Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Certain poems that God has given me are worth repeating. This is one of those poems that I’ve posted for the past 3 Christmases. It was written for my Christian Brothers and Sisters because I love and respect them. As Messianic Jews however, we also believe in Yeshua (It’s the Hebrew name given to Him at birth which means Salvation.)  We don’t celebrate December 25th as the Lord’s birth date, because we don’t know the actual day or month that He was born. We can only speculate. Dec. 25th was chosen by the first Pope, the Roman Emperor Constantine for political reasons and has never been changed. As always a second poem will follow.


Once again it’s that time of year
When Christmas comes at last
Celebrating with family and friends
And ageless memories of the past

It is a joyous time of year
Carolers sing and shopping’s in season
But what we all need to remember is
The true meaning and the reason

This is the day that is celebrated as the
Birthday of the Messiah of all mankind
Those who just think of it commercially
Must surely be spiritually blind

The blood that Yeshua shed cleansed all of sin
For He was God the Father’s Unblemished Lamb
Only by professing our faith in Him as Messiah
Will we get to be with Father God The Great I Am

When we gather together on this special day
Let us pray that next year we will meet again
Thank the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
And to this all of God’s Children say, “AMEN.”



I attended a Messianic Conference last weekend
The speakers had a lot of God’s Word to share
But the best thing that all who attended knew
Was that the Holy Spirit of God was there

There was a lot of Spiritual music being played
And Sabbath services on Friday and Saturday
At the end of the evening’s events there were
Many people who still had a special need to pray

Even I was among those who needed special prayer
Given by the rabbis who intercede for us to God
In God’s time each one of us will have the answer
It’s worth the wait although the answer may be hard

What I’ve written about the Messianic Conference
 Is an extremely small part of the entire picture
For if you believe in the Son of the Living God
He’s standing beside you and is permanent fixture

Thursday, December 19, 2013



These words from the Lord came to me
His truth came through the Holy Spirit
Telling me to write what He Commands
For those who want and need to read it

I openly profess that I’m a zealot for the Lord
Who is seated at Father God’s Right Hand
I’m blessed to share the truth of His Light
In the hope of making people understand

Only Yeshua has fulfilled
What had been prophesied
Preaching God’s Word and healing
Up until the very day that He died

For God so loved the world that He created
That He chose to sacrificed His Only Son
As the ultimate and final sacrificial Lamb
His Blood can cleansed the sins of everyone

In three days Yeshua rose again
And to His Disciples He did say,
“Tell all that want to enter God’s Kingdom that
Only through Me is the Truth Light and Way .”

Then before He returned to His Father’s Side
He said, “One day I will come back for all
And lead God’s People to New Jerusalem.
From the East I will come at the shofar’s call.”

So while you’re waiting on that blessed day
You need to profess your faith in Messiah
When you take this magnificent leap of faith
