Saturday, September 29, 2012


The words you see below are strictly mine
And yet this statement isn’t entirely true
Many other people feel the same way and
Some others don’t which of them are you

If we should elect the current regime
This country will be headed for a fall
And those who may think otherwise
Don’t realize that it will affect us all

We’ll soon become a socialist nation and although
I know that others may not have the whole solution
At least they understand where our freedom comes from
And that it’s our solemn right to defend our constitution

I could go on and on about many points but why bother
Because those who can’t see past their nose won’t get it
And when they finally see that day come to fruition
Their reaction is much too late for them to regret it

The one big hope that we can hold on to is
Know that God is the one who is in control
All we can do is pray that Messiah returns soon
It is the one and only thing that keeps us whole

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