Sunday, February 19, 2012



The first thing that you need to know
Is that God sees everything you’ve done
Letting you know that the journey you’re on
In the Lord’s Eyes has really just begun

Each day when you awaken is like
The very first day of your new life
And when this becomes clear to you
You’ll experience your share of strife

Your life may not always be a bed of roses
The tongue and mind can be the devil’s tool
Only if your focus is God Centered
Can you tell satan that he’s the fool

Unfortunately he never seems to give up
By putting obstacles in your daily path
If you just think before you act or speak
It’s satan not you who feels God’s wrath

Since you know what that feels like
The Lord has seen your repentance
With the support of those who know and love you
Your Salvation avoids the pain of satan’s sentence

We love and support the effort you’re making
And as long as God sees that your walk is right
The Lord’s love will always be there for the taking
Throughout life you will never be out of His sight

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