Saturday, October 27, 2012


Joel Addison

We the people, in order to form,
A more perfect Union thought:
That all men were created equal,
Until the unborn question was brought!
Should our special inalienable rights
Be presented by “those” who can’t fight?
Who’ll defend the little ones
Whose deaths are 20 times those done by guns?

God gave us life, liberty and a quest
To fulfill our goals of happiness.
Yet we, in our pride, began our demise

God spared not His own nation of Israel
When sacrificed children’s blood was to spill.
Our land shall be given to those we hate
Because our unrepented sins are great!
The fear of A.I.D.S. and other such plagues

Are broadcast on the news
Through liberal, anything goes, reporters
That scorn the conservatives’ views!
Mockeries of Jesus Christ and child pornography
Are among the list of tactical weapons
Destroying our society.

Our worship of eye –do$$ar-TREE
Is passed on by an addiction to: T.V.
Sex, violence, murder, and theft
Are telling our children, “there’s nothing left:
Of morals and integrity”
Just “Be All that you can Be!”

God gives us grace that we may stand
Above the decadence of our land!
Help us to be strong and shout our voice
That such lewdness is NOT our choice!

“Congressmen, Senators, hear our plea,
To avoid the judgment of God’s decree…
“That, if My people, who are called by My Name
Will NOT repent of their evil game,
Their land shall I smite with a terrible plight
And swiftly as, a thief in the night!” “

To do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God
Is all I required of you,
But injustice and hatred and pride you have sought
In arrogance to do!

Your banks and businesses
You’ve credited away
Your once firm economy
No longer shall it stay!

The humanist ideology
Into your schools you’ve preached
But interest paid on what they’ve said`
A demon foe’s unleashed…

Children with no respect
Thinking they know it all
Situational ethics
Morality shall fall!                
God help us in these last few days
Before our Savoir comes
To heed His call and give our all
So Heaven’s eternally our home.

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  1. Let us pray for our country and it's leaders! God's will be done. Our job is to just be the best we can be (be all we can be) in His eyes and spread love and peace!