Thursday, December 1, 2016

Death of the Poet

It is with a sad heart that I tell you that Joel died peacefully on Thanksgiving evening.  I tell everyone that he spent the rest of the day Praising the Lord with eyes wide open. 
He will be missed but we know he is not suffering any more.

I will continue to post his writings as long as I have poems.

Please see the next poem that he wrote a long time ago.

Trudi Steinhauer



I saw an opening between two clouds
It was a pathway to a better place
That led to God’s Heavenly Realm
Where I meet Yeshua face to face

He told me that I should get in line
Then He sat on the Judgment Seat
Obediently I did as He commanded
For I didn’t want Him to repeat

When it came for my turn to be judged
He said,” You had many sins in your life.”
But by My Shed Blood you are forgiven
Enter in free from struggles and strife

He said “I’ve set aside a mansion for you.
It’s filled with the riches of your good deeds.
Here, there is no more sickness or disease.
Eternity provides everything you’ll ever need.”

You’ll meet many of your friends and family
Who’ve made the same journey just like you
And also get to know many that were famous
Who said they’d like to get to know you too

Soon after that you’ll get to meet My Father
Who has loved you even before your birth
I felt a peace and contentment come over me
Knowing that the Lord had seen my worth

Suddenly I awoke and realized that it was a dream
But knowing that the Lord will provide for me
I’m looking forward to that day in the future
Because through His Son God has set me free

Monday, November 21, 2016



Do you see all of the chaos that’s
Happening in the world today
As believers we need to take control
And kick these things out of the way

Tell the world that Messiah Yeshua
Is in total control of the situation
I believe that He’ll be returning soon
To defeat satan ending this frustration

Sadly believers will also suffer
But the end result for everyone
Is that love peace and brotherhood
Will come through God’s only Son

So pray for Him to return real soon
And Praise God with all your heart
God’s Grace and Mercy will care for us
From that day on you’ll never be apart

Friday, November 4, 2016



God's chosen Messiah is coming back
He is the only one who knows when
Interpeting scripture it could be soon
Will you be prepared if it happens then

The only way to be one with G-d
Is to profess acceptance of His Son
Yeshua is the only true Messiah
Of the world and is Israel's Holy One

In His short time on this earth he would
Heal the sick and preached G-d's word
And although multitudes accepted Him
The Pharisees listened but had not heard

He was put on trial as a heretic
But would not defend his action
Death by crucifixion or so they had thought
Would bring the Pharisees much satisfaction

But G-d the Father had other plans
Messiah was the only perfect lamb
Sacrificed to absolve all sin forever and
Bring Salvation through The Great I Am

Now's the time get your act together
Profess Yeshua with a joyous shout
Don't try to look for any other answer
For if you do you'll surely be left out