Saturday, September 29, 2012


Do you ever wonder why God
Puts certain people in our lives
He alone knows the correct answer but
I believe that it’s so that our life thrives

Often when people come into our lives
What they’re bring isn’t always good
This is why God gave us discernment
Which may not always be understood

Some people are there for an entire lifetime
God placed them there to fill specific needs
Maybe to comfort you or perhaps for love
Or even just be there to plant some seeds

Over time we may miss or perhaps even forget
Who they were and the reason they were there
God placed in that very time and place because
For good or bad it was a need for them to share

I think the lesson to be learned from these experiences is
Don’t sweat the small stuff and just trust God in all ways
Your Heavenly Father He has always got your back and
Is with you today tomorrow and for the rest of your days


The words you see below are strictly mine
And yet this statement isn’t entirely true
Many other people feel the same way and
Some others don’t which of them are you

If we should elect the current regime
This country will be headed for a fall
And those who may think otherwise
Don’t realize that it will affect us all

We’ll soon become a socialist nation and although
I know that others may not have the whole solution
At least they understand where our freedom comes from
And that it’s our solemn right to defend our constitution

I could go on and on about many points but why bother
Because those who can’t see past their nose won’t get it
And when they finally see that day come to fruition
Their reaction is much too late for them to regret it

The one big hope that we can hold on to is
Know that God is the one who is in control
All we can do is pray that Messiah returns soon
It is the one and only thing that keeps us whole

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Joel Chanting Rosh HaShanah Blessings


Y  Tells me that my God is the God of yesterday today and tomorrow
O is meant for God’s Commandments which we must obey
M gives us the message that Messiah will be coming back
K is the knowledge that only God will choose the time and day
I declare that I am not ashamed to profess Yeshua as my Messiah
P is my pride in declaring that I’m a Messianic Jew
P also tells me that I need to be prepared for the rapture at any time
U uplifts my Spirit knowing that the time is drawing nearer too
R shouts that God’s Ruach blesses all believers and I pray that means you


In our lifetime we are given many chances
This also includes host of opportunities
The one that I’m going to suggest to you
Without exception it has no immunities
A well known singer once recorded a song
Which said,” you have to serve somebody.”
In this case it will either be God or satan
Your choice to be blessed or look shoddy
There are many ways that this can be accomplished
Serving in a house of worship or your community
It would be even better if you could do them both
I suggest you to take advantage of this opportunity
Even though you may be a Believer in the Lord
Just attending a place to worship in not enough
You must serve faithfully within its confines
If not this is where the going will get tough
Also serve by helping others in your community
There are many that are less fortunate than you
A thank you or smile on their face may be your reward
But remember that God also sees the things that you do   
There are many ways to store up treasures in heaven and
Large donations isn’t always what the Lord is looking for
Your congregation might need it but Father God doesn’t
It just might count if you would serve Him even more
There are so many ways to serve your Heavenly Father
Just find someone who knows what they are and ask how
Once reaching that goal you’ll be blessed beyond measure
Don’t put it off until tomorrow get up and do it right now

Sunday, September 16, 2012



R tells of the Ruach that God blesses us with
O for the offering made by God of His only begotten Son
S the sacrifice that Yeshua made in His Father’s Name
H denotes heaven where eternal life continues to go on

H also declares that hell is not an option for believers
A are angels rejoicing when we profess Yeshua as Messiah

S signifies Salvation which comes to all who do this
H is His Grace and Mercy that take away our shame and fleshly desire
A says that if you ask you shall receive the Lord’s blessing
N shows me that nothing is impossible for God to do
A is for always removing the unbeliever’s blinders day by day
H declares Hallelujah that God’s Love



Recently our storage shed was broken into
It appears that only a few items were taken
But needless to say when we found out
It left my wife and I somewhat shaken

Concerned yes but we’re not afraid for several reasons
In our house we’re protection by a guard dog and gun
And even if we should be killed we’re still better off
Knowing that we’d be in heaven with God and His Son

However let’s address the real issue here because
It’s obvious that you are not spiritually grounded
The eighth Commandment is Thou shall not steal
It’s best you surrender as God has you surrounded

As far as we’re concerned regarding the theft
Since God will forgive you we could do no less
So please let us know what it is that we can do
To set your path right and get out of this mess

If you would like to become Spiritually grounded
In order for your Soul to know peace of mind
Let us help you know the Truth Light and Way
And help you to leave the devils work behind

