Saturday, January 12, 2013



Growing old is not a job for sissies
Some of us may still have our hair
With all the problems that it brings
Thank God we still have Medicare

Those Ritis brothers have taken over
Each of our bones from top to bottom
And if any teeth that we have are ours
We’re lucky that we’ve still got them

Remembering things we need to do
Has also not been the easiest of tasks
The batteries in the hearing aids
Seem to wear out much too fast

These are just a handful of so many things
Which are part of the process of growing old
But the advantages far outweigh the problems
And are worth so much more than silver or gold

No more getting up early to go to work
Now we can do more things we enjoy
It’s a feeling like some children get
Just playing with a brand new toy

We get to enjoy the grandkids a lot more
As they get older and continue to grow
Telling them things from our experiences
So many of which they might never know

We’re thankful for the senior discounts
They help us to save every penny we can
When we look back at so many memories
We know it’s a part of God’s perfect plan

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