Thursday, January 28, 2016



When we are called by God to Heaven
There are many keys that fit the gate
But there is only one that will open it
Search your heart it's not too late

The key that fits is in Messiah
There's absolutely no exception
For it is only through Yeshua
That you will find redemption

Once inside there are numerous other doors
The right one shows if you are least or most
The biggest key is the one of righteousness
That is where you'll find the Lord of Hosts

Whatever troubles were in your past
In the Spirit you've been born again
Live Eternal Life by the examples
That were set by the son of man

As you unlock each of the doors
I know that you are of good cheer
And should you find a door that will not open
Take heart for God still knows that you are here



This is the tale of a beautiful woman
Whose many troubles were so deep
And so entrenched that it caused her
To go into a very long coma's sleep

In her sleep this raging torment
Would continue to go on and on
Something happened in a dream
Her torment was completely gone

True all that she had envisioned
Upon her lips a kiss was planted
A man had seen her inner beauty
And thus had become enchanted

When she awoke all strife was gone
God had brought it to a point that ends
Then He gave them a long life together
As husband wife lovers and best friends

Thursday, January 21, 2016



I’m blessed with the Holy Spirit
With Abounding love and joy
For I'm born again in you Lord
Just like a newborn baby boy

Lord I ask for very little
Yet you gave me much
You laid down Your Life for mankind
To You I will always cling and clutch

I'm not unlike a mere grain of sand
That would dwell in Heaven above
This world needs You now my Lord
To bring us abundant peace and love

Until a day that the Father Chooses
Hineni Lord I am at Your command
Use me to glorify Your Holy Name
To make the unbeliever understand