Saturday, June 22, 2013



I saw an opening between two clouds
It was a pathway to a better place
That led to God’s Heavenly Realm
Where I meet Yeshua face to face

He told me that I should get in line
Then He sat on the Judgment Seat
Obediently I did as He commanded
For I didn’t want Him to repeat

When it came for my turn to be judged
He said,” You had many sins in your life.”
But by My Shed Blood you are forgiven
Enter in free from struggles and strife

He said, ”I’ve set aside a mansion for you.
It’s filled with the riches of your good deeds.
Here, there is no more sickness or disease.
Eternity provides everything you’ll ever need.”

You’ll meet many of your friends and family
Who’ve made the same journey just like you
And also get to know many that were famous
Who said they’d like to get to know you too

Soon after that you’ll get to meet My Father
Who has loved you even before your birth
I felt a peace and contentment come over me
Knowing that the Lord had seen my worth

Suddenly I awoke and realized that it was a dream
But knowing that the Lord will provide for me
I’m looking forward to that day in the future
Because through His Son God has set me free

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