Wednesday, March 25, 2015


        This is a message for all Believers in Yeshua (Jesus) to pass on to those who don’t believe and even some that do. This nation is heading down the wrong path. We can see this clearly in the bible in the Book of Revelation.
        No matter what some people may think or say, Israel is still the Apple of God’s Eye. Israel now is not the entire land that God Gave to Them, but an apportionment made by the United Nations General Assembly (despite the objections of  all of the Arab Nations that surround them,) as an appeasing gesture for the suffering that millions of Jews had endured under the Nazi regime during WWII. There are millions of Jews that are still disbursed. We may live in other countries, but Israel is still the biblical homeland that God gave to the Jewish People. All that this tiny nation wants is to live in peace!
        The writing is on the wall here in the U.S. and in other countries where Anti Semitism exists and is on the rise. We must pray that the U.S. returns to being a Godly Nation, as well as other countries throughout the world.  Only God knows the exact day that Yeshua will return to earth with an avenging sword. To paraphrase the end of a popular U. S. television commercial: “Watch out piggies.”
                                                            .                                          Blessings in Yeshua, Joel



As much as some people think life is about us
I can say without any reservation, “It’s not.”
Praise and pray to the Holy One of Israel
God provides everything that you’ve got

There’s absolutely no time like the present
For you to get into reading God’s Word
If you’re not aware of it already you should be
They’re the greatest words you’ve ever heard

God gave them to His Prophets and Disciples
Declaring what to do and what you shouldn’t
As you read through the various chapters
You know there are things you wouldn’t

Only through the blood is sin forgiven
God came in human form as His Son
Whose Perfect Blood atoned for our sins
Praise Honor and Glory to the Holy One

If what I’ve written sounds Greek to you
I’ll try my best to put it in another way
God is the creator and we’re His Creation
So as I said, “Get on your knees and pray.”

Profess Yeshua as your personal Messiah
Then ask forgiveness for all of your sins
Do this and receiver the Lord’s Salvation
It’s on that day your renewed life begins

There’s much more that I could write about
But to grow you need to learn on your own
Find a place that teaches Both Covenants
God is walking with you you’re never alone



There are many days when I don’t
Receive words from the Holy Spirit
Today just isn’t one of those days
Otherwise I wouldn’t be hearing it
I really haven’t a clue as to what it’s about
But God is telling me to go to the bible
Whatever is the chapter He Chooses and
Whatever it is He Chooses we’ll be liable

For the moment this poem is on hold
It seems that I need to take a break
When it comes to what God Wants
He never ever will make a mistake

In the Book of Romans God Says that He’ll
Have Mercy on those He Will and Will Not
He’s saying this to just you here and now
Wanting to remind you in case you forgot

Just how well is it that you know the Lord
Have you been blessed with God’s Salvation
If you’ve not then I have the answer for you
That will bring you much Joy and Jubilation

Recite these words before God now or
In some church or a Messianic Synagogue
But if you’re doing it as you’re reading this
Please let me know by writing on my blog

Just accept Yeshua as Messiah in your heart
And ask forgiveness for every one of your sins
If you profess this you’ve receive Salvation
It’s a time when your renewed life begins

If you‘re declared this before God now
You can still do it in a church or in
A Messianic synagogue because they’ll
Be blessed knowing you’re free from sin

You’re like a new born with much to learn
First I suggest you read a complete bible
You’ll learn quite a bit and it shows you
All things in life for which you’re liable

I‘m leaving you this message in good cheer
Telling you that you no longer have to fear
Once you’ve received the Lord’s Salvation
God is walking with you He is always near

Thursday, March 19, 2015



I’ve seen much advancement in my lifetime
Mostly for greater good but some not so
As we as a nation over two hundred years
Continue on our path to evolve and grow

I’ve heard it said that any democracy doesn’t
Last for longer than about two hundred years
We’re made it almost two hundred and forty
Despite those who may have had doubts or fears

