Sunday, March 27, 2011


Listening to the Ruach Ha Kodesh

I hear a still small voice within me
It’s the Holy Spirit calling out to me today
Telling me that I’ve got unresolved issues
About which I need to take the time to pray

Within the solitude of my prayer closet
I said, “Lord, You know my every thought.”
So I’m putting these problems in Your hands
You said that if I do I’d never be distraught




One night I went to a society ball
In my tux I looked really great
I was hoping to meet a lady of wealth
And ask her to go out on a date

What I had in mind was to woo her
There are some real big bucks in society
As you can probably tell by now
I was strictly looking out for me

And just like that it happened
She was beautiful there was no doubt
Our eyes met and she danced with me
Eventually I would ask her out

She was so enchanting
And I was all aglow
We danced until the music stopped
And then she said,” I have to go.”

The rain was coming down real hard
And she had no umbrella
So I offered her my raincoat
Thinking “Boy, am I a lucky fella.”

As she disappeared into the night I thought
That we would probably never meet again
But she called and said, “Come get your coat.”
Telling me exactly where and when

She said that inside one of my pockets
She found my number and my name
If we had never met again
It really would have been a shame

The directions that she gave me
Were to a diner that was brand new
Sitting down in a corner booth
I heard, “Can I help you?”

I looked into her big blue eyes
She was a waitress obviously
She smiled and said, “Thanks for the coat.”
The rest I knew was destiny

I had bee looking for riches like a fool
On the night that I went to that dance
Instead what the Lord blessed me with
Was a lifetime filled with romance

We went on dates for a while and
I knew just what was happening
God gave me wealth beyond compare and
Sealed our vows with a wedding ring

The story doesn’t end here
For God showed us the way
By doing what the Lord asks of us
The love we share grows every day

The love we have for God is special
As is our love for one another
I knew that He saw the way we felt
For He made my wife a loving mother

Our life together will never end
As we proudly look upon our family
Knowing that God sacrificed His only Son
So that we could be with Him for eternity

Sunday, March 20, 2011



It has been my observation over time
That to many authors who write poetry
The words that they put into verse
Seem to flow from them just naturally

I on the other hand get the word
From God through the Holy Spirit
He dictates the words that I write down
So that all may read and hear it

Sometimes they can be compassionate
And at other times they might be stern
But the purpose of the words He gives
Is so that all of us can read and learn

He came down to the earth as man
And sacrificed Himself for you and me
It was all a part of God’s perfect plan
To make those who believe in Him sin free

Without Yeshua’s blood atonement
There is no remission for your sins
But once you confess and accept Him
Is exactly when your new life begins

I encourage you to read the bible
For every word in it is true
There are many situations in God’s written word
That cover exactly what we may be going through

And when we reach our final time of rest
We do not succumb but have eternal life
To live in a mansion prepared in heaven
That is free of sickness fear and strife

Once again I cannot impress on you enough
For there is a heaven to gain and hell to shun
And All that it takes is a repentant heart when you
Accept Yeshua the Messiah as God’s only begotten son



This is a problem that I struggle with
In the daytime and all night long
Is it really worth the turmoil to
Find out if I'm right or wrong

I've been told that I share partial blame
And I know this may very well be true
I was taught these principles by my parents
I understood that it was the right thing to do

The bible says to honor your mother and father
They taught me to respect those older than me
Did I do enough by passing on these values
Or to lead by my example for others to see

If over my lifetime I have not succeeded
Please read this poem at my wake instead
If you couldn't laugh with me in my lifetime
Please do not cry for me now that I'm dead

Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm a little slow because I
m not too computer literate & I just came across your comment an " I am a Messianic Jew. I would like to know what you base your information on, because according to my complete Jewish bible (which I trust implicitely,) although you may have a couple of minor points correct, there is no question in my mind that Yeshua is who He says that He is and that is the 2nd person in the Tri Unity of God. because with God all things are possible. Although it was written by various prophets and apostles, everything from Genesis through
revelation, was dictated by the word of God and I will never question it because His thoughts, words and deeds are omnipotant.


Sunday, March 13, 2011



The bible says that the end days will come
When Messiah Yeshua comes back to earth
Yet those without faith do not believe it
To them it’s gibberish and has no worth

Many place their disbelief on prophecies
Which have been made over time by man
Believer know that only God knows exactly when
And many signs are pointing to that way again

This time they are more in line with biblical facts
God’s word about what will take place first
These are signs that have come about in our lifetime
We anticipate the Lord’s return with a hunger and thirst

By all that has been written in God’s word
We’re somewhere in the end time generation
Messiah’s return over Jerusalem’s eastern sky will bring
Desolation and destruction followed by joy and jubilation



Sweet as the balm of a summer breeze
How many times I have ever yearned
In vain to caress to love to please
The reality of what I've learned

Life like mother nature cares
Engulfing her children one and all
Youth old age and then beyond
Tending to our every beck and call

She teaches us to live as one
Sharing our joy and when we grieve
Making reality of hopes and dreams
Asking only that we believe

Sunday, March 6, 2011


To My God

To my God who abides in heaven
To my God who formed the earth
To my God who created sustaining life
I want to praise You for all You're worth

To the God who chose His people
To the God whose mercy shall endure
To the God who sacrificed His only Son
To the God whose love is pure

To God the Father and His Son
Hineni do with me what You will
For all the blessings in my life
I can never repay the bill

But I will keep on trying
I will serve you until the day I die
One day I'll meet You face to face
To my God Yeshua Adonai


Let's Get With It

Are you in tune with the word of God
As it is written in the bible
It covers life from beginning to end
And tells you things for which you are liable

God set down Ten Commandments
On how to live a holy life
Individually or collectively they apply
To every man woman child husband and wife

Over time the masses haven't listened
So God did what he had to do
He sacrificed His only Son
To cleanse the sin of me and you

So now it's our responsibility
To live our lives as He requests
Because in the end truth be told
God the Father always knows what's best