Saturday, June 29, 2013



My style of writing verses is not the same
As most of the poems that you have read
The most important thing to me
Is to get you thinking in your head

My ministry is to lead you to Messiah
Or at the very least to plant the seed
That will blossom when the time is right
Which always happens at God’s speed

If I have peaked your curiosity
The first thing that you need to do
Is read the Old Testament to the end
Then read its conformation in the New

If you should tell me that Yeshua did not
Complete all things that were prophesied
I’d say, “You’re right, but those unfulfilled,
Upon His return will all materialize.”

I can tell you these things over and over again
Until such a time as you no longer want to hear
But when that need for God arises and it will
You will cast aside every doubt and fear

Then like mine your work is never done because
Serving the Lord will become your life’s mission
Then your purpose in life has been revealed
God knows that you have made the right decision



When I'm faced with a problem and
I can’t understand the reason why
I stretch my arms up to the Lord God above and
Then His Hand grasps mine right through the sky

He doesn't even have to ask me,
"What is your problem My Son?"
Father God already knows what troubles me
And the answer comes right from His Son

Yeshua died on a tree for all of mankind
So that His Father would forgive all sin
God's door in heaven is always open
Your belief and faith will get you in

Put your trust in the Lord in all things
Praise and prayer is the way to do it
Then by the power of His love and grace
Whatever the problem He'll get you through it

So put your troubles on God's shoulders
In the bible that is what He says to do
When you need the Lord just look around
Because of faith He'll always walk with you

Saturday, June 22, 2013



I saw an opening between two clouds
It was a pathway to a better place
That led to God’s Heavenly Realm
Where I meet Yeshua face to face

He told me that I should get in line
Then He sat on the Judgment Seat
Obediently I did as He commanded
For I didn’t want Him to repeat

When it came for my turn to be judged
He said,” You had many sins in your life.”
But by My Shed Blood you are forgiven
Enter in free from struggles and strife

He said, ”I’ve set aside a mansion for you.
It’s filled with the riches of your good deeds.
Here, there is no more sickness or disease.
Eternity provides everything you’ll ever need.”

You’ll meet many of your friends and family
Who’ve made the same journey just like you
And also get to know many that were famous
Who said they’d like to get to know you too

Soon after that you’ll get to meet My Father
Who has loved you even before your birth
I felt a peace and contentment come over me
Knowing that the Lord had seen my worth

Suddenly I awoke and realized that it was a dream
But knowing that the Lord will provide for me
I’m looking forward to that day in the future
Because through His Son God has set me free



Think about what a person have left
When most of their photos are lost
So many years of family memories
There’s no way to count the cost

The only thing that you have left is
What you can picture in your mind
It’s so hard to share these memories of
The loved ones that you’ve left behind

Photographs of your mother and father
Grandparents and aunts and uncles too
Ones that your grandkids will never see
Family members that they never knew

But because you can describe them
From your head with so much love
You can share these loving memories
Passed on from them the Lord above

The thing that you do have left
Is that you can hope and pray
That when you get to heaven
You will see them all one day

In the meantime treasure those around you
You’re blessed to have them for many years
Some day they too will have these memories
Ones which will last way beyond their tears

Saturday, June 15, 2013



 Occasionally people will ask me just who I am
I’m a Father Grandfather Uncle cousin and friend
I am also a servant of the Living God
On whose love I know that I can always depend

I have children and grandchildren
That I absolutely love and adore
Because that love comes back to me
I really couldn’t ask for more

I'm an uncle and cousin who tries to keep up with
Things that happen with my friends and family
But they’re so spread out in this country that
Sadly these are many relatives that I rarely see

As a believer in the Living God
I do my best to follow what He asks
It’s not always easy to comply and
At times I may not be up to the tasks

The good thing that will comes from this is
That I confessed my sins and I’m forgiven
That one blessing alone that God gives to me
Is more than enough to always keep me driven

Now that I’ve told you who I am
May I ask the same thing of you
What I’d like to know the most though is
Are you obedient to God in what He asks of you

If you’re not please tell me why not
It’s a very simple thing to choose
For at the end of life which direction you take
As the saying goes, “if you snooze, you lose.”



In a crisis many people question God’s motives
They ask, “Lord, why have you forsaken me?”
Instead ask what you can do to set things right
Remember God sacrificed His Son to set you free

No matter what the circumstances may be
Your faith in God is your strength to believe
If this is you God hears what you’ve prayed
The Will of the Father is what you’ll receive

Fortify your faith with strength courage and love
And though the answer may not be what you seek
Don’t despair just trust in whatever God’s decision is
Knowing that His glory abides in the humble and meek

Every one of us sins in some form each and every day
Although we’ve been forgiven we must let God know
For thiscomes from the flesh not His Spirit within us
By doing this you’ve delivered satan quite a blow

As much as you profess your love of the Lord
In His Grace and Mercy He loves you more
When He decides that you’re needed in heaven
Believing in Messiah you’ll walk through His door

There will come a time when you will be judged
And you will excel by your faith and good deeds
Then the heavenly treasure you’ve stored in a lifetime
Will fulfill with abundance every one of your needs

Friday, June 7, 2013


I'm sorry that I have to do this, but every year  around this time,Trudi & I have family visiting from out of state, so there won't be any poems posted this weekend; but feel free to brows the archives as far back as December of 2009. I will be posting  poems for Father's Day next weekend. Thank you for understanding. Blessings in Yeshua, Joel

Saturday, June 1, 2013



Where is God in your life
Are you making time for Him
Although you claim a personal relationship
The chances still may be very slim

God gave give us a free will choice
To live or not to by His command
The key to this is reading the bible
Then you will truly understand

The bible tells us about good and evil and
What must done to seek God’s Grace
By accepting Yeshua as your Messiah
Is the only way to seek the Lord’s Face

We all fall short of the Glory of God’s Glory
There isn’t any one of us that are free of sin
By Messiah’s shed blood our sins are forgiven
And when heaven’s gate opens you can enter in

Although His atonement cleansed us
Each day in some way we all sin still
So when you pray ask God’s forgiveness
No matter what it’s likely that He will

Read and obey God’s written word
And do the very best that you can do
He knows exactly when you’ll enter in
And He’s built a mansion just for you



The Lord has given unto you
Free will power and authority
By accepting Yeshua as Messiah
You’re an example for others to see

These are your choices in free will
Do nothing and you’ll lose all hope
Lead by example preaching God’s Word
This choice will help you and others cope

This hope was given to you by Yeshua
His blood was the remission of all sin
His body broken by His stripes you’re healed
Salvation being the gift of eternal life therein

If you choose to follow His example
Rejoice in all of the souls you’ve save
Do nothing and satan’s work abounds
He remembers all who are depraved

When you follow in Messiah’s footsteps
He may place you among heaven’s great
Don’t just aim to become one of the least
Be a zealous disciple and seal your fate

Go forth and spread the Gospel of the Lord with vigor
Teaching of His love forgiveness and to have reverence
He’ll see that you’ve taken the straight and narrow path
And that those who receive will make a world of difference