Friday, December 14, 2018



God's chosen Messiah is coming back
He is the only one who knows when
Interpeting scripture it could be soon
Will you be prepared if it happens then

The only way to be one with G-d
Is to profess acceptance of His Son
Yeshua is the only true Messiah
Of the world and is Israel's Holy One

In His short time on this earth he would
Heal the sick and preached G-d's word
And although multitudes accepted Him
The Pharisees listened but had not heard

He was put on trial as a heretic
But would not defend his action
Death by crucifixion or so they had thought
Would bring the Pharisees much satisfaction

But G-d the Father had other plans
Messiah was the only perfect lamb
Sacrificed to absolve all sin forever and
Bring Salvation through The Great I Am

Now's the time get your act together
Profess Yeshua with a joyous shout
Don't try to look for any other answer
For if you do you'll surely be left out

Thursday, December 6, 2018


new beginnings

In Jewish numerology
There is the number eight
It stands for new beginnings
Starting life with a clean slate

New beginnings can mean many things
But first and foremost is the one
To profess belief in the Messiah
Yeshua who is God’s son

He gave His life and shed His blood
As creation’s only perfect Lamb
Sacrificed to cleans our sins and light the way
To God our father the great I Am

The way is very simple
Pray for the forgiveness of your sins and
Accept Messiah into your heart and life
It’s your ticket to the promise land

Don’t give this a second thought
Or do it on a whim
Profess Yeshua as Messiah
The only way to the Father is Yeshua

Friday, November 30, 2018



In six days God created all
On the seventh He did proclaim,
"The Sabbath would be a day of rest"
And commanded us to do the same

From the setting of the sun on Friday
Through the same time Saturday
Is the holiest of all God's days
A time set apart to rest and pray

At this time we come together
In a sanctuary beneath His covering
And God's presence can be felt
Indwelling and protectively hovering

From the kindling of the Sabbath candles
To The Aaronic benediction
This ritual is observed by Jews worldwide
With just one contradiction

Messianic Jews and Gentiles worship together
And God's truth is what is known
That our Messiah the Son of God
Came once and will return to bring us home

To this end we bless and praise G-d and Yeshua
And although They are one Trinity
For when you accept God's Son as Messiah
His Holy Spirit lives within you and me

As the sunset ends the seventh day
It marks the beginning of another week
Keep the Lord in your heart and mind
For through our faith it is Him we seek

If God grants us another breath or day
We pray that we make it to our next Sabbath eve
Go forth and spread the gospel of our Lord
To all the lost souls who still do not believe

In the end there is but one way
To be with God for your final rest
You must profess Yeshua as Messiah and
The gates will open you've passed the test

Sunday, November 25, 2018



What will you be when you grow up
I was often asked as a young child
I said, I want to be a cowboy
And tame the west that's really wild"

I got a few years older and again
I was asked what I wanted to be
I said "I'd like to be a sailor
And sail each and every sea"

Then in my teens they asked again
I Said, "I really didn't know
So I’ll get an education and
See which way I want to go"

Years later I became successful and recalled
Always being asked what I wanted to be
The answer was actually very simple
All that I really wanted to be was me

Friday, November 16, 2018

Compassionate Lord

Compassionate Lord

Thank you lord for your compassion
Although you know I'd committed sin
I didn't let go and let God in a situation 
Which should have only been win/win

On that day when I fell extremely ill
You chose to warn this wretched soul
Instead of bringing me to judgement
You chose healing and make me whole

For you saw that I'd found salvation
Through the blood shed by your Son
Messiah Yeshua the king of kings
The hope of Israel and holy One

I will abide by your decisions although
I know that my flesh would not agree
For your Holy Spirit lives within me
And it has set this captive free

I will exalt you my Lord forever
With fervent prayer and praise
And use this gift you've given me
To help lead home your strays

God of mercy and compassion
Your strength is my source
Guide me father in all your ways
Keep me steadfast on the course

Saturday, November 10, 2018



I want to stop and thank the L-rd
For the many years He’s granted me
And now that I have seen the truth
His Spirit came and set me free

I have no right but I will ask
For G-d to grant me one score more                             
As he has placed within my life
A woman to love and to adore
Separately and together
We will serve G-d and obey
And place Him above all else
Into our final Judgment Day

We will pass into His Kingdom
Through the Pearly Gates above
And be greeted by the people
That we both know and love

We’ll continue to Exalt G-d
With Praise and Reverent Fear
He will come back for all one day
And the end is drawing near

THANKSGIVING - a poem worth repeating


We’ll be spending our Thanksgiving
By driving over to Grandma’s house
Not a soul will go hungry
Not even a little mouse

She started preparing
On the night before
If there was anything missing
She sent Grandpa to the store

Everything must be perfect
On this day you see
For it isn’t very often
That we gather as a family

After a long trip we arrive there
The first thing we do is turn on the TV
To watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade
There are marching bands and floats to see

Before we begin eating
We hold hands and pray
Thank you Lord for the blessings
That you have given us this day

And we also pray for a special blessing for
The men and women who protect our liberty
Please God keep them safe from harm
They understand that freedom isn’t free

Then Grandpa says let’s eat I’m starving
The first thing on the menu is soup in a cup
In the background we listen to Holiday music
This always helps us to keep our spirits up

Uncle Charlie carves the turkey and
Asks if we want dark meat or white
And even with this many people
There will be plenty to take home tonight

Pass the gravy and the rolls please
The peas and sweet potatoes too
The cornbread stuffing is delicious
And may I have some apple cidar too

When we finish the main course
The women will help to put things away
While the men go and watch a football game
Actually there are several to watch on TV today

Once everything else has been cleaned up
Grandma serves coffee and pumpkin pie
All of a sudden it feels like we’re stuffed
For some strange reason we wonder why

Before we head back to our homes
There are still two things to be done
First we help set up the Christmas Tree
Then we join hands and thank the Holy One

Thank you Lord for the blessings of this special day
We ask for traveling mercies and Your Grace again
May all of our hearts be filled with Your goodness
And to this prayer all of Your children say AMEN