Friday, May 27, 2016



I know that God is number one in my life
There's no one else will ever come close
But when I move down the scale of life
After the Lord I love my wife the most

I thank God each day for putting her into my life
I'm blessed for His Grace envelops all mankind
Her Spirituality has helped me become a better person
And allowed me to have a more Godly peace of mind

I will always extol the Lord God's Name on high
Without reservation I'll Honor Praise and Serve
Giving Him all the love respect and reverent fear
That the Holy One of Israel does richly deserve

May all that God has given to my wife and I
Bear the fruit that He has bestowed upon us
By dedicating to our Lord and to each other
An entire lifetime of devotion love and trust



When the Holy Spirit provides me with words to write
Mostly they are not directly from the Lord's Holy Book
It's how God allows me to interpret His written word to
Give many a clearer understanding when they take a look

Some people just like to read what I have written
Others it may help to lead them to their Salvation
Or buy the book just to support the congregation
 It may even help many with their prayer meditation

Whatever the reason that they're read
It is definitely a matter of their choice
But the common factor in their decision is because
They know that it come from my God's Inner Voice

No matter what the reason I am extremely grateful
To everyone but especially to the Lord God of Hosts
For enabling me to serve in the way that He sees fit
And He knows that I will always love Him the most

God has chosen to keep the word coming to me
So I'll write for as long as He lets me continue
I know that I'm right on the front lines of battle
For as one of His Chosen I'm a Messianic Jew

Friday, May 20, 2016



 I have seen so many religious hypocrites
But God has told me that I shouldn't judge
So I put all situations like this into The Lord's hands
It's a Godly Command from which I will not budge

It is not enough just to attend religious services
Just good works won't get you heaven bound
By accepting Messiah as Lord and savior
You'll be turning your entire life around

When your life on this planet is finished
The judgement you face is in your hands
The only unquestionable way to do this
Is by obeying all that the Lord Commands
One example which I can give you is
In life don't put on that blinder hood
Learn to love your neighbor as yourself
God said to do this for His Greater Good

God is not there just for when you need him
He is there for you through all night and day
You can reach Him anytime anywhere
When seek Him you just need to pray

You may not get the answer that you seek
Perhaps what you ask should not be done
But it comes From God who is right and just
Who else could have sacrificed His only Son

Yeshua's blood was shed for your salvation
From this there's a lesson that you must learn
It is to follow His Word as best you can and
And God will always stand by you in return

He's told you to go forth and minister His Word
From Genesis all the of way through Revelation
Messiah's return will be coming really soon because
All of the signs point to us as the end time generation

If through your ministry only one person finds Salvation
And they follow your example by dong the same as you
Multitudes will come to know the Glory of the Lord God
And they will be among those who are heaven bound too

When you go through the Pearly Gates there are riches
Which go beyond anything you could possibly measure
But the greatest reward that you will receive on that day is
That Father God through Yeshua is your heavenly treasure