Friday, February 5, 2016

Praise Report

Many are not aware that Joel was very ill.  He spent 10 day in ICU with the doctors not even sure he would survive.  Another 15 days in a regular room and Joel came home yesterday.
His survival is to be attributed to the Lord and all the prayers that were asked of the Lord.
We know how awesome prayer is!!! 
Thank you everyone who was praying for him and ask that you continue to pray for his getting 100% well.  He has a long road ahead of him, and we know and always ask for what The Lord has in store for him!!

Trudi - Joel's wife



It's better to give than to receive
I've always lived my life that way
Putting off my priorities for others
I can do my things on another day

Unfortunately not everyone is like that though and
If your needs stem from a disability you may have
To do things someone else's way and understand
That your needs are not their number one priority

My prayer is that these people see the light
And change their ways before it is too late
By putting their I and me priorities aside
I somehow believe that they won't hesitate

But should they continue on their own path
The Lod still walks with them all the way
Then over time the message will begin to sink in
That they need to practice selflessness every day



Yeshua is the Living God
The Son that the Father did ordain
Messiah and King of Israel
Was crucified and rose again

The sacrifice Lamb who took
On the burden of sin for all
Those who accept Him as Lo-rd may stumble
But Yeshua will catch them before they fall

Unbelievers on the other hand
Still mock and curse His Name
When God the Father takes their blinders off
I guarantee that they will never be the same

From the remnant of the Way
Until the dawn of His Return
We all need to read the Word of God because
There is so much more that we need to learn

Only through Yeshua can we reach g-d the Father
Profess Him as your Lord and Savior this very day
If you don't upon your arrival at the Pearly Gates
You'll find that pride has sent you the other way

Thursday, January 28, 2016



When we are called by God to Heaven
There are many keys that fit the gate
But there is only one that will open it
Search your heart it's not too late

The key that fits is in Messiah
There's absolutely no exception
For it is only through Yeshua
That you will find redemption

Once inside there are numerous other doors
The right one shows if you are least or most
The biggest key is the one of righteousness
That is where you'll find the Lord of Hosts

Whatever troubles were in your past
In the Spirit you've been born again
Live Eternal Life by the examples
That were set by the son of man

As you unlock each of the doors
I know that you are of good cheer
And should you find a door that will not open
Take heart for God still knows that you are here