Saturday, January 5, 2013



My first wish is to all my Jewish readers
I pray you’ll accept Yeshua as I’ve done
I’d like to know you’re Spiritually free
To be able to see the victory that He won

To my Gentile readers I wish that for you as well
There’s only one reason that the Jew comes first
They are God’s Chosen People like a first born
Who must seek the truth with a hunger and thirst

For those who already know Him as Jesus or Yeshua
I wish you the peace and love that we know He brings
You are blessed to be a part of God’s Holy Kingdom
Because you know He is Lord and the King of Kings

For those who are looking for a mate to share His love
My prayer is that the Lord will fulfill your every need
But understand that when and if God wants it to happen
His time is not ours so it will only happen at God’s speed

It’s not my place to judge those with same sex cohabitation
All that I can do is to show you the same love that He does
God loves all His children but may not love all that they do
Called by many names He’s the God who will be is and was

The wish I have for those who desire children in their life
Is basically the same as it was in paragraph number four
When and if the Lord knows that you are more than ready
He’ll bless you with one or more children to love and adore

My final wish is that you all love and respect one another
Love and peace is the only answer not anger war or greed
Give praise to God and treat everyone like you want to be
And He will give you everything that He knows you need

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