Thursday, July 28, 2016



The Lord God above is my shepherd
He provides me with all that I need
Yet I do get impatient knowing it's wrong
For all that God does is only at His speed

Forgive me Lord for the sin of impatience
I will serve and obey whenever You call
My life would be barren without knowing You
From Your Grace and Mercy I pray not to fall

My pen will glorify Messiah and tell about
How His blood paid for my transgressions
Through Yeshua I have eternal life in heaven with
An abundant storehouse of Spiritual possessions

When that glorious day does come to pass
And I am standing before Him face to face
I will bow before Him and express my gratitude
For allowing me to dwell in a much better place



People ask me about my blackened eye glass
I tell them it’s where I have no sight
It’s been that way for many years
There are no changes day or night

I’ve learned to cope with the situation
The task hasn’t been an easy one
It’s a far cry from what happened
When they crucified God’s Son

Tortured and mocked he went to his grave
Looking for him he wasn’t there
Messiah Yeshua died and rose again
With so much love to share

Is in the well of your spirit empty
Just ask and it will overflow
For God gave His only son
So that you’ll have a place to go

Where are you with your walk with the Lord
It’s really a extremely easy thing to do
If you’ll just profess your faith in the Lord and
An abundance of blessing will fall upon you

It’s in the well of your spirit
Just ask and it will overflow
For God gave His only Son
So that you’ll have a path to go

All that it takes is a profession of faith
And the Lord will bless you in many ways
Throughout the remainder of your life
You’ll be blessed for the rest of your days