Wednesday, June 21, 2017



Do you know that you have an attitude
You might not realize it but we all do
Some may have attitudes of gratitude and
Others haughtiness which of these are you

If you are grateful you thank God every day
The haughty person isn’t nice to anyone at all
The grateful person looms large in God’s Eyes
If haughty He sees them as smaller than small

God always blesses those who show gratitude but
If a haughty person needs help He may look away
However that may not always be the case though
For God sees there is hope in some that may stray

This is where God begins to work His miracles
Putting someone with a sweet spirit in their lives
More flies are caught with honey than vinegar
And their attitude is changed so that it thrives

It isn’t any different in so many other aspects of life
It pits good versus evil which is God versus the devil
No matter how hard he may try to be God he can’t because
God is omnipotent so satan will never achieve the same level 

Sunday, June 11, 2017



I saw a picture in the paper of
Two soldier in the war against Sadam
In the upper left hand corner
Facing opposite was a lamb

Now you can view this photo
Anyway that you choose
As for me I see it is a sign
Of a war that we won't lose

I see the lamb as the Lamb of God
Who is protecting them from the rear
They may not see him as they face the front
But I think they know that they need not fear

God walks with them all the way
And yet many of them will fall
And though you may grieve for those who die
Understand that they have gotten a higher call

Pray to God for the troops safe return
To this great land where freedom rings
And also pray in the Spirit for our enemies
To be saved and witness to the King of Kings