Saturday, July 2, 2016



God is doing Spiritual works in me
His word breaks into my sinful way
Destroying barriers fueled by satan
In Messiah I am renewed each day

It is not the easy journey for me
Daily I sin and don't even see it
Yeshua died to cleanse my sins and this evil is
Purged through the powers of the Holy Spirit

Not one of us can walk the walk that
Brought the Lord to His Father's side
Yet if we try by giving it our best effort
God's Grace and Mercy won't be denied

Because all life and death is pre-determined
I don't knowing when I'll breathe my last so
By my faith and love I'll walk with my Savior
Repenting daily for sins both present and past

In all of my prayers I say to the Lord, "Hineni
Whatever you ask of me each day I will obey
I will serve for Your Honor and Your Glory
Until You decree that it's my last earthly day"

As a part of the Body of Messiah
I have the promise of eternal life
Abiding somewhere in God's Heavenly Kingdom
In the Holy place that is free of all worldly Strife 

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