Saturday, January 26, 2013



I found this poem’s title to be interesting
Because of where I’m going with this one
It isn’t plagiarism because I’m following
And spread the teachings of God’s Son

It’s actually pragmatic because I’m putting
A teaching from my rabbi to a very good use
When the theme of the teaching was revealed
Not one person could come up with an excuse

The Title of his sermon was “Thank you for
The things I have and what I don’t as well”
When he elaborated on the sermon’s title
God’s Word was clear and accepted well

He gave numerous examples of some things that
You may wish you had but are glad they’re not
Because what you wished for turned to disaster
So just thank God for all the things you’ve got

I was a perfect example of what the sermon meant
Many times I had longed for what I felt entitled to
But God knew I’d do much better off without them
Of course Father God was right so what else is new

It may be alright to hope and wish for your desires
But since God provides the things you’ll ever need
Just give thanks to Him and if it is His will for you
What you want will come in God’s time and speed



Since I’m not a fan of the Ritus brother
Specifically Arthur and his family tree
I want to expose where they originated
Wreaking havoc on old folks such as me

I believe they’re related in some way to satan
One of his goals is to extract havoc and pain
Believing the opposite of the Lord’s Salvation
He wants a heaven to shun and a hell to gain

But those of us who live by faith know better
Yeshua said that by His stripes we are healed
And even though it may not feel that way now
At the end of days God’s truth will be revealed

His kingdom will have mansions of righteousness
Where all Believers good works will be on display
Best of all sickness and pain no longer exist there
Something all of us can look forward to one day

Saturday, January 19, 2013



I’ll never be one of the poetically elite
But that’s not what’s important here
What is is to reach the unsaved souls
Showing that the Lord is always near

How many have written about Spirituality
The answer is one that I that I don’t know
But I focus on words that Glorify the Lord
Vilifying satan for all of the world to know

I’ve reached many people in many countries
I’m always striving to reach more and more
To do this God says that I’ll need your help
To reach all His Children that He does adore

Regarding my Spiritual poems you‘ve read
Tell me if I need to elaborate even more so
Just communicate it to me on my web site
I’ll do what is necessary to help you grow

Understand that it isn’t me that’s doing this
But the Lord though vessels that He assigns
Sometimes in order to get the right answers
It may be necessary to read between the lines

My words may not always be about Salvation
Often you’ll see ones dealing with other issues
I promise not to write poetry to make you sad
So that you won’t find a need to use any tissues

Whether or not the poems are about Spirituality
What the Lord wants from me is for you to know
That no matter the situation He’s always with you
And to tell each of you how much God loves you so



God knows exactly what’s on your heart
For the Lord is the one that put it there
Even some atheist questions their belief
And looks for another answer elsewhere

Whether you’re an atheist or just unsure
God is the only answer to any questions
I would like to help you find the answer
Just follow through on my suggestions

Have you read the bible in your lifetime
The Old Covenant and the New as well
It answers any questions you may have
It’s really God’s Book of show and tell

Having done so I’m sure that you see
He will answer whatever you may ask
So the question that I have for you now
Is are you prepared and up to the task

What Messiah Yeshua wants you to do is
Believe unto Him and repent of your sins
The changes that you see will amaze you
For this is when your renewed life begins

There are many more things that I could elaborate on
But the Lord says you need to investigated on you own
I’ll always be here to support your Spiritual needs and
I’ll be blessed to see how your Godly Faith has grown

Saturday, January 12, 2013



There’s a need for people to know Yeshua
The need belongs to many people out there
And responsibility of those who know Him
To tell you how much He really does care

I’ve told you about this many times before
Explaining all the important reasons why
You need to profess Yeshua as the Messiah
Prior to the time God chooses for you to die

I would be happy to go over them once again
Tell me in the comments section of this poem
I’d be blessed to be a part of your Salvation
To be with God when He calls you home

You know what the alternative to heaven is
There’s no turning back from satan’s lair
When you do pass through the heavenly gate
Some that you once knew will greet you there

I’m sure you know of others who don’t believe
Throughout the world and in your country too
Tell them I’m one of many vessels to Salvation
And God’s blessings will be poured out on you



Growing old is not a job for sissies
Some of us may still have our hair
With all the problems that it brings
Thank God we still have Medicare

Those Ritis brothers have taken over
Each of our bones from top to bottom
And if any teeth that we have are ours
We’re lucky that we’ve still got them

Remembering things we need to do
Has also not been the easiest of tasks
The batteries in the hearing aids
Seem to wear out much too fast

These are just a handful of so many things
Which are part of the process of growing old
But the advantages far outweigh the problems
And are worth so much more than silver or gold

No more getting up early to go to work
Now we can do more things we enjoy
It’s a feeling like some children get
Just playing with a brand new toy

We get to enjoy the grandkids a lot more
As they get older and continue to grow
Telling them things from our experiences
So many of which they might never know

We’re thankful for the senior discounts
They help us to save every penny we can
When we look back at so many memories
We know it’s a part of God’s perfect plan

Saturday, January 5, 2013



Why not start the New Year right together
I know as a believer our sins are forgiven
But there’s a reason why I constantly ask
It’s one that keeps my Spirituality driven

We may sin every day and not realize it
But judgment is based on all of our years
If I ask forgiveness for all these things
I’ll meet Yeshua with no doubts or fears

I hope He’ll tell me that my slate is clean
And just consider the good that I’ve done
Knowing that whatever I did in His name
Was in His Name and the victory He won

Thank you Lord for all You do all You’ve done
And what we don’t know that You’re going to do
Our praise and prayers hopes and our dreams are
Based on the love and adoration that we have for you



My first wish is to all my Jewish readers
I pray you’ll accept Yeshua as I’ve done
I’d like to know you’re Spiritually free
To be able to see the victory that He won

To my Gentile readers I wish that for you as well
There’s only one reason that the Jew comes first
They are God’s Chosen People like a first born
Who must seek the truth with a hunger and thirst

For those who already know Him as Jesus or Yeshua
I wish you the peace and love that we know He brings
You are blessed to be a part of God’s Holy Kingdom
Because you know He is Lord and the King of Kings

For those who are looking for a mate to share His love
My prayer is that the Lord will fulfill your every need
But understand that when and if God wants it to happen
His time is not ours so it will only happen at God’s speed

It’s not my place to judge those with same sex cohabitation
All that I can do is to show you the same love that He does
God loves all His children but may not love all that they do
Called by many names He’s the God who will be is and was

The wish I have for those who desire children in their life
Is basically the same as it was in paragraph number four
When and if the Lord knows that you are more than ready
He’ll bless you with one or more children to love and adore

My final wish is that you all love and respect one another
Love and peace is the only answer not anger war or greed
Give praise to God and treat everyone like you want to be
And He will give you everything that He knows you need