Friday, July 31, 2015


We’re going to go on a couple’s retreat
Our teachers will bring us to a new dimension
And change our lives as believers and couples
I’m positive that it will get our attention

I am not a Spiritual Counselor
But I can give you a heads up
The bible says that women need love and men respect
That's just one of many ways to fill your marital cup

We’ll sit back and absorb the messages
And when the teachings are all done
No matter how close we were before
Our minds and hearts will blend as one

We know that Yeshua is sitting in on these sessions
And if there's still an issue that wasn’t addressed
We’ll pray and ask for His Spiritual Guidance
Knowing that the Lord will handle all of the rest


God is the is and always will be 
The first priority in my life
After the Lord my second love
Is my Godly and loving wife

Thank You Trudi for always being there
Every time I would Need Assistance
And for the many things I’ve accomplished
Both by my faith and your persistance

Friday, July 17, 2015



Jew and Gentile worshiping together
With but one common goal
To acknowledge our God and Messiah
Whose Holy Name we must extol

Preparing for the glory of the end days begins 
By setting examples in what we think do and say
And because we have accepted Yeshua as Lord
The angels rejoice that they will see us one day

When Messiah returns to bring us home
No longer will there be wars or strife
But a mansion in God's kingdom
Where our soul will know eternal life