Sunday, September 2, 2012



The Lord has provided a way for me
To reach unbelievers and those in need
God has His Hand on the poems that I write and
Only He can remove the blinders for them to read

I pray about the situation daily
Asking the Lord to open the door
To let me reach those lost souls
That they’d seek God even more

If they will accept Yeshua as their Messiah
Salvation frees them from the devil’s grip
But the adversary still doesn’t understand this
Doing everything in his power to make them trip

Just by keeping your focus on the Lord
God’s hedge of protection will cover you
The beast shakes his head in frustration daily
When he sees one of God’s children born anew

If these verses describe how you’d like to feel
And you have yet to receive Salvation’s Blessing
Please repeat the words you see in the next verse and
Embrace the new found joy of what you’ve been missing

Father God I ask you to forgive me of my sins
I profess Yeshua to be my Messiah and Lord
I have seen the truth and it has set me free
And join all Believers who are of one accord

Now that you’ve become a part of God’s Flock
I just have a couple of requests to ask of you
Read your bible and spread God’s Good News
So other lost souls receive His Blessing too

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