Thursday, April 23, 2015



When you translate the Hebrew word Mishpochah
Into English the meaning of the word is family
The Holy Spirit showed me just how
This word specifically applies to me

We planned a trip to West Palm Beach
For my wife's sister's birthday celebration
It went without saying that while we were there
We would fellowship with at least one congregation
On Friday night we worshiped at a small Messianic Synagogue
As Mishpochah their leader poured a bless on us that very night
We said the blessings over the Sabbath candles wine and bread
For both of us this was a privilege and a spiritual delight

On Sunday morning we prayed with Baptist believers
The Pastor of this Church was the nephew of my wife
He called me to the pulpit to join Him for the closing prayer
Another of many blessings that God has poured into my life

These examples are the true meaning of the word Mishpochah
Jew and Gentile as one to praise and glorify Yeshua our Lord
Just one more sign of Messiah's soon return and on that day
Mankind's belief in Him as the Son of God will be of one accord



When Yeshua said to turn the other cheek
When someone that gives you grief
In most cases I agree with what He said
Because of my faith and Spiritual belief

This is the dilemma that I’m dealing with
I ‘m unsure how to handle the situation
The other person is a Spiritual leader which
Is a factor causing me to have frustration

I believe that their attitude is very self serving
One that a person of leader shouldn’t possess
So even if I choose just let the situation slide
It doesn’t remedy the situation any less

 I’m looking for guidance from the Holy Spirit
Do I make them aware of the way that I’m feeling
Or do I let the Lord show them that they’re wrong
He’s by far more experienced in situation dealing

How would you handle this particular situation
It’s just something that I’d really like to know
Send me an email telling me what you’d do
Because I’m always willing to learn and grow

Friday, April 17, 2015



 It was about eleven years that I was 
Interviewed for a cantor’s position
Unfortunately I didn’t get the job
Ultimately it was the rabbi’s decision

At first I thought that I was quite disappointed but then
I realized that It’s better left to the younger generation
Because all of a sudden I had this feeling come over me
It was the Lord’s Holy Spirit that gave me this sensation

The Lord told me that He had different plans for me
He Said that I was to have a Spiritual Poetry Ministry
That would bring comfort to those who were in need
And Salvation to many to set them Spiritually Free

Because I listened and obeyed His Instructions
Five year later this is where the ministry stands
God gave me over eleven thousand six hundred viewers
From seventy three countries by following His Command

One third of them are in Muslim dominated countries
So I know that the Lord is bringing them the good news
For God wants Salvation for all of His Children
All of the Gentiles as well as the unbelieving Jews



Many of you know that I don’t do Facebook
But you also know that my wife Trudi does
My mission is to spread the word of the Lord
Our God Who Will be Who Is and Who Was

For those of you who might not be familiar
I write verses provided by God’s Holy Spirit
Some for consoling and some for Salvation
For anyone who may have the need to read it

That’s the reason why I wrote these verses
I’m asking you to pass the blog to your friends
Even to the ones outside of the United States
So that the Godly Word I’m given never ends

Please visit and pass along poemsbyjoel. where I post 2 poems each
Weekend and you can go back into the
Archives for almost 5 years.

For those Who may be interested, if you 
go toMy Bio, there’s a site where you can
purchase a book of Spiritual Poetry given
to me through the Lord’s Holy Spirit.

Blessings in Yeshua (Jesus)

Joel Steinhauer

Sunday, April 12, 2015



If you don’t know Salvation through Yeshua and
You’re searching but don’t know what to do
I’ll explain in very simpler details what it takes
Precisely what it is that’s in store for you

First you need to accept Yeshua as your Messiah
Then ask forgiveness for every sin in your life
Once this happens you become a new creation
Now and in the after life you’re free of strife

Should these troubles fall on you while you live
Just Pray for help in the Name of the Lord
The Lords will is to see that they disappear
This makes you and Messiah of one accord

I must  say ” your obligation doesn’t end there.”
There’s so much more that needs to be done
To celebrate the Blessing of your Salvation
The victory over satan that you have won

First attend your own congregation regularly
Forsaking this is something you don’t need to do
Even visit other congregations frequently
The Lord Blessing will be bestowed on you

Next is that you need to tithe on your income
Contribute one tenth of everything you earn
Not doing what’s commanded in the bible
Causes the Lord Your God a great concern

You need to read your bible on a regular basis
Sometimes opening it to any particular page
Maybe the answer to your specific problem is
The Lord Telling you what you need to change

Get involved in the committees of your congregation
It’s all an integral part of what the lord Decreed
This is another blessing received from the Lord
And you have also fulfilled a very urgent need

The last thing that I need to tell you about
Is to Minister God’s word to the unsaved
On the Ominous day of the Lord’s Return
The last thing anyone needs is to be depraved



Often times I’ll try to do things my way
And usually get frustrated beyond belief
I should be turning all of it over to God
And not be trapped with so much grief

Perhaps if the circumstances were different
And strokes had not left me legally blind
It creates quite a few problems because
Many times it becomes matter over mind

Although I’m aware that I have limitations
I need to be independent to a certain degree
So I attempt to handle many situations by myself
But more often than not it will backfire on me

I just need to accept my visual loss
Let God take over and let things go
Putting more effort into what I can do
In God my confidence will only grow

It’s an easy thing to say ”just let go.”
But it’s really so much harder to do
I always think that I can handle it
Both God and I know that it’s not so

I need to pray for wisdom and understanding
God will surely hear and honor my request
If a situation should arise that I can’t handle
I’ll trust in The Lord to do whatever is best

Thursday, April 9, 2015

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