Thursday, May 21, 2015



We ask the Lord for a special blessing
To bee given to our current president
May his wisdom come through You Lord
Regardless of the party he may represent

We ask your blessings upon this nation
And the people who inhabit this land
To grow and prosper through You Lord
Guided by Your Outstretched Hand

We pray blessings for the nation of Israel
Your Land and People as You’ve decreed
That peace comes to those who know you
To those who don’t you’ve planted a seed

We ask for your blessings until the time
When we’re lifted up to heaven’s gates
Praying that the planted seeds will flourish
For we know that your timing is never late

We pray for the peace of Jerusalem
When you reign for a thousand years
Judging all those who’ve embraced you
And wiping away all doubts and fears

But for now we ask for just one thing
Which all believers knows to be true
The blessing through Yeshua’s blood
For both the Gentiles and the Jews



God does works in many different ways
That you and I will never understand
But if we know Him through the Holy Spirit
We know our future has been already planned

And knowing that God’s Son paid the ultimate price
So that as believers in Messiah our sins are washed away
Doesn’t mean that we don’t need to ask for forgiveness for
Sins that we commit or are not even aware of every day

Don’t judge others because you too will be judged
Avoid offensive things that you know are wrong
Our Rabbi has spoken about this numerous times
Follow his suggestion so that your faith stays strong

Don’t make excuses for not coming to a Sabbath service
Such as it’s too far or my child needs to be at a game
Because of you’re too busy for God you’re just too busy
When you think about it excuses are very lame

Serving the Lord is and always must
Always be your number one priority
God controls every facet or your life
For His Word is the final authority

Leg me give you an example of what I mean
At your daughters practice ballet session
She falls and cannot dance at the recital
I think God is trying to teach you a lesson

If your priorities were in order
God would surely let you know
Her recital would be flawless and her
Performance the high point of the show

Or you son always the winning run to score
I’m sure that you and he would be very sad
By putting your Godly priorities in order
One day his winning hit makes you both glad

By know I’m hoping that I’ve gotten my point across
The order of priority must be God Family then you
So ask God’s forgiveness and always serve Him first
As a believer you know that it’s the right thing to do

Thursday, May 14, 2015



Jews and Gentiles all worshiping together
Both with but one common goal
To acknowledge our Messiah and God
Whose Holy Name we must extol

When the Lord chooses to bring us home
He promised us no more wars or strife
But a dwelling place within God’s Kingdom
Where our souls will know eternal life

Each of us must start to prepare our journey
By setting examples in what we say and do
Obey God’s Word praise and worship Him
And His Blessings will always comfort you
In reality we don’t have a choice
For it’s done by God’s timetable
So spread His Word and spread your love
With all the zest that you are able

God will bless you for your faithfulness
It’s what other people see that will show
As you give your all for God’s Glory
Know that He will always love you so



There’s a need for people to know Yeshua
The need belongs to many people out there
And responsibility of those who know Him
To tell you how much He really does care

I’ve told you about this many times before
Explaining all the important reasons why
You need to profess Yeshua as the Messiah
Prior to the time God chooses for you to die

I would be happy to go over them once again
Tell me in the comments section of this poem
I’d be blessed to be a part of your Salvation
To be with God when He calls you home

You know what the alternative to heaven is
There’s no turning back from satan’s lair
When you do pass through the heavenly gate
Some that you once knew will greet you there

I’m sure you know of others who don’t believe
Throughout the world and in your country too
Tell them I’m one of many vessels to Salvation
And God’s blessings will be poured out on you

Thursday, May 7, 2015



I pray to God that some people don’t think that
Some subjects I write on I’m tooting my own horn
Yes I may give you my opinion on various subjects
And hope for this that I’m not mocked or scorned

While I’ll admit to having opinions on certain things
I’m just trying to get people to see my point of view
Hoping that they’ll agree with me about some topics
However if you read them that decision is up to you

Make no mistake this website serves only one purpose
To bring Salvation to the unsaved and comfort to others
The Lord Our God is the Father of all of civilization
In reality that makes us Spiritual Sisters and Brothers

The words that you see here are theoretically mine but
Other than verse two come from the Lord’s Holy Spirit
Even this poem explaining what I write and why I write it
God gave me this blessing that’s meant for all who read it

I’m just one minute but important part of God’s Army of Vessels
Whose purpose is to gather the wandering sheep of His Lost Flock
Because the Lord God has set a timetable to make everything right
I pray that you’ll get to know Him while you’re watching His Clock



I know that this poem will get me flack
People need to know the story that’s true
The Messiah wasn’t born in December
Not knowing when it’s what people do

The celebration on December twenty fifth
Has become commercialized to be sure
But since we don’t know the exact date
It’s a good day to celebrate and be pure

Another fact and there are so many more
Is Sunday isn’t the rest on Sabbath Day
The bible is very clear about seven days
That means the Sabbath is on Saturday

The truth is that it was the emperor Constantine
Who made the changes because he hated the Jews
An atrocity prevented future Jewish generations
Of being aware of the Lord God’s Good News

Still and all I’m thankful for the Gentiles
On God’s tree of life they were grafted in
Now both Messianic Jews and gentile can
Worship the Messiah who freed us from sin

The New Covenant declares that the Gentiles
Will be the ones to lead the Jews to jealousy
Besides being declared in the Holy Bible
I testify to its truth for it happened to me

All of these facts and more will never change
Until the Great Day of Yeshua our Lord’s Return
On that day you’d better pray you have Salvation
Or just like satan the devil in hell you’ll burn

Now that I’ve shared these many facts with you
You’ve a chance for Salvation and to know Messiah
When that great day comes and you receive Salvation
Your heart and Soul will be filled with a burning desire

This is where I have a slight problem
Rather than write another verse or two
Send me an email at
And I’ll instruct you all that you need to do

Thursday, April 30, 2015



In 1948 Israel once again became a nation
But not nearly the size that God did decree
Greed and hatred played a very large part
Offsetting what had been declared biblically

At first when the land was settled again
The soil was barren and undernourished
True to His promise God made the land fertile
So that the crops that they grew would flourish

The Muslim world would try to squeeze them out and
To be politically correct many nations of power said ok
But the love of God is on the side of His Chosen People
And they will always defend their right to stay

As another turmoil of end time signs
I believe that God's word will be kept 
He will silence the power of the enemy
Because the Word the L-rd is not inept

Then He will praise all the nations under Him
For God alone knows when the time is right
The world will be at peace with one another
There will be no need for any nations to fight

This will be the next to last end time sign
It will pave the way for Messiah's return
To bring us all into God's Holy Kingdom
It is a time for which all believers yearn