Saturday, October 13, 2012


The Lord posed a question of me that came
Though the power of God’s Holy Spirit
And even though He already knew the answer
The Lord said that He still wanted to hear it

The question that He asked was this
He wants to know exactly how I feel
But since God already knew my answer
He told me that I needed to keep it real

On the inside I really feel like I’m dying
On the outside I make do the best I can
Knowing that all my strength comes from
My Lord Yeshua the Son of God and man

The lord told me to keep my faith in Him
Even stronger than it has been in the past
For the pain I’m feeling is just temporary and
When the right time comes that it will not last

God told me to just keep ministering like I have been
Because there is so much more that He needs me to do
To bring the word of the truth the light and to show the way
To the heart of unsaved Gentile as well as the unsaved Jew

The Lord said that I’d know that He’d sent for me
When it was the time for me to take that final rest
He told me that heaven’s gates would be open wide
For this faithful servant who had passed God’s test

Seeing all this before my eyes
Lord I hear you and I’ll obey
Thank you for giving me this blessing
For all this in Your Holy Name I pray

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