Thursday, October 23, 2014



I’ve asked for comments number times
Although they’re not really required
What I get from the Lord’s Holy Spirit
Is sufficient for everything I’ve desired

Perhaps on my part it may be an ego trip
But I don’t believe that statement is true
It encourages me to do God’s work more
When I hear positive comments from you

I don’t see very many that show on the blog
Or even on my email address for that matter
Because as I said the Lord continues what I do
So you may choose the former or the latter

As long as God keeps His Words flowing within me
They’ll be there for Salvation comfort and to enjoy
I just need you to remember that each of the verses
Is received by me through Messiah Yeshua Adonai 



There are many things that we don't realize
That the Lord says are considered a sin
I'd like to mention just a few of them
So with your permission I'll begin

The first two that come to my mind
Are the sins of both fear and worry
One reason that we don't see them
Is because we're constantly in a hurry

There are so many others that I could name
Like gluttony greed anger vanity and pride
If you'll just focusing on more Godly ways
I'll guarantee that you'll feel better inside

In Romans 14:23 it says that anything
That's not of faith is considered a sin
I suggest that you think before you act
It will create a situation that's win/win

Just remember that God controls all situations
Whatever happens at that time is best for you
Thank Him for handling all your problems and
Not giving the devil what he thinks he's due

Friday, October 17, 2014



Funny thing about growing older
It’s a much different world today
We’ve made so much progress
That it sometimes gets in our way

Many years ago when I was a youngster
Women worked when men went to war
Now if they’re even able to find a job
Women are working more and more

On the Sabbath people would worship God
Now to many it’s if they have the time to go
Some churches are adopting unholy doctrines
Do they really thinking that God doesn’t know

Couples are getting divorced more frequently
That’s even if they make the decision to wed
More of them are having babies out of wedlock
When they should be getting married first instead

Some subjects that I won’t even write about
Because it would only stir up a hornets nest
Satan is in control of the airwaves on earth
But God is still in total control which is best

The Lord knows exactly what’s going on
But in the very near future God has a plan    
According to the written word in the bible
Things will be similar to when life began

Satan’s world will fall apart one day very soon
When Messiah returns with a vengeful sword
The devil’s world will be completely destroyed
That’s the end time that we’re heading toward

There will be much desolation and destruction
Even the believers won’t be free from pain
But in that final time when the dust settles
The Lord our God is victorious once again

If you haven’t done so Profess to knowing Messiah
It will make things so much easier at the very end
Confess of your sins daily which will all be forgiven
The Lord God is your protector and your friend



As many of you know I’m visually impaired
That can cause me to get quite frustrated
There are really only two ways to handle it
One usually can cause a very ugly situation

That’s the one where I try to handle it myself
It may work but usually it seems to get worse
I mutter things that don’t make any sense
Trying with all my uttering not to curse

That’s when step number two comes into play
What I do is turn the situation over to the Lord
If it’s meant to be it usually happens right away
Thank you Yeshua that we’re of one accord

So now that I told you just how I handle these things
How do you handle situations when they go wrong
My prayer is that you would do exactly what I did
Knowing that the Lord can take care of it all along

However if He chooses not to and things are still a mess
The two choices you have are to try again to let it go
Stay calm what ever path that you should choose
Whichever direction you take the Lord will know

Thursday, October 9, 2014



There‘s a time designated for all that we do
A time to laugh and a time when we can cry
A time that we need to seek the Lord in prayer
A time for living and eventually when we’ll die

Everything that occurs within our lifetime is
Controlled by the Almighty Lord God above
It’s not for us to question why things happen
Whatever takes place He’s doing it with love

When negative things happen to good people
You may ask why or how can that possibly be
Well at the end of the tunnel is a glowing light
That eventually Almighty God wants you to see

There will be those who catch on more quickly
It’s those who’ve professed Yeshua as Messiah
Unbelievers always struggle looking for answers
To know the Lord needs to be their heart’s desire

Once they see the light and accept Yeshua as Messiah
They’ll see that whatever happens is on His Timetable
It’s not our place to question Why God Does what He Does
When we know this we handle it the best that we are able



I’ve written a poem about a fireman
I’ve written about women in my life
I’ve written a tale about a lawman
And many poems to and about my wife

I’ve written a couple about some hospital stays
And numbers of them about friends and family
But mostly poems about the love I have of God
And how God Can Do for you what He Did for me

I composed verses of reuniting with friends from my home town 
God has given me one each year to hand out at our men’s retreat
I’ve been blessed to have written a book of Spiritual poetry and
Run a web site for them many I thought worthy enough to repeat

I’ve written poems about Messiah being the Son of God
And many about the Lord being Jewish just like me
How Yeshua was God’s Only Perfect Sacrificial Lamb
Whose blood would set all the sins of mankind free

I write poems to my wife for various occasions
It’s not like I’m too cheap to purchase a card
Often the word comes to me at the last moment
That on occasion makes writing them very hard

Telling about when you Accept Yeshua as your Messiah
How by this profession of faith it will set your Spirit free
And about the day God calls you home to His Kingdom
How you will abide in a mansion in heaven for eternity

I don’t doubt that I could not have written each of these verses
Without the benefit of words that come through the Holy Spirit
I truly believe that my God has blessed me with this poetic gift
To bring comfort joy and even Salvation to these who read it

Friday, October 3, 2014



Y  Tells me that my God is the God of yesterday today and tomorrow
O is meant for God’s Commandments which we must obey
M gives us the message that Messiah will be coming back

K is the knowledge that only God will choose the time and day
I declare that I am not ashamed to profess Yeshua as my Messiah
P is my pride in declaring that I’m a Messianic Jew
P also tells me that I need to be prepared for the rapture at any time
U uplifts my Spirit knowing that the time is drawing nearer too
R shouts that God’s Ruach blesses all believers and I pray that means you