Sunday, October 7, 2012


I believe that if I chose to do so I could write
Poems of biblical things that have occurred
You may even see this happen occasionally but
Mostly I write of what God wants to be heard

Just what is it that God is wanting of you
In a good many cases it’s your Salvation
Or if you’re in a quandary about a certain situation
He says that you come to Him without reservation

When you read many of these poems they are there
As a reminder that the Lord is aware of your need
And as to just when you can expect to see any resolution
He wants you to know it will all happen at God’s speed

When you read particular verses that I’ve written
You’ll know if these words were meant for you
At the same time please keep that situation in prayer
Although God knows it already He wants you to share

1 comment:

  1. Mr. Joel, may God continue to give you words to share with our world and His people! Here is a link to my blog site as well at Wordpress.

    May Adonai be with you and your words.