Sunday, April 24, 2011



As of May 1st I will be out of my current volunteer job The Cobb County Board of Commissioners has voted to close the county Senior Day Care Center as part of a process to trim the county's budget debt.
The reason that I'm writing this is not out of concern for myself. At almost seventy-four, I am still of sound enough mind that I will find another volunteer job. ( although I would much rather stay at the center. It is such a blessing to be able to work with both the clients and the staff.) It is about the clients and their families and the staff at the center as well as the callous disregard for their welfare by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners.
This center has been in existence for quite a few years and its clients are seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as well as some with physical problems who require wheelchairs and some with other medical issues, who are able to utilize the center, which also gives their family members the time to accomplish other things such as working to pay for their care at the center.
The care (and love) that they get from the staff (which also includes a meal and a snack) give the clients a new lease on life. There are many activities to keep them mentally challenged and alert as well as an exercise program and volunteer entertainment from individuals or groups that come in to entertain them. Many of the client's family members have commented on how they can see the difference in them when they come home for the day.
I understand that the commissioners need to bring down the budget deficit. but I believe that their reasoning is somewhat bias. They chose to keep ALL libraries open because so many people objected. However the did not listen to the Seniors. Close just a few libraries and keep the Senior Day center alive. Besides throwing away a program, it’s as though they have total disregard for the disabled seniors in the community.
Not only there, but they chose to cut the essential services of our fire and police departments. I wonder how they would feel if their house was on fire or they were being robbed, when the fire department or police department did not arrive in sufficient time to help them because of a shortage of manpower. Or if they or their family members needed special care because of medical problems.
I cannot speculate on why they would not raise taxes by a small amount ( which would raise funds from ALL the people in the county) to help deplete the county deficit, but I would offer them a suggestion. Take away the money being given to illegal aliens i.e. the free medical services that are depleting the funds in our county's budget AND THAT'S ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT!!! THIS WEEKS 2 POEMS ARE NEXT.



Sing to the Lord an old psalm
Like King David did as he played the lyre
His zest for the Lord was unquenchable
Like that of a raging fire

For he was a man after God’s own heart
And though he sinned he was forgiven
His zest to be echad with God
Was the force that kept him dtriven

Sing to the Lord a new song
Shout of the joy salvation brings
Remember that Yeshua died for us
In Him be thankful for so many things

Sing Hallelujah to the Lord on high
Praise and Glorify His Holy Name
The day will come when we’ll join Him in heaven
Do nothing and you’ve only got yourself to blame



When God gives me too many thoughts at once
Through the power of His Holy Spirit
I sort them into cassettes within my brain
Then I replay each one to hear it

God truly has a sense of humor though
Sometimes the words are not in order
And if I’m not sure where to put them
He says to rewind my mental tape recorder

What He suggests always seems to work
Yet every so often the words get misplaced
When I try to remember what they were
Somehow the tape always seems to get erased

And sometimes when I least expect it
They pop out of nowhere and come back
Which enables me to put them into verse
Because God has put my mind on track

God gave us a brain for a very good reason
Not to clutter it with sinful worldly things
But to fill it with clear and pure thoughts
Like the Grace and Mercy that Salvation brings

Sunday, April 17, 2011



The Lord God above is my shepherd
He provides me with all that I need
Yet I do get impatient knowing it's wrong
For all that God does is only at His speed

Forgive me Lord for the sin of impatience
I will serve and obey whenever You call
My life would be barren without knowing You
From Your Grace and Mercy I pray not to fall

My pen will glorify Messiah and tell about
How His blood paid for my transgressions
Through Yeshua I have eternal life in heaven
With an abundant storehouse of spiritual possessions

When that glorious day does come to pass
And I am standing before Him face to face
I will bow before God and express my gratitude
For allowing me to dwell in a much better place



Jew and Gentile worshiping together
With but one common goal
To acknowledge our God and Messiah
Whose Holy Name we must extol

Preparing for the glory of the end days begins
By setting examples in what we think do and say
And because we have accepted Yeshua as Lord
The angels rejoice that they will see us one day

When Messiah returns to bring us home
No longer will there be wars or strife
But a mansion in God's kingdom
Where our soul will know eternal life

Sunday, April 10, 2011



All that you need to do is to look around to see
That things her and around the world are in a mess
I try not to let it get to me because
I know that I would get depressed

Individually I can’t fix the problem
I doubt seriously if anyone can
Yet there is one who can change things around
He is the Lord our God and the son of man

Knowing that I can’t but someday He will
I can look forward to my final place of rest
Where there is no strife just peace and love and
God says, “Welcome, You have passed the test.”



Yeshua told John, “You will deny Me three times
Before the time that I will die.”
And when it happened just as He said
John cried and pondered on the reason why

Some of the other men who followed Yeshua
Still did not understand so many things
Then they received the Ruach Ha Kodesh and
Understood the peace that God’s Salvation brings

They were empowered by the Holy Spirit
To first bring the Good News to the Jew
Many could not or would not accept this
Then Salvation came to the Gentiles too

Multitudes of Gentiles received God’s Gift
But because many Jews had hardened hearts
God chose to soften them but only in His time
And among them rebirth of the faith would start

Now they worship as the Lord has intended and
Together are seeing many signs of the end time
When Messiah returns it will bring to an end
Such things as hunger disease fornication and crime

Sunday, April 3, 2011

W. W. Y. D.

W. W. Y. D.

When things aren’t going the way you’d like
It’s because your primary focus is on you
So stop and ask this question of yourself
Just exactly what would Yeshua do

Now self is not necessarily a bad thing
If you put it in the proper perspective
God first then family and lastly self
This is the correct way to be objective

When you follow these three easy guidelines
Your personal wants may still come to be
If not don’t let it get to you because
The first two take priority over I and me

In His situation what did Yeshua do
He gave his life to absolve all sin
When you stop focusing on yourself
God’s blessings will come pouring in



When you acknowledge Yeshua as the Messiah
There is a special feeling deep inside of you
It may not happen right away
Yet it affects everything you say and do

The stronger you become in Him
By reading and practicing God's Word
The more you'll minister from the Bible
Which proves unbelief to be absurd

God's Sacrifice Lamb cleansed all of sin
Yet sin surrounds us each and every day
There is only one way to wash this clean
Ask His forgiveness whenever you pray

Some people may deny their daily sins
Saying, "Even if I do it's been forgiven."
Admit that all flesh commits sin daily and
To walk like Yeshua will keep you driven

Even though we will always fall short
He wants you to be the best you can Show the Show the Lord much you love Him
By loving your enemies and fellow man

Follow and teach God's laws in life
And in Heaven He will call you great
Otherwise you'll be declared as least
A Wise choice in His time is never too late