Friday, October 11, 2013



The Lord has blessed us with another year
And we pray that He’ll allow us more
Exactly how many is totally up to God
Before one or both of us knock on heaven’s door

This year we celebrate our ninth anniversary
But it’s been twelve from when we first met
There’s not one day from when it all started
That because of our love that I’ll ever regret

Yes just the same as many other couples
We have different opinion on some things
But we understand what it is to compromise
And the peace and comfort that it brings

I could write a book about the reasons I love you
And I don’t have any doubt that you feel the same
All this was only possible thanks to the Lord Above
Just another reason to bless and praise His Name

As a side note though I really feel that
The Lord is putting me through a test
I wrote this poem to you only one day before
But He already knew I’d give it my very best

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