Saturday, September 22, 2018



When you translate the Hebrew word Mishpochah
Into English the meaning of the word is family
The Holy Spirit showed me just how
This word specifically applies to me

We planned a trip to West Palm Beach
For my wife's sister's birthday celebration
It went without saying that while we were there
We would fellowship with at least one congregation
On Friday night we worshiped at a small Messianic Synagogue
As Mishpochah their leader poured a Bless on us that very night
Asking us to pray the Sabbath candles wine and bread Blessings
For both of us this was a both a privilege and a Spiritual delight

On Sunday morning we prayed with Baptist believers
The Pastor of this Church was the nephew of my wife
He called me to the pulpit to join Him for the closing prayer
Another of many blessings G-d has poured into my life

These examples are the true meaning of the word Mishpochah
Jew and Gentile as one to praise and glorify Yeshua our Lord
Just one more sign of Messiah's soon return and on that day
Mankind's belief in Him as the Son of God will be of one accord

Sunday, September 16, 2018



The seasons come upon us
Each one seems to be unique
In each one the weather changes
Day by day and week by week

The first one that we see is Spring
And the pleasantness of what it brings
The grass turns green and flowers bloom
This is the time when the robin sings

Then comes Summer and the heat
A great time for swimming in the pool
If the air conditioning breaks go buy a fan
There's more than one way to keep cool

Next comes the season of Autumn
It is also called fall if you please
When all the leaves get raked into piles
And scatter all over at the slightest breeze

The last one that comes is the Winter
And depending on where you reside
It's either too hot or much too cold but
The temperature is much better inside

The seasons are a never ending cycle
Perhaps you may sit and ponder why
Then another month has come and gone
And another year has gone passing by

Saturday, September 8, 2018


When you acknowledge the Messiah
There's a special feeling deep inside you
It may not happen right away
Yet it affects everything you say and do

The stronger you become in Him
By reading and practicing God's Word
The more you'll minister from the Bible
Which proves unbelief to be absurd

God's Sacrifice Lamb cleansed all of sin
Yet sin surrounds us each and every day
There is only one way to wash this clean
Ask His Forgiveness whenever you pray

Some people may deny their daily sins
Saying, "Even if I do it's been forgiven"
Admit that all flesh commits sin daily and
To walk like Yeshua will keep you driven

Even though we will always fall short
He wants you to be the best that you can
Show the Lord how much you love Him
By loving your enemies and fellow man

Follow and teach God's laws in life
And in Heaven He will call you great
Otherwise you'll be declared as least
A Wise choice in His time is never too late

Sunday, September 2, 2018



Who out there would really like to know
What it's like to be legally or totally blind
For starters things that you routinely see
You have to visualize within your mind

For those who have been blind since they were born
Except what they are taught to hear or smell or feel
Blue skies and other things of color
They are just words not really real

Then of course there is judgement
Such as cutting food in certain sizes
Without someone to teach you how
You're in for some very big surprises

And also there's frustration factor
Something even sighted people do
Like putting on two different socks
With us sometimes we have no clue

Don't feel sorry or pity us
Just help us when and where you can
For even though our abilities may differ
We're all a part of God's Eternal Plan


Please accept my apologies for my absence.  I was away taking care of a family member who has now passed away.

I will attempt to continue to post new poems weekly in remembrance of my husband, Joel Steinhauer.

Thank you,
Trudi Steinhauer