The reason that we’ve been around so long is
That we were formed under God’s protection
I’m sad though that in the last several years
We’ve been heading in the wrong direction

Since the Lord God is All Seeing and All Knowing
We the nation’s people need to correct our path
Or suffer the fate like those other democracies
Whose demise was a direct result of God’s Wrath

There are so many changes that need to be made
Finding a Spiritual House of Worship would be first
Where God is the primary focus of the service and
The congregants rejoice with a hunger and thirst

However the plans we make are not God’s Plans
That means the Lord’s Decision is our destiny
What matters most is to receive God’s Salvation
To live a life that allows us to be Spiritually Free



It was both the best and worst of times
Growing up during World War Two
If I had known then what I know now
I’d be a Godly Creation born anew

But this blessing was never mine to choose
For God is in total control of our destiny
Waiting until just before I was sixty three
It Was His Time to set me Spiritually Free

It was just one of the things God gave to me
It literally changed me for my entire life
God wasn’t finished with me and still isn’t
Next he provided me a Godly Loving Wife

What is it that I’m I referring to here
It’s my accepting Yeshua as my Messiah
Asking forgiveness for my sins even daily
God filled my Soul with Spiritual Desire

If you don’t already know Messiah Yeshua
Now could be God’s Time for you as well
The last thing you need to happen to you
Is being with satan in the depths of hell

You don’t have to do it with a clergyman
What’s being said is between God and you
But it’s also good to share with congregants
For even they feel the blessing when you do

It’s really very simple as I explained earlier
Just declare Yeshua as Messiah in your life
Apologize for all the sins that you committed
You become a creation born anew free of strife

There’ll be so many more blessings in your life
You’ll experience new ones each and every day
The most important blessing that there is is to
Thank God in your praise and when you pray

Thursday, March 12, 2015



Last week we celebrated Purim the story of Esther
If you aren’t familiar with the story I’ll explain it
God is never mentioned in this chapter but He is
Working behind the scenes for the Jew’s benefit

The king was displeased as the queen
Had refused what he wanted her to do
So he sent a decree to his whole empire
To look for a queen that would be new

Esther’s Uncle Mordechai convinced her to try out
The king was so overwhelmed by all that she was
That he made her the Queen of his entire empire
Though God isn’t mentioned this is what He Does

The King’s Prime Minister was named Haman
Who hated Mordechai as well as all of the Jews
So he got the king to decree to kill all of them
This for the Jewish People was very bad news

Esther pleaded with the king to squash that decree
He loved her so much that he couldn’t refuse
And this is the particular part of the story
When the Jews of that time got the good news

Haman had built a gallows to hang Mordechai
But He was executed on that very same one
Mordichai would become the Prime Minister
Another victory that the Jewish people had won

Although God is never mentioned in this book
He always orchestrate things behind the scenes
If you still don’t understand the entire picture
I’ll explain to you precisely what God Means

All of the Jewish People are the Apple of God’s Eyes
God curses who curses them Blessing who blesses them
And although God is never mentioned in the Book of Esther
It’s about the behind the scenes things that He Does for them



In the majority of the poems God gives me
Most are focused primarily on Salvation
The blessings by accepting Messiah Yeshua
Along with a great deal of joy and jubilation

Here is God’s Problem and mine in a nutshell
It all started with God’s Tree of Good and Evil
Satan controls all the air waves here on earth
In an attempt to make Salvation unbelievable

People become too busy to know the truth
Or even worse than that they just don’t care
If they’d read the Truth in the Word of God
The whole world wouldn’t be in such despair

This is why the Lord has sent vessels like me
To explain that your Salvation is the only way
Profess Yeshua as Messiah confessing your sins
There’s no time like the present do it today

You need to go search for a house of worship
That preaches God’s Covenants Old and New
Read and study the Word of God in your bible
You’ll become a much better person if you do

These are the consequences if you choose not to
Messiah will return one day to destroy the devil
All who are like minded will be entombed with him
This may be your last chance to get rid of that evil