Saturday, October 20, 2012



Let’s start with the birth name of Jesus
Born a Jew Yeshua is His Hebrew name
Jesus is a Greek transliteration of this
But translated they both mean the same

Translated both names mean Salvation and
He desires a personal relationship with you
To keep you on the path of righteousness and
Bless all of the good things in life that you do

To know Yeshua is your home free pass to heaven
Rejecting Him gets you a ticket going the other way
And once you’re there you can’t change your mind
If you haven’t already you need to decide today
Oh by the way all of His blessings that you received
Will count for naught to get you past the pearly gate
After you’re judged they are your heavenly treasures
To live in a mansion where you’ve already paid the rate

There is no need for Medicare Medicaid or Obamacare
For your reward there is no sickness pain or strife
The best thing to happen when you do get there is
Being with Father God and Yeshua for eternal life

One of the things God gave you when you were born
Was to have the ability good or bad to make a choice
You’ve seen the end results of which way you can go
I pray that you’ll listen to your inner Spiritual voice

Heavenly angels rejoice when your decision is good one
By deciding to accepted Yeshua as your Lord and Savior
Look into the mirror and  see a creation that’s born anew
It will also be quite evident by your Spiritual behavior

The journey ahead of you won’t be an easy one because
Satan doesn’t want to let you spread God’s Good News
But as we get closer to end times God’s truth will prevail
So go spread His word to the unsaved Gentiles and Jews

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  1. Joel, this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with me. Was nice to meet you at our youth fundraiser/garage sale at Faith :)