled

Just because the second temple was destroyed
Does not mean that now sin does not exist
God never changed these words that He spoke because
He knew satan would make things too hard to resist

All I’m saying is what have you got to lose
He’s either Messiah or a man who was mad
In Him you’re still a Jew but a completed one
As your understand more it will make you glad

I can not force this blessing on you
But I know if you profess His name
See the facts and use common sense
I guarantee you will never be the same



If you have read the previous poem with an open mind and you wish to seek the blessing
of having a personal relationship with Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah that is your Heritage, all that it takes is to repeat the last verse of the following poem with sincerity and really mean it in your heart. I also welcome questions and dialog from you. All you need to do for that is to join the blog which is FREE


These verses came to me from the Holy Spirit
Following a reading from my daily devotional
They were ones that I could relate to personally
And left me both inspired and very emotional

Yeshua said that God’s greatest Commandment
Is too love God first then yourself and fellow man
If you will read God’s word reflect on it and pray
To forsake your worldly ways is God’s perfect plan

Like me in my misguided past if you are self serving
Having had such bad habits as vulgarity and greed
God allows you to choose the path that you follow
But in truth only He can fill what you really need

Walking in God’s love gives you inner peace
Can you make that choice for yourself today
All that is requested is for you to let go and let God
And the next verse is all that you will need to pray

Father God I’m sorry that I’ve sinned against You
And I ask Messiah Yeshua to come into my heart
I accept Your perfect plan of atonement and now
I am cleansed renewed and blessed with a fresh start

Sunday, September 18, 2011



There came a time when God was sad
That He created man in the first six days
For most did not acknowledge Him
But set their lives in wicked ways

Of the multitude of God’s children
All that would stand out was one
Who showed obedience and reverence
For all of the things that God had done

This man whose name was Noah
Was told by God to build an ark
God would unleash a horrific rainstorm
And the world would become very dark

All of the people who saw him building the ark
Scoffed at the task that God had told Noah to do
When the ark was finished being built
He loaded all of the animals two by two

Once this was done and his family aboard
As God foretold He unleash torrential rain
Forty days and nights later the earth was flooded and
All of the wicked doubters would never be seen again

Finally when all the rain had stop and
The earth flooded as God had planned
Noah released a dove to search
For a place where he could land

When the dove came back
And dry land was found
All of animals were set free
For their population to abound

The reward that was gave Noah and his family
Some may have thought of to be somewhat odd
Long life and procreation was the gift that
He would receive for his obedience to God



This story begins with a young woman
Who was living in a very beautiful house
Unfortunately her life was in shambles
All because of her philandering spouse

She thought to herself I have several choices
I could get a divorce and kick the bum out
But the vows that we took were for better or worse
To love honor and cherish that’s what it’s all about

So she went to him with an ultimatum
Seek some help or this marriage is done
Talk with our pastor seeking his counsel
He’ll put you in touch with God’s only Son

Her husband told her that he was willing to change
And would do what it took to win back her love
So he went to his church and talked to the pastor
Who told him to seek forgiveness from the Lord above

He took the pastor’s advice prayed and read his bible
Repenting for all that he had put his wife through
Through God and Messiah he became a changed man
With a spiritually renewed heart like a child born anew

They were only married for a couple of years
When all of this turmoil disrupted their life
It took God’s time and love to make everything right
They just celebrated fifty years as husband and wife

Sunday, September 11, 2011



This poem is dedicated to the men and women
Who lost their lives on the 11th of September
It was a horrific day in modern history
Which most Americans will long remember

The cowards who were responsible for this disaster
Were Muslim fanatics who must have been insane
And although we still mourn for those we have lost
We must make sure that this doesn’t happen again

This day has brought the citizens of our great nation
Who live from border to border and shore to shore
To a patriotic fervor not unlike the one
That we had seen so many years before

Make no mistake for their leaders
Will be caught and punished too
If it is not by us then by the Lord our God above
For His is the final judgment of what all of us do

Just know that through the memories
And as a way to help get past the pain
That one day when we ascend to our eternal rest
We’ll see those friends and loved ones once again



Disaster and jubilation in my lifetime and before
Was known by the Lord from the beginning
Jubilation came through devotion to God
The disaster came from mankind sinning

On both sides of this spectrum
God’s word in the bible was foretold
It holds just as true in modern times
As it was in days of old

I could give you numerous examples
But I’d rather you read them for yourself
Pick up your bible that’s collecting dust
Just sitting there closed on the top shelf

When you become engrossed in it you’ll see
That God knew you before you were born
And that many of the blessings that He pour out
Are on the meek the poor disabled and forlorn

You’ll see that of those that He grants wealth
Many of them do not have a humble heart
For the more they have the more they want
And they tithe an even lesser part

The best advice that I can offer you
Is to honor the Lord’s request
In all things that He asks of you
Because God our Father knows what’s best

Sunday, September 4, 2011



Scientists are working on a breakthrough
On the production of the human clone
My personal feelings about this subject is
That they need to leave well enough alone

That they don’t believe in God and Creation
Is something that is really quite obvious
If shown proof that contradicts their theory
They portray an attitude that’s quite oblivious

They point to dinosaurs and cavemen
Saying that they’re millions of years old
But who are they to measure God’s time
If the truth of the matter were to be told

To the average person this seems like many years
But it may only be a millisecond in God’s Time
In a time frame that only He knows the reason for
The only reaction that we can show is to be sublime

All of the miracles which God has produced
Happened because He has made them viable
For He and He alone is our Father and Creator
If you require proof of this just read your bible

Only God can make all of these things known
To some people this is still hard to conceive
He will always do whatever He thinks is best
And all that He is asking of you is to believe



I wonder what I’ll be doing
Once I enter heaven’s gate
Will I do what I do best or does God
Have something different for my plate

I would love to keep on writing
Poems of praise to God above
Lauding the Holiness of my Messiah
And God’s Mercy Grace and Love

Perhaps He wants me to convey my gift
To other people right here on the earth
Demonstrating to them how much
Both the Lord and they are worth

This way they can carry on
The ministry that has blessed me
Helped people to understand that
Accepting the Lord will set them free

These are strictly some random thoughts
I’ll be happy no matter what is planned
Just because I’ve been blessed to enter
Into God’s presence in the Promised Land