Thursday, December 18, 2014



The time of year has come again when
We celebrate the Festival of Lights
Exchanging gifts for the eight days
Do we have its full meaning in our sights

For those who may not know its meaning
I’ll explain why it’s called by that name
Judah Maccabee’s army was victorious or
Our people’s live would never be the same

For the victory that God had Provided to us
They burned oil offering at the temple alter
But there was only enough to last one day so
They sent a runner for more so as not to falter

The miracle of this dedication came from God
When the runner returned it had lasted eight days
This miracle can also be used as a time of reflection
For the multitudes of people to change their ways

The main candle or shamas is used to light the others
It’s likened to Yeshua who is the light of the world
Who gave his life so that our sins were forgiven
And a direct path to God’s Kingdom was unfurled

Now that I’ve made you aware of the complete story
Confess your sins and profess Yeshua as your Messiah
The benefits far outweigh any questions in your mind
And your soul will be filed with a burning desire


The world that we are living in today
Could possibly not be here tomorrow
And those who doubt God’s warning
Could soon be wallowing in sorrow

The bible says that only God knows exactly
What day His wrath will ravage the earth
And believers that know His Saving Grace
Know exactly how much that day is worth

God warned us in the New Covenant of wars
Rumors of wars earthquakes floods and such
If you do not see theses things happening now
I believe that you are completely out of touch

I did not say that it was imminent
Obviously God will make that call
We know about yesterday and today
But not if tomorrow He will end it all

Your life on earth will be not be a pleasant one
When the Lord finally chooses to show His Wrath
If you are searching for a way out of this dilemma
I can tell you that it is by following in God’s Path

The only way to do this is by professing that
Yeshua is the Messiah and is your Salvation
And for the forgiveness of your sin for you to
Enter God’s Kingdom with joy and jubilation

I can not make this decision for you but
I have pointed out what you need to do
Surely you don’t want to befriend satan
But God has left that decision up to you

Thursday, December 11, 2014



The life that we live on earth
Is much too short to be trivial
So place your main emphasis on
The Lord so that it will be meaningful

I lost a daughter when she was fourty-six
It’s a heartbreak that I’ll never forget
But she left me with so many good memories
And yet there are things that I still regret

Even though I know that I must move on
Always keeping her memory within my life
I have children grandchildren and a great grandchild
And especially I have a very Godly and loving wife

Because the Lord is the main focus in my life
I know that some day I’ll see Natalie once again
In heaven with friends and family from my past
On that note all that’s left to be said is, “AMEN”



When I get word from the Holy Spirit
Quite often biblical verses are involved
Occasionally I will quote them directly
But now I hope to have this issue resolved

Many of you know that I’m legally blind
Now I’ve stared to listen to the bible on tape
Even though I have a short term memory
When I’m done I’ll have no reason to escape

I don’t know how long it will take me
I’ve heard people say it takes a year
But no matter much time it takes me
I’ll always know that the Lord is near

What I hope to accomplish when I finish
Is that I’ll be able to quote scripture more
It’s something that was prophesized to me
So it’s something that I don’t want to ignore

I believe that by quoting more scripture it’s
Something some of my readers can’t ignore
It will bring even more people to Salvation
And others to get reading scripture even more

Thursday, December 4, 2014



Many of you know that I don’t do Facebook
But you also know that my wife Trudi does
My mission is to spread the word of the Lord
Our God Who Will be Who Is and Who Was

For those of you who might not be familiar
I write verses provided by God’s Holy Spirit
Some for consoling and some for Salvation
For anyone who may have the need to read it

That’s the reason why I wrote these verses
I’m asking you to pass the blog to your friends
Even to the ones outside of the United States
So that the Godly Word I’m given never ends

Please visit and pass along poemsbyjoel. where I post 2 poems each
Weekend and you can go back into the
Archives for almost 5 years.

For those Who may be interested, if you go to my
Bio, there’s a site where you can purchase a book of Spiritual
Poetry given to me through the Lord’s Holy Spirit.

Blessings in Yeshua (Jesus)

Joel Steinhauer



I thank the Lord for every breath I take
For only God knows when all life ends
It may come when you‘re young or older
What’s in His plan well that all depends

Perhaps God will give you a longer life
It would enables you to minister His word
Or maybe you have yet to accept the Lord
Years may pass by before God’s truth is heard

He may call a baby or a youth to glory
Causing families to feel the loss in pain
But God has a much higher purpose for them
In time they’ll see their loved one once again

No matter how much time you may have left on earth
Praise and glorify Him as you pray to our God and King
 Obey whatever it may be that the Lord God asks of you
This enables you to know that abiding in Him is everything

Then when by the grace of God the Lord calls you
And tells you that the time has come to end your years
When Yeshua brings you into His Father’s house
Your answered prayer will be filled with joyful tears

Wednesday, November 26, 2014



The first thing that I want to make clear is that this is a realistic, but unbiased editorial.

I am not a racist; ‘I have friends and associates of all colors and creeds & what I am about to write about can happen in any of these creeds. However for whatever reason it happens more often in the black community.

First, let me say that both my wife and my sister-in-law grew up very poor, but that didn’t stop them from bettering themselves. Yes, you may say, “But they are white.” It’s more about motivation than it is about the color of your skin. There are plenty of black people who grew up poor or middle class, yet they had the motivation to better themselves.

Since the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil Rights Legislation in recent years, the black community as a whole, (with the exception of those who have tried to better their situation) has languished in their own world. Letting white America ( in particular, our federal state and local governments) give them what they believed that they were due, not trying to get off their backsides and bettering things to make their lives healthier and more productive. As an example of this, does wearing your pants down to your butt cheeks make you a better person? Many black men have chosen to follow the gangstsa style fashion (which originated in prison.) Another bad feature is the baby mama drama. Although it is not restricted to the black community alone, there are far too many very young single women getting pregnant and relying on the system to take care of them.

As for the rioting that has gone on over these many years, violencece begets violence (that’s not to say that the cause itself wasn’t justified) it could have taken placer as a peaceful protest and probably would have made a better impact on the community as a whole. Regardless of the color of their skin the fear of God’s Wrath needs to be put into all people who disobey God’s Laws.

My final thought in this matter is as follows: We are all LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, regardless of the color of our skin, many of whom died to protect the freedom of this great nation. Although we live in the greatest country in the world, these days you would never know that. So lets all do our part, disregarding our ethnicity, to bring this nation back to the elite status that we once knew, working together, as brothers and sisters under God, united with liberty and justice for all people, regardless of the color of their skin or their ethnicity. I pray that my words are looked at as an encouragement for ALL people to try to better themselves and not as a demeaning editorial aimed strictly at one particular race of people.

Now that I’ve spewed my personal opinion, there’s something that needs to be said,” Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings in Yeshua’s. (Jesus) Holy Name,”
                                                                               Joel Steinhauer