Monday, May 29, 2017



The seasons come upon us
Each one seems to be unique
In each one the weather changes
Day by day and week by week

The first one that we see is Spring
And the pleasantness of what it brings
The grass turns green and flowers bloom
This is the time when the robin sings

Then comes Summer and the heat
A great time for swimming in the pool
If the air conditioning breaks go buy a fan
There's more than one way to keep cool

Next comes the season of Autumn
It is also called fall if you please
When all the leaves get raked into piles
And scatter all over at the slightest breeze

The last one that comes is the Winter
And depending on where you reside
It's either too hot or much too cold but
The temperature is much better inside

The seasons are a never ending cycle
Perhaps you may sit and ponder why
Then another month has come and gone
And another year has gone passing by

Sunday, May 14, 2017



How many people can you think of
Who have the ability to multi-task
The first to comes to mind is your mother
Who had an answer for anything you’d ask

She was a cook a maid a seamstress
As well as a nurse and chauffer too
She gave you spiritual guidance
And no matter what was there for you

She’s never looked for any credit
Nor has she ever asked for praise
In all the years you’ve known her
She’s never even asked for a raise

So on this day let’s give her homage
Call her visit her send her flowers
Show her how much you appreciate
What came naturally for so many hours

And if she’s gone to see the Lord
Remember her ever time you pray
Because without her patience love and guidance
You wouldn’t be the person that you are today

Monday, May 8, 2017



On Sunday our Rebbetzin will be driving
Laps around Atlanta's Motor Speedway
Although they know she's in God's Hands
Her family still feels that they need to pray

She's really not a speed freak who is
Looking for accolades or applause
But God has called her to do this
For a very noble and worthy cause

By driving very fast and doing many laps around the track
She's raising money for needy believers in the Holy Land
It's a huge step of faith to help to carry out
All of the good things that God has planned

Other Spiritual Leaders in the Messianic Movement
Have joined her and will be drive on the track as well
How much money will be raised by this event
Is something that only G-\od and time will tell

This event is just a small part of His purpose for them
So I urge you to give them moral and financial support
For as long as God is their co-pilot
They will never come up short