Sunday, December 27, 2015

God’s America

God’s America

Have you ever seen the statue
That stands for liberty
And do you know that freedom
Has a cost and isn’t free

To protect this precious gift
Many had to give their lives
Leaving gaping holes in many hearts
Of families and husbands or wives

Show support for these men and women
By wearing red white and blue
But there’s still one thing that’s missing
And it all falls back on you

Remember that your freedom
Was given to you by God’s Son
And if you don’t believe this
Your freedom can be easily undone

So I urge you to accept Yeshua
His Kingdom will be yours one day
And continue to enjoy God’s blessings
In a land where you are free to pray



Who out there would like to know
What it’s like to be totally blind
For starters things that you routinely see
They have to visualize within their mind

For those people who have been blind since birth
Except for what they’re taught to hear or smell or feel
Blue skies and other things like photographs
To them are just words that are not real

Then of course there is the ability to judge
Such as cutting food into manageable sizes
Without someone to show them how
They might be in for some big surprises

There is also the frustration factor
Something that even sighted people do
Like putting on two different socks
But without vision they have no clue

Don’t feel sorry or pity them
Just help them whenever you can
Even though your abilities may differ
We’re all a part of God’s eternal plan

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sorry for not posting

Joel has been in the hospital for the past week, thus no posting. 

He anticipates being back up and posting this Christmas Eve.

Thank you for your patience,  Trudi (Joel's wife)