Saturday, June 22, 2013



Think about what a person have left
When most of their photos are lost
So many years of family memories
There’s no way to count the cost

The only thing that you have left is
What you can picture in your mind
It’s so hard to share these memories of
The loved ones that you’ve left behind

Photographs of your mother and father
Grandparents and aunts and uncles too
Ones that your grandkids will never see
Family members that they never knew

But because you can describe them
From your head with so much love
You can share these loving memories
Passed on from them the Lord above

The thing that you do have left
Is that you can hope and pray
That when you get to heaven
You will see them all one day

In the meantime treasure those around you
You’re blessed to have them for many years
Some day they too will have these memories
Ones which will last way beyond their tears

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