Sunday, February 26, 2012



Sadly in the world that we living in today
Many people have a self centered attitude
The truth is what it is that they really need
Is to have a positive attitude of gratitude

Gratitude for all their blessing in life and
Even for the times when they have trouble
God never promised you a rose garden
If that’s your mindset it’s time to burst your bubble

God is in control of everything that you say think and do
Even though He has given you a free will choice
What comes out of your mouth may come back to bite you
Once out God is telling you this through your inner voice

Take what happened to me the other day for instance
In line a man insisted that he was first and cut ahead
I could have kept on arguing knowing he was wrong
But I let him go telling him to have a blessed day instead

What comes out of your mouth can make a big difference
Instead of arguing he didn’t know what else to think or say
It just shows that being nice is what even God would expect
Because positive thoughts will always make someone’s day

Even if you know that they’re in the wrong
Your reverence for God says to just let it go
And because God sees the way that you dealt with it
Now you know another reason why He loves you so

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