Sunday, May 14, 2017



How many people can you think of
Who have the ability to multi-task
The first to comes to mind is your mother
Who had an answer for anything you’d ask

She was a cook a maid a seamstress
As well as a nurse and chauffer too
She gave you spiritual guidance
And no matter what was there for you

She’s never looked for any credit
Nor has she ever asked for praise
In all the years you’ve known her
She’s never even asked for a raise

So on this day let’s give her homage
Call her visit her send her flowers
Show her how much you appreciate
What came naturally for so many hours

And if she’s gone to see the Lord
Remember her ever time you pray
Because without her patience love and guidance
You wouldn’t be the person that you are today

Monday, May 8, 2017



On Sunday our Rebbetzin will be driving
Laps around Atlanta's Motor Speedway
Although they know she's in God's Hands
Her family still feels that they need to pray

She's really not a speed freak who is
Looking for accolades or applause
But God has called her to do this
For a very noble and worthy cause

By driving very fast and doing many laps around the track
She's raising money for needy believers in the Holy Land
It's a huge step of faith to help to carry out
All of the good things that God has planned

Other Spiritual Leaders in the Messianic Movement
Have joined her and will be drive on the track as well
How much money will be raised by this event
Is something that only G-\od and time will tell

This event is just a small part of His purpose for them
So I urge you to give them moral and financial support
For as long as God is their co-pilot
They will never come up short

Thursday, April 13, 2017



You all know the story about when Moses
Told Egypt's pharaoh to let God's People go
And because he had a very hardened heart
Pharaoh's responded with a resounding no

So God brought many plagues upon Egypt but
Pharaoh would not yield until the very last one
After ordering all of the Jewish first born slain
God did the exact same thing to pharaoh's son

Again after saying, "go" he changed his mind
And commanded his army to kill all that flee
God parted the water and they went safely across but
Pharaoh's army was swallowed up by the raging sea

God commanded the Jew to observe Passover each year
Years later Yeshua came so that we could know Salvation
And at a Passover seder which was to be his very last meal
This is what the Lord said to His disciples in conversation

Eat of this matzo for it is My Body that will be broken
Drink of this wine for symbolizes the blood I will shed
My Life will be forfeit so that my Father forgives all sin
Both turbulence and joy will you see in the years ahead

This is the very reason that we celebrate communion
Remembering the Lamb of God and the fate He met
And why all believers tell of that fateful day
During Passover so that we will never forget

The day is coming when the Lord will return to earth
I believe that we are a part of this end time generation
Those who are lifted up and pass through Heaven's gates
Have been bestowed with the Lord God's Eternal Salvation

Wednesday, March 29, 2017



Show me someone that obeys God's Laws
That person is walking in God's Path
Show me a person who scoffs at them
That person will surely see God's Wrath

Show me someone who believes in Yeshua
That person is guaranteed eternal life
Show me someone who does not believe
That person will only know infernal strife

Show me a person who understands that
The only way to the Father is through His Son
Show me a person who thinks it's by works
I'll prove that their chances are zero to none

Lord when You know that the time is right
Remove the blinders from their eyes
On the day that they see God's Light
They'll surely be in for a big surprise

Let them see that Yeshua is the only one that
Fulfilled all of the Old Testament Prophesies
Foretelling of the coming of the Jewish Messiah
And that only the Lord's Truth can set us all free

Show me that person who trusts in God's Word
That person will be saved or completed
When the armor of God fully surrounds them
The sins of the devil will always be defeated

Friday, March 17, 2017



Each one of us has a unique story
Of what it’s like reaching old age
We go from youth to adulthood
Just like a book turn each page

Perhaps the title should be groaning old
Considering all my arthritis pain
I realize it’s necessary for the crops but
I don’t need advance notice of the rain

Here’s a riddle that I’m always quoting
People ask how I feel and how old I am
Well I feel with my hands so how old am I
They ask but do many of them give a damn

One perk I can say about growing old is that
Through it all I’ve really had a wonderful life
Five great daughters and a bunch of grandkids
And best of all a wonderful companion and wife

But the greatest part of growing old is still to come
At some time in the future I’ll get the Lord’s call
One day I’ll even be reunite with my loved ones
So yes I can say growing old is really worth it all 

Saturday, March 11, 2017



When people see my Star of David
Surprisingly they ask, "Are you a Jew?"
My response to them is a resilient,
"Yes, and I am a Messianic too."

If a gentile reads both Testaments
They know exactly what I said
But too many believers do not know because
They 're taught that the Old Testament is dead

That's one reason for our Outreach Ministry to
Explain that without the Old there would be no new
Because Yeshua and His Disciples
Were born and worshiped as a Jew

On the other side of this disagreement
Is the Jew who tells me that I am not
It has been ingrained in them for centuries
Much like a brain washing or a sinister plot

If they truly had an open mind and read
every prophecy that would take place
Only Yeshua fulfilled every one of them
His blood brought hope for the human race

G-ohas given each of us a brain to think
He also gave us the free will to choose
If an unbeliever accepts Him as Messiah
It's a guarantee that they will not lose

For only then will they know the truth
That the Word of God has set them free
MessiahYeshua said, "There’s only way to our Father
In Heaven and that is by professing your belief in Me."

Jews and Gentiles Can worship the Lord together
For the God that they worship is one and the same
He is Father Son and the Holy Spirit
We Bless and Praise His Holy Name

Tuesday, February 28, 2017



Have you ever had one of those days
When everything that could goes wrong
It may just start with something small
Like constantly singing the same song

Then you go to get on the computer and
The server has changed things around
You keep trying to get into your email
But sadly it’s nowhere to be found

So you decide to take out the daily trash
The bag is overflowing and it’s very heavy
It tears and everything falls all over the place
And your clothes get covered with gravy

Finally when you get the mess cleaned up
You open the door and the dog escapes
It makes you wonder what else could go wrong
So far your day has been filled with sour grapes

That’s the time when you need to pause
You need to take one giant step back
If the rest of the day continues like this
It’s just liable to cause a heart attack

Instead of fretting about all that’s happened
There is something else that you can do
Just turn these frustrations over to the Lord
And then you can start the day anew

The Lord will bear your burden
By yourself you can’t fix the mess
Move on with the rest of the day
And God will take care of the rest

Stay calm and go about your business
It’s amazing how it will all work out
All because you let go and let God
That’s really what it’s all about