Sunday, April 8, 2018



For those of you who may not know me
For fourteen years I’ve been legally blind
It has been somewhat of a process of frustration
That makes many things so hard to find

I dropped some medication on the floor
My main concern was for my pets
For if they found and swallowed them
I would be filled with severe regrets

Still upset I accidentally knocked
A picture off of the hallway wall
Fortunately for me it didn’t break
It still made me feel so very small

I poured ketchup on my fries
I knew that it had a spout
Would you believe that when I squeezed it
I practically emptied the bottle out

The day went on and it didn’t stop
I misplaced my lunchtime medication
There just doesn’t seem to be an end
To this tumultuous frustration

It’s difficult even though I know
That God can fix anything that breaks
I must learn to trust Him always
No matter how often I make mistakes

Saturday, March 31, 2018



You all know the story about when Moses
Told Egypt's pharaoh to let God's people go
And because he had a very hardened heart
Pharaoh's responded with a resounding no

So God brought many plagues upon Egypt but
Pharaoh would not yield until the very last one
After ordering all of the Jewish first born slain
God did the exact same thing to pharaoh's son

Again after saying "go", he changed his mind
Commanding his army to kill all that would flee
God parted the water and they went safely across but
Pharaoh's army was swallowed up by the raging sea

God commanded the Jew to observe Passover each year
Years later Yeshua came so that we could know Salvation
And at a Passover Seder which was to be His very last meal
This is what the Lord said to His disciples in conversation,

“Eat of this matzo for it is My body that will be broken.
Drink of this wine for  it symbolizes the blood I will shed.
My life will be forfeit so that My Father forgives all sin
Both turbulence and joy will you see in the years ahead.”

This is the very reason that we celebrate Communion
Remembering the Lamb of God and the fate He met
And why all believers tell of that fateful day
During Passover so that we will never forget

The day is coming when the Lord will return to earth
I believe that we are a part of this end time generation
Those who are lifted up and pass through heaven's gates
Have been bestowed with the Lord God's Eternal Salvation

Sunday, March 25, 2018



I have seen or heard of so many instances
Where God steps in at the eleventh hour
For He and He alone is our Saving Grace
Our Rock our Shield and our Strong Tower

When we put our total trust in the Lord and
Seek His Counsel through the power of prayer
We’re assured we’ll always get the right answer
For His Holy Spirit that’s in us is always there

Sometimes the answer isn’t what we expect but
Father God always knows what’s best for us
We must wait on Him for His Timing is perfect
The Lord knows that in Him we have total trust

Some advice for those who think they’re in charge
Only a fool thinks that they’ve got the solution
Without seeking God’s face you can’t do it alone
In the end all that you’ll see is His Retribution

Sunday, March 18, 2018



Is it o. k. to ask you a personal question
Are you having some emotional stress
I’ve got just the answer that you need
That will help get you out of this mess

The only answer is to turn to God but
Not in the way you’re used to today
The Lord is Echad or One is plural
Consider this fact when you pray

The fact that I’m relating to you is that
God is the Father Son and Holy Spirit
If you seek the salvation of your Soul
You most assuredly need to hear it

God came to earth in the form of a man
A virgin’s birth in the form of His Son
Who sacrificed His Cleansed blood for us
To believe in this your Salvation has begun

Profess Yeshua as your personal Messiah
Confess and ask forgiveness of your sins
You’re now a new creation in God’s Eyes
And on this day your renewed life begins

Now getting back to the original problem
God hears your cry through the Holy Spirit
Ask Him in prayer and the Lord will listen
And although He Listens and He Hears it

All of these things are done in God’s Time
So just keep on praying for what you need
God’s Holy Spirit will give you the answer
And it may not be what you think you need

Monday, March 12, 2018



Each one of us has a unique story
Of what it’s like reaching old age
We go from youth to adulthood
Just like a book turn each page

Perhaps the title should be groaning old
Considering all my arthritis pain
I realize it’s necessary for the crops but
I don’t need advance notice of the rain

Here’s a riddle that I’m always quoting
People ask how I feel and how old I am
Well I feel with my hands so how old am I
They ask but do many of them give a damn

One perk I can say about growing old is that
Through it all I’ve really had a wonderful life
Five great daughters and a bunch of grandkids
And best of all a wonderful companion and wife

But the greatest part of growing old is still to come
At some time in the future I’ll get the Lord’s call
One day I’ll even be reunite with my loved ones
So yes I can say growing old is really worth it all

Tuesday, February 27, 2018



I’ve seen much advancement in my lifetime
Mostly for greater good but some not so
As we as a nation over two hundred years
Continue on our path to evolve and grow

I’ve heard it said that any democracy doesn’t
Last for longer than about two hundred years
We’re made it almost two hundred and forty
Despite those who may have had doubts or fears

The reason that we’ve been around so long is
That we were formed under God’s protection
I’m sad though that in the last several years
We’ve been heading in the wrong direction

Since the Lord God is All Seeing and All Knowing
We the nation’s people need to correct our path
Or suffer the fate like those other democracies
Whose demise was a direct result of God’s Wrath

There are so many changes that need to be made
Finding a Spiritual House of Worship would be first
Where God is the primary focus of the service and
The congregants rejoice with a hunger and thirst

However the plans we make are not God’s Plans
That means the Lord’s Decision is our destiny
What matters most is to receive God’s Salvation
To live a life that allows us to be Spiritually Free