Tuesday, September 11, 2012



This poem is dedicated to the men and women
Who lost their lives on the 11th of September
It was a horrific day in modern history
Which most Americans will long remember

The cowards who were responsible for this disaster
Were Muslim fanatics who must have been insane
And although we still mourn for those we have lost
We must make sure that this doesn’t happen again

This day has brought the citizens of our great nation
Who live from border to border and shore to shore
To a patriotic fervor not unlike the one
That we had seen so many years before

Make no mistake for their leaders
Will be caught and punished too
If it is not by us then by the Lord our God above
For His is the final judgment of what all of us do

Just know that through the memories
And as a way to help get past the pain
That one day when we ascend to our eternal rest
We’ll see those friends and loved ones once again

Sunday, September 9, 2012



Just in case you haven’t glanced at my bio
Both my wife and I are Messianic Jews
We love and worship Yeshua Ha Meshiach and
Are committed to spreading God’s Good News

We’ve never claimed that we know it all but
God gave me these words to set things straight
Many of these truths you may already know
If not these are facts to put on your plate

Messianic Judaism is biblically based Judaism
From Genesis through the book of Revelation
The New Covenant was written by Jews for Jews
So that they would have a much clearer explanation

In the beginning after Yeshua rose to heaven
It was started by the apostles and called The Way
Non Jews who were believers were also included
This is also true of Messianic Judaism today

Eventually they outnumbered the Jewish Believers
That’s the time when the church came into existence
The Jews who believed worshiped with the Gentiles
The rest who didn’t believe to this day have resisted

Almost two thousand years later The Way resurfaced
Becoming what is know as Messianic Judaism today
We worship Messiah just as He worshiped Father God
Celebrating God’s Commanded Festivals the same way

Jews who deny messiah are wearing blindfolds
Put there to be removed in God’s time and place
And on that day God’s Truth will be revealed
To all of God’s Children in the whole human race

Now that I’ve told you some facts as I know them
If you want to know more just comment and ask
God has provided me with these words that you’re reading
So He knows if there are more questions I’m up to the task



I often ponder what it will be like in the
Aftermath that will follow this election
Somehow I just feel that I know the answer
Even though it really depends on the selection

If the incumbent gets elected I just can’t be sure
The way he exercise his control even to this day
Will he stop me from writing about the Lord and
Will I have the freedom that I now enjoy to pray

Even a blind person can hear about all that he’s doing
Taking God out of all things that shows His goodness
Yet we all share the blame and it sure is a shame
How else do you think that we got into this mess

With the other choice things could be looking up but
It could even take a little longer to get accomplished
But in reality the first choice may be just as good because
It brings us so much closer to what God said He’d finish

I’m just one of many voices for God’s Majesty
And try as they may they’ll never silence us all
So whatever the election’s result I won’t stop writing
Unless of course I hear the sound of God’s Glory call

Sunday, September 2, 2012



The Lord has provided a way for me
To reach unbelievers and those in need
God has His Hand on the poems that I write and
Only He can remove the blinders for them to read

I pray about the situation daily
Asking the Lord to open the door
To let me reach those lost souls
That they’d seek God even more

If they will accept Yeshua as their Messiah
Salvation frees them from the devil’s grip
But the adversary still doesn’t understand this
Doing everything in his power to make them trip

Just by keeping your focus on the Lord
God’s hedge of protection will cover you
The beast shakes his head in frustration daily
When he sees one of God’s children born anew

If these verses describe how you’d like to feel
And you have yet to receive Salvation’s Blessing
Please repeat the words you see in the next verse and
Embrace the new found joy of what you’ve been missing

Father God I ask you to forgive me of my sins
I profess Yeshua to be my Messiah and Lord
I have seen the truth and it has set me free
And join all Believers who are of one accord

Now that you’ve become a part of God’s Flock
I just have a couple of requests to ask of you
Read your bible and spread God’s Good News
So other lost souls receive His Blessing too



Sometimes when I don’t receive any words
From the Lord that I need to put in rhyme
At that very moment what that means is
That I have nothing on my hands but time

So in this spare time what I do is go into
My folder to find poems that I wrote by hand
The problem is that the papers are mixed up and
My writing is too hard for even me to understand

But I will be diligent and see what goes where
I’m sure that the Lord will help guide my way
So that when it makes it into my computer
You’ll have a new poem to read on another day