Sunday, February 26, 2012



Sadly in the world that we living in today
Many people have a self centered attitude
The truth is what it is that they really need
Is to have a positive attitude of gratitude

Gratitude for all their blessing in life and
Even for the times when they have trouble
God never promised you a rose garden
If that’s your mindset it’s time to burst your bubble

God is in control of everything that you say think and do
Even though He has given you a free will choice
What comes out of your mouth may come back to bite you
Once out God is telling you this through your inner voice

Take what happened to me the other day for instance
In line a man insisted that he was first and cut ahead
I could have kept on arguing knowing he was wrong
But I let him go telling him to have a blessed day instead

What comes out of your mouth can make a big difference
Instead of arguing he didn’t know what else to think or say
It just shows that being nice is what even God would expect
Because positive thoughts will always make someone’s day

Even if you know that they’re in the wrong
Your reverence for God says to just let it go
And because God sees the way that you dealt with it
Now you know another reason why He loves you so



What the world needs a real live hero
Who has no baggage that’s full of junk
I believe that there is only one who
Can pull us out of this spiraling funk

There’s no guesswork about who it is
For there is only one who can and will
The Lord our God is the only answer
For unlike others He's not run of the mill

If this is something that you want as well
There’s a very simple way get it done
Turn to God and trust Him in all things
Putting all of your faith in the Holy One

If we can do just this one small thing
God’s Will be done and so it goes
And until we all take that leap of faith
When things will change only He still

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A question for my foreign viewers

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Sunday, February 19, 2012



The first thing that you need to know
Is that God sees everything you’ve done
Letting you know that the journey you’re on
In the Lord’s Eyes has really just begun

Each day when you awaken is like
The very first day of your new life
And when this becomes clear to you
You’ll experience your share of strife

Your life may not always be a bed of roses
The tongue and mind can be the devil’s tool
Only if your focus is God Centered
Can you tell satan that he’s the fool

Unfortunately he never seems to give up
By putting obstacles in your daily path
If you just think before you act or speak
It’s satan not you who feels God’s wrath

Since you know what that feels like
The Lord has seen your repentance
With the support of those who know and love you
Your Salvation avoids the pain of satan’s sentence

We love and support the effort you’re making
And as long as God sees that your walk is right
The Lord’s love will always be there for the taking
Throughout life you will never be out of His sight



I guess it’s because of my age that I’m
Old fashioned in many different ways
There’s one in particular that bugs me
And probably will for the rest of my days

Many people know that I write poetry
It’s mostly spiritual but not always
What many label as poetry today
Often leaves me to get somewhat crazed

As I said before I’m an old fashioned person
I believe that poetic lines have to rhyme
Otherwise I consider it a work of prose
The state I read it in is not sublime

Yes they both convey a story to the reader but
To me there’s something sweet about the rhyme
And I’ve never seen prose that was set to music
Many rhyming songs have stood the test of time

As I stated earlier this is my opinion
I doubt that I’ll change the way I feel
But that’s what makes us all individuals
It’s our likes and dislikes that keep it real

Sunday, February 12, 2012



Growing up I’ve had many valentines in my life that
Include my parents grandparents family and friends
I seriously doubt that I could list every single one
Because it would be so long that it really never ends

Now most of them are just a memory
Because so many have passed away
But I found one that I will love forever
Even past the time of my dying day

I’m talking about the Lord my God
Who knew me before my day of birth
He’ll always be the one I love most
Just what do you think that is worth

Because He loves me in return He provided me
With the second most cherished love of my life
And two hearts were joined together as one
When God made you and I husband and wife

Like God who I will love into eternity
Now you and I have that blessing too
But until that time comes I’ll do my best
To love honor and cherish the both of you



This poem is about a subject which
Those who are believe already know
It’s written to help others understand
And to help their Spirituality to grow

Yeshua said that the most important commandments
Were to love God with everything that is within you
The second is to love your neighbor as yourself
Which is something that many people do not do

In my congregation this is second nature
Applying to members and visitors as well
We do not boast saying, “Look what I did.”
For we would not want our head to swell

God sees and knows everything that you do
One day your deeds will have its own reward
Whether here on earth or in God’s Kingdom
Where all believers know they are heading to

Read the bible all the way through
It’s the world’s most printed book
Written by the Greatest Author ever
It answers all questions when you look

As you get into the New Testament
Your eyes will open and you’ll see
That Yeshua is the only way to God
Your sins forgiven you’ve been set free

As a Jew you are completed in Him
The Gentile is Spiritually Born Again
Believing in Him earns you eternal life
At a time of God’s choosing where and when

Sunday, February 5, 2012


This week before I post my 2 poems, I am blessed to post a poem by a guest poet. Her name is Melissa David. She is also an accomplished musician with a beautiful voice, accompanied by her husband Dan, who plays the violin as well as any of the master violinists that I’ve heard. Through these God Given Talents, they have a music ministry: ( Enjoy the poem & be sure to check out their website!

Teach Me to Sing
April 21, 2007 – Upon observing a house finch in my tree

Upon thee I gaze, my ethereal winged friend
Whose emancipated singing knows not an end

Whose sweet melodious tones now impart
A balm of comfort to my downtrodden heart

Thy warbling reflects love eternal, divine
A song to thy Creator, who dwells not in time

Blissful contentment in thy voice do I hear
A heart bounding with mirth, and free from all fear

For thou knowest, assured, that thou hast not a need
While thy Father, in diligence, thy mouth He will feed

In peaceful security thy feathers may rest
In His capable hands, thou buildest thy nest

Sweet ballad of joy, o so rich, o so pure
Unfolds such a trust, o so steady, so sure

That though the north wind carry tempest or rain
Without falter, the south wind shall soon blow again

Thy fair rosy colour is imbued with warm glow
For the Son on thee shineth, His care thou dost know

Dear friend, upon whom my eyes are now fixed
While my soul lieth valley and shadow betwixt

May my spirit, from thine innocence, wisdom now glean
Through thy beauty and simplicity, my Saviour be seen

May my heart learn the notes of thy glorious song
Then join in thy praise, and for eternity long

Where like thee I’ll fly on the wings of the wind
Forever be freed from the sadness and sin

That oft dampen, and keep this royal songbird from flight
Stealing her joy, and her songs in the night

Like thine air, free of striving, struggle and sorrow
May my heart never faint at the thought of tomorrow

But rather, like thee, full of freedom and grace
Today, in this moment, see His glorious face.

-Melissa (Dittrich) David



In the latter years of my life
I became a Messianic Jew
Through my completion in Messiah
I am a Spiritual body born anew

The Lord then gave me the ministry of writing
Poetry to both the unsaved Jew and Gentile
To remove the self placed blindfolds
So that their Soul don’t wind up in exile

God wants you in His Heavenly Kingdom
When your time on the earth is done
To get there a blood atonement is required
This can only happen through God’s Son

We no longer sacrifice animals to God
In the New Covenant it shows us the way
Telling of God’s Sacrificial Lamb whose blood
Absolves the sins of those who have gone astray

Since that day my blessings have been abundant
That’s not to say that I haven’t been put to the test
Every day there are trials and tribulation
But God’s blessings have always outweighed the rest

Now that I’ve told you how it’s done
All that is left is for you to choose
If everything is not just as I’ve said
The way I look at it you didn’t lose

If like me you choose the right path
The Lord will always watch your back
He will provide everything that you need
And keep you safe from the enemy’s attack



As you walk together on
The journey of married life
You'll see that there's more to it
Than just being a husband and a wife

Remember that in the eyes of God
That the two of you are one
And God will fill your life with blessings
if you just keep your focus on His Son