Saturday, September 29, 2012


Do you ever wonder why God
Puts certain people in our lives
He alone knows the correct answer but
I believe that it’s so that our life thrives

Often when people come into our lives
What they’re bring isn’t always good
This is why God gave us discernment
Which may not always be understood

Some people are there for an entire lifetime
God placed them there to fill specific needs
Maybe to comfort you or perhaps for love
Or even just be there to plant some seeds

Over time we may miss or perhaps even forget
Who they were and the reason they were there
God placed in that very time and place because
For good or bad it was a need for them to share

I think the lesson to be learned from these experiences is
Don’t sweat the small stuff and just trust God in all ways
Your Heavenly Father He has always got your back and
Is with you today tomorrow and for the rest of your days

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