Sunday, February 5, 2012


This week before I post my 2 poems, I am blessed to post a poem by a guest poet. Her name is Melissa David. She is also an accomplished musician with a beautiful voice, accompanied by her husband Dan, who plays the violin as well as any of the master violinists that I’ve heard. Through these God Given Talents, they have a music ministry: ( Enjoy the poem & be sure to check out their website!

Teach Me to Sing
April 21, 2007 – Upon observing a house finch in my tree

Upon thee I gaze, my ethereal winged friend
Whose emancipated singing knows not an end

Whose sweet melodious tones now impart
A balm of comfort to my downtrodden heart

Thy warbling reflects love eternal, divine
A song to thy Creator, who dwells not in time

Blissful contentment in thy voice do I hear
A heart bounding with mirth, and free from all fear

For thou knowest, assured, that thou hast not a need
While thy Father, in diligence, thy mouth He will feed

In peaceful security thy feathers may rest
In His capable hands, thou buildest thy nest

Sweet ballad of joy, o so rich, o so pure
Unfolds such a trust, o so steady, so sure

That though the north wind carry tempest or rain
Without falter, the south wind shall soon blow again

Thy fair rosy colour is imbued with warm glow
For the Son on thee shineth, His care thou dost know

Dear friend, upon whom my eyes are now fixed
While my soul lieth valley and shadow betwixt

May my spirit, from thine innocence, wisdom now glean
Through thy beauty and simplicity, my Saviour be seen

May my heart learn the notes of thy glorious song
Then join in thy praise, and for eternity long

Where like thee I’ll fly on the wings of the wind
Forever be freed from the sadness and sin

That oft dampen, and keep this royal songbird from flight
Stealing her joy, and her songs in the night

Like thine air, free of striving, struggle and sorrow
May my heart never faint at the thought of tomorrow

But rather, like thee, full of freedom and grace
Today, in this moment, see His glorious face.

-Melissa (Dittrich) David

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