Thursday, October 24, 2013





We know that God has a sense of humor
Just take one look at us who He created
I’m sure that He enjoys a good joke
Just as long as it is not X-rated

He created laughter for a specific reason
It helps to pick us up when we are down
Making you chuckle or laugh so loudly that
It creates a smile where there was a frown

Sometimes our laughter can get out of hand
We laugh so hard that it even makes us cry
And there are times when we can’t stop
It doesn’t even matter how hard we try

So each time that you feel a laugh coming on
Give thanks to God for this free medication
Knowing that He’s making you feel so much better
Is just one of His many cures for any given situation



How do you think you’d handle being rejected
Different people handle it in a variety of ways
Some might say that it’s the other person’s loss
Others are sad and they let it effect their days

Yeshua was rejected but He had to move on
He said to the Father,” Not my will but thine.”
For the Lord was to be God’s Sacrificial Lamb
Although rejected He’d committed no crime

Yeshua’s fate had been foretold in the Old Testament
To profess Him as Lord brings completion or Salvation
And because He is a part of the tri-unity of God
He accepted His fate without the slightest hesitation

Yeshua drew His Last Breath so that yours would be blessed
Professing Him is your one way ticket to heaven and eternal life
So give this a lot of thought if rejection should come your way
If you truly know the Lord you’ve conquered rejection and strife

Friday, October 18, 2013



Never Never Never question the Lord’s Power
For everything is done in His Time and Place
I had a person on my mind for many years
Today I was blessed to meet her face to face

I’d retired from my bakery job after thirty three years
Then worked in Georgia Schools in Special Education teacher
It was another chapter in my life before I knew Yeshua
I wasn’t aware that I yearned for The Lord’s Redemption

Becky was a fantastic first year Special Education teacher
Together we made awesome strides in the student’s lives
At the end of the year that school closed our class down
We both moved on to help other special Ed students thrive

In the last fifteen year I often thought about her
And wondered if I’d ever be able to get in touch
She was a great person as well as a good friend
Whose skills and personality I respected very much
Today at a Walmart even with my Limited vision
I looked around and lo and behold there she was
Later I prayed that we keep up on a regular basis
Thanking God for all the awesome things He does

So as I strongly stated in the opening verse
Don’t ever question anything the Lord does
He’s the Creator and we’re the Creation
The Lord our God who Will Be Is and Was



The Lord said that telling a lie is a sin
Apparently there can be no exception
But if a white lie is meant to do good
Will God in His Mercy show redemption

Sometimes they may be told as an analogy
Like showing a child what’s wrong or right
By just telling the truth it won’t sink in
One example of this is my loss of sight

If a child is old enough to understand
I tell them about losing sight in one eye
But because of the way I have to tell it
The story I that I tell is a little white lie

I tell them that when I was their age
I was running with a pencil in my hand
I fell and the point thrust into my eye
It’s a story that they can understand

Many different stories are told with white lies
And they are far too numerous to mention
But if they reach the person they’re told to
It’s a safety issue that has gotten their attention

So if they should happen to be running
And have a sharp object in their hand
They might think twice and put it away
Proof that my tale did just as I planned

I’m sure there are plenty of other examples
Which are good lessons that can be learned
Like that they shouldn’t play with matches
And then showing them where I was burned

Like I said all of these are all little white lies
With a moral lesson told for their benefit
I’ll find out the truth when God judges me
But for now it works so I’ll keep telling it

Friday, October 11, 2013


As you can see by the second poem below, I am and always have been sentimental.  Because I'm visually impaired, I don't go many places without my wife.  So 11 years ago I decided to write a poem to my wife instead of buying her cards for the occasion of the 1st day that we met, her birthday, our anniversary and Valentines Day.  With her approval the poem below is what I wrote to her on our ninth anniversary, except for something very personal at the end which I left out.



There are multiple frustrations that come into play
 Due to the fact that I’m being visually impaired
It took a while but the biggest thing I’ve learned
Is that no matter what there’s no need to be scared

Whatever is going to happen no matter what I do
I know that the Lord is always watching over me
So what if I put some of my clothes on backwards
It just takes more time to do all that needs to be

The same things happen to anyone with good vision
Not just to those people whose vision is lacking
And if you have faith in God He’s right beside you
To keep you calm if you feel it’s the devil attacking

All of those who have their sight can only imagine
What it’s like from moment to moment every day
My advice to those who are visually impaired is
So what if it should happen what else can you say

If you let all these things bother you to the point
That it gives you a heart attack from all the stress
The devil claims victory in the quest for your soul
Rebuke him and say that God is cleaning up his mess



The Lord has blessed us with another year
And we pray that He’ll allow us more
Exactly how many is totally up to God
Before one or both of us knock on heaven’s door

This year we celebrate our ninth anniversary
But it’s been twelve from when we first met
There’s not one day from when it all started
That because of our love that I’ll ever regret

Yes just the same as many other couples
We have different opinion on some things
But we understand what it is to compromise
And the peace and comfort that it brings

I could write a book about the reasons I love you
And I don’t have any doubt that you feel the same
All this was only possible thanks to the Lord Above
Just another reason to bless and praise His Name

As a side note though I really feel that
The Lord is putting me through a test
I wrote this poem to you only one day before
But He already knew I’d give it my very best

Friday, October 4, 2013



Looking at our country’s tumultuous turmoil
Where our nation’s finances are in disarray
One might think that we’re headed for disaster
But you woke up making it through one more day

Just this one simple fact is a cause for celebration
But stop and think who you’re giving thanks to
It was the Lord who brought you to this point
That alone is a good reason to say, “Thank You.”

God wants to turn things around to get even better
But He’s looking for your help and participation
Connect with those who don’t know Messiah
Can you think of a better reason to celebrate

By leading unbelieving souls to the Light of the Lord
Both Jew and Gentile have been set spiritually free
It will set off a chain for them to do the same thing
The devil is having fits even though you can’t see

When you celebrate by going to God in Praise and Prayer
You’ll see all of the Lord’s love grace and mercy overflow
Do this with joy in your heart and I’ll guarantee you this
Your storehouse in the heaven above will continue to grow



Many people have changed their given name for
Personal reasons within their span of life to avoid
Prejudice or it sounds better than their birth name
Or perhaps they just don’t want to be annoyed

Then there are the ones who look to avoid prosecution
It really gives them a false sense of having protection
The truth will have a tendency to burst their bubble
Because their life is headed in the wrong direction

The first and most important things within their lifetime
Is that they get to know and love the Lord God Most High
Be aware that He knew each and every single one of you
Before you were born from His Mercy Seat on high

Although you may get to fool all of John Q. Public
God knows in advance every step that you’ll take
He’s in control of all things that happen in your life
Here’s some advice to help you avoid that mistake

Father God is looking to hear from you one on one
Wanting you to walk that straight and narrow path
Since you can go to Him directly in Praise and prayer
He’ll solve your dilemmas so you won’t face His Wrath

So changing your given name could be a good thing
As long as you do it after seeking God’s advice
If you don’t you may encounter unseen consequences
Remember that for your Salvation He’s already paid the price

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


        A special thank you to the Lord for blessing me as one of His obedient vessels and allowing me to reach this momentous point; and also a special thank you to those viewers who have visited my blog and read the poems that I've written through the power of the Lord's Holy Spirit. I hope that these verses may have brought you to have received the Lord's Salvation or  comforted you in a time of need.
        Today ,October second, 2013, about 21/2 months before the blog has been in operation for 4 years. I passed the 8,000 viewer mark from viewers in 63 countries.