Sunday, August 28, 2011



The world that we are living in today
Could possibly not be here tomorrow
And those who doubt God’s warning
Could soon be wallowing in sorrow

The bible says that only God knows exactly
What day His wrath will ravage the earth
And believers that know His saving Grace
Know exactly how much that day is worth

God warned us in the New Covenant of wars
Rumors of wars earthquakes floods and such
If you do not see theses things happening now
I believe that you are completely out of touch

I did not say that it was imminent
Obviously God will make that call
We know about yesterday and today
But not if tomorrow He will end it all

Your life on earth will be not be a pleasant one
When God finally chooses to show His Wrath
If you are searching for a way out of this dilemma
I can tell you that it is by following in God’s Path

The only way to do this is by professing that
Yeshua is the Messiah and is your Salvation
And for the forgiveness of your sin for you to
Enter God’s Kingdom with joy and jubilation

I can not make this decision for you but
I have pointed out what you need to do
Surely you don’t want to befriend satan
But God has left that decision up to you



Growing old is not a job for sissies
Some of us may still have our hair
With all the problems that it brings
Thank God we still have Medicare

Those Ritis brothers have taken over
Each of our bones from top to bottom
And if any teeth that we have are ours
We’re lucky that we’ve still got them

Remembering things that we need to do
Has also not been the easiest of tasks
The batteries in the hearing aids
Seem to wear out much too fast

These are just a handful of so many things
That are a part of the process of growing old
But the advantages far outweigh the problems
And are worth so much more than silver or gold

No more getting up early to go to work
Now we can do more things we enjoy
It’s a feeling like some children get
Just playing with a brand new toy

We get to enjoy the grandkids a lot more
As they get older and continue to grow
Telling them things from our experiences
So many of which they might never know

We’re thankful for the senior discounts
They help us to save every penny we can
And looking back on so many wonderful memories
We know that it’s all a part of God’s perfect plan

Sunday, August 21, 2011



Those who have accepted the Lord’s Salvation
Know that God’s Holy Spirit live inside of you
Which also makes your body His Holy Temple
It must stay pure in everything you say and do

How many of us are guilty of
Not taking care of this Holy place
My hand is raised along with yours
I know that I tend to over feed my face

Or remember to take medication
At the time that it says we should
Or see the doctor when we need to
Even though it’s for our own good

These are just a few of satan’s tricks
That are meant to throw you off track
By not taking care of this God given gift
Satan’s sinful ways could easily come back

Should you respond, “ But I’ve been saved,
And all of my sins have all been forgiven.”
That doesn’t mean that you won’t sin again
Staying Holy to God should keep you driven

The best way I know to avoid these temptations
Is to read your bible and dwell on God’s Word
The one thing that I will personally attest to is that
Doctor Yeshua’s advice is the best you’ve ever heard



On August nineteenth exactly ten yeas ago
I received a phone call that changed my life
I had posted an internet ad on
Looking for a steady girlfriend or a wife

I actually put her off because I was in the middle
Of conversing with a friend with a troubled past
She didn’t mind and called me back that night
God knew that when we connected it would last

Later that night we talked for two and one half hours
Many things that were said I can’t exactly remember
We both knew that God orchestrated it from day one
And I asked her to marry me the following December

Although we had to wait for two and a half years
Both of us knew it would be well worth the wait
From day one there has never been any doubt
That God constantly puts blessings on our plate

In a couple of months we’ll be married seven years
It feels like the two of us have never been apart
Not a day passes that we’re not there for each other
And after God we’re number one in each other’s heart

I haven’t mentioned a specific four letter word
Because I really didn’t believe there was a need
It’s the unending love we have for one another
We know that it was God who planted that seed

I could go on and on telling you many things
About us that you would like to hear or see
But what you would see when you got to know us is that
With God in our lives we’ll be together through eternity

Sunday, August 14, 2011



The words to a song that you may know are
What the world needs now is love sweet love
Although we could use it more here on earth
We have an everlasting supply from God above

How much more could God love us
Nothing can come close to measure
I doubt that we could ever do the same
For He gave to us His greatest treasure

God sacrificed His only begotten Son
And He did it just for you and me
The unblemished blood of Messiah
Rendered the sins of mankind free

Now you see just how much God loves you
In return this is all that He asks of you
Profess God’s Son as your Messiah and Savior
It’s really not a very difficult thing to do

That is nowhere near where the blessing ends
There are more gifts than you could measure
Eternity within God’s Kingdom free from strife
And a mansion to store your heavenly treasure



I’d like to tell you a story
About Jonathan McKlusky
He is a very tall and gentle man
And is also very husky

Jonathan works as a fireman
He is very dedicated to his field
No matter what the danger was
Everyone knew he would never yield

One day there was a horrific fire
In the project section of the town
And because it spread so rapidly
Many buildings had burned down

As people were scurrying to get out
He heard the sheik of a child’s loud cry
Jonathan went inside the burning building
Without hesitating or stopping to think why

Even though the fire burned all around him
He brought the child out safe and sound
He was greeted by a rousing cheer
As the people gathered all around

In particular there was a couple
A happy man and his tearful wife
They couldn’t stop thanking him
Because he had saved their baby’s life

The town gave him a medal and said,
“Our heartfelt thanks go out to you.”
He replied and said, ”You’re welcome,
But this is the job that I’m paid to do.”

Sunday, August 7, 2011



Unless you’re looking to be judged yourself
The Lord said that you shouldn’t judge others
And although I know that I have many faults
I have questions of my spiritual sisters and brothers

When you enter a religious sanctuary
I assume that do so with total respect
But if you were to look just a little bit closer
These are some things on which to reflect

Is your phone on silent during the service
If not I’d ask you to please turn it off
The sound that it makes is very disruptive
Much more so than a sneeze or a loud cough

Something else that needs to be addressed
Is about the type of clothing that you wear
You need not be dressed to the nines but
How you’re dressed may show how you care

Would you wear jeans to a new job interview
Maybe if your qualifications were the very best
God’s standards are much higher than employers
What makes you feel that you would pass His test

But if all that you own is jeans and tee shirts
Then God bless you come worship as you are
Wearing shorts a mini skirt or low cut blouse
Perhaps you should worship from your car

Then there is also the oblivious parent
Whose child is not quiet during service
I come to God’s House to praise Him and
Frankly all that noise makes me nervous

Sitters are provided for this purpose
Using it would be showing great respect
I’ve had my say and made my points
Now all I’m asking is for you to reflect

If I were doing something disrespectful
I would ask you to tell me the same way
Because the purpose of being at a service
Is to worship the Lord our God and pray



Once every year we get together
To reminisce and greet old friends
And remember a time so long ago
A time in our lives that never ends

We remember our teachers and many events
The sports and clubs and friends that we made
Things that we learned and use to this day
As well as festivals and an occasional parade

Some who had attended last year
Could not or did not come today
The cost was too much or distance too far
Or perhaps they could have passed away

And when the gathering is over
We really need to keep in touch
These people are here for more than just a season
And lasting friendships always mean so very much