Sunday, February 19, 2012



I guess it’s because of my age that I’m
Old fashioned in many different ways
There’s one in particular that bugs me
And probably will for the rest of my days

Many people know that I write poetry
It’s mostly spiritual but not always
What many label as poetry today
Often leaves me to get somewhat crazed

As I said before I’m an old fashioned person
I believe that poetic lines have to rhyme
Otherwise I consider it a work of prose
The state I read it in is not sublime

Yes they both convey a story to the reader but
To me there’s something sweet about the rhyme
And I’ve never seen prose that was set to music
Many rhyming songs have stood the test of time

As I stated earlier this is my opinion
I doubt that I’ll change the way I feel
But that’s what makes us all individuals
It’s our likes and dislikes that keep it real

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