Friday, February 22, 2019



I want to broach a subject
About which I was guilty too
Until in God’s time I saw the light
And became a believing Jew

From the time of the rabbinic
Yeshua wasn’t accepted as Messisah
If they really wanted to
All they had to do was go one step higher

Within the Old Testament
All prophecy of Him was fulfilled
But the rabbinic still denied Him
Which to this day they have instilled

During this time some have even claimed
To be the One that the Jews have waited for
But only Yeshua could be the One
All these false claims we need to ignore

Now the many Jews and Gentiles with open minds
Have a hunger and long to be
Part of the body of Messiah
Whose blood cleansed all sin and set them free

God’s removing all the blindfolds
And showing them that He is the way
With end time signs that have come true
We know that He’ll return some day

Friday, February 15, 2019



The words that you're about to read
May offend you but that's O. K.
I received them from the Holy Spirit
And this is what I was told to say

Multitudes of Jews and Gentiles
Have accepted salvation through G-d's Son
God has a purpose for every one of us
A purpose which many have not yet begun

It's a blessing to praise and worship the Lord
But deeds and works are a part of the plan
To give service to the Holy One
Is pleasing to the Son of God and man

We've all been given ministries
Besides spreading the good news
To serve God when and where we can
It's something that many believers still refuse

Each house of God is filled with needs
A blessing that everyone can fulfill
It just takes a bit of time and effort
As well as having a sacrificial will

Find some way to serve the Lord
Become a blessing on God's living tree
For God almighty sacrificed his only son
So that all of mankind could be free

Friday, February 8, 2019


 make the right choice

From the morning when I wake up
Until I fall asleep at night
GOD is ever present on my mind
He is my guiding light

Some may not agree with this
For there is always work to be done
But you see His spirit dwells within me
And guides my path as we are one

Before the time that we are born
GOD has a purpose for us all
Yet He has given us the will to choose
B there are many that won’t heed the call

To all of those who chose wrong paths,
There’s still cause for celebration
If you accept Yeshua as Messiah
GOD’s gift to you is called salvation

Messiah shed His blood for all
Absolving sin and granting life eternal
Profess your belief in the son of GOD
It’s the only way out of life infernal