Thursday, November 20, 2014


Without any doubt in my mind, these are the finest verses that I've ever received from the Lord's Holy Spirit!


This poem relates to a very touchy subject
Too many people use God’s Name in vain
It happens most often when they get upset
Proceeding to do it over and over again

What they don’t seem to understand is
That the words are provided by the devil
For he controls the airwaves on the earth
And everything that he does projects evil

Think about these words that you’re saying
Asking God’s Forgiveness for this thought
Remembering that Yeshua paid the price
Cleansing all of the sins that He Bought

Yes it’s perfectly o. k. to get upset with satan
Just keep the Lord’s Name out of the equation
Then as God Listens and He Hears your pain
It will lead to the solution of your frustration

When you’re getting these slanderous thoughts
Removed from the vast confines of your mind
Pray to the Lord and Praise His Holy Name
Leaving all the anguish and bitterness behind



God is doing Spiritual works in me
His word breaks into my sinful way
Destroying barriers fueled by satan
In Messiah I am renewed each day

It is not the easy journey for me
Daily I sin and don't even see it
Yeshua died to cleans my sins and this evil is
Purged through the powers of the Holy Spirit

Not one of us can walk the walk that
Brought the Lord to His Father's side
Yet if we try by giving it our best effort
God's Grace and Mercy won't be denied

Because all life and death is pre-determined
I don't knowing when I'll breathe my last
By my faith and love I'll walk with my Savior
Repenting daily for sins both present and past

In all of my prayers I say to the Lord, "Hineni
Whatever you ask of me each day I will obey
I will serve for Your Honor and Your Glory
Until You Decree that it's my last earthly day"

As a part of the Body of Messiah
I have the promise of eternal life
Abiding somewhere in God's Heavenly Kingdom
In God’s Holy Place free from satan’s worldly strife

Saturday, November 15, 2014


In the bible it says that the Lord
Gives and also that He takes away
What’s truly the more important aspect is that
It’s the Lord our God to whom we need to pray

I attended a memorial service today
For a man of immense Spiritual worth
His body has taken its final breath and
His Soul no longer resides on the earth

Dr. Carl Bremer had the Spirit of God
Embedded in his body mind and Soul
As a Chiropractor and a Man of God
His mission in life was to make you whole

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family
Those who Dr. Carl loved so very much
The day will come as he watches over them
When at long last they will be in touch

For now and until that day comes to pass they have
Fond memories of this man of God who healed
And just like him they’ll have a mansion in heaven
For through Yeshua’s Blood their fate has been sealed

Thursday, November 13, 2014



There’s a well known expression which
Says that our freedom isn’t really free
Here is just one very good reason why
We have this God Given liberty

The strength of our military branches
Which protect us from shore to shore
Even sometimes giving up their lives
To protect our freedom even more

The thing that we seem to forget is that
The Lord our God gave us this right
If we continue to make foolish decisions
He could very easily take it away overnight

God gave us the freedom to make choices
We must seek Him in prayer and praise
If we continue to do this fervently I believe
He’ll protect us for the rest of our days



The verses that I write come from the Holy Spirit
I just never know when or where they’ll come to me
Like right this very moment the Lord has told me
To give you a synopsis of some verses you may see

God has asked me to write about numerous subjects
Like Salvation comfort and events in Spiritual History
Or perhaps to go into a little more descriptive detail
Open hearts and minds so they can be set spiritually free

Keep reading these verses as you have been doing
And pass the site to others who may have a need
This is one of the many purposes of God’s Vessels
If to do nothing more than plant a Spiritual Seed

In that way you too become one of God’s Vessels
Through the Gospel or however it may be done
Telling everyone who has ears to hear of the
Lord’s Gift of Salvation and the victory He won

And even though satan rules the airwaves on earth
The Lord our God trumps that by ruling over all
There will come a day when Messiah will return
And the reign of the devil will completely fall

Thursday, November 6, 2014



Are you going through financial burdens
Do they cause you severe depression
Perhaps G-d is testing your resolve
Because His Economy is never in recession

He had commanded us to tithe faithfully
Give him ten percent right off the top
If you think that your bills come first
You'd better put that notion to a stop

Why not take a moment to reflect on this
Do you want your storehouse to overflow
By tithing faithfully your debts will lighten
In Malachi 3:10 the bible tells you so

Step away from illogical reasoning that says to
Pay your debts first and if there is leftover to give
If you pray to G-d to help you solve this problem
His response will show that it's not the way to live

Why not go to the L-rd in prayer and say,
"Yes L-rd I am listening and I will obey"
And Later as you reflect upon your action
Most likely your hardship has gone away

Then go to G-d with a prayer of thanks
For cleansing you of worldly ways
Walk the narrow path of righteousness and
Be blessed for the remainder of your days



This is the tale of a beautiful woman
Whose many troubles were so deep
And so entrenched that it caused her
To go into a very long coma’s sleep

In her sleep this raging torment
Would continue on and on
Then something happened in a dream
And her torment was completely gone

After all that she had envisioned
Upon her lips a kiss was planted
A man had seen her inner beauty
And thus had become enchanted

When she awoke all strife was gone
God had brought her to a point that ends
Then He gave them a long life together
As husband wife lovers and best friends