Thursday, May 5, 2016



The word of the Lord is Sacred
And His Holy Word is also pure
If you do not read God's Perfect Word
Obviously you're Spiritually insecure

Although I read the bible every day
There is much I do not understand
So I go back and read it over again
It's all a part of God's Eternal Plan

Many religions just have it read to them
Of the two testaments many just read one
Without the Old there would be no new and
Then no one would ever know God's only Son

I tell the Gentiles to seek their Jewish roots and
To the Jew Read the old and you'll crave the new
Do this and your eyes will be opened to the point
That the Blessings of the Lord will abound in you

Each of our days on this planet are from breath to breath
Read both testaments and it will become extremely clear
That the only way to get to the Father is through His Son and
God alone knows the day but we sense the end is drawing near

Your good works will not get you into heaven
You need to accept Yeshua and save your soul
Only through Him will you know eternal life
The final gift from God that makes you whole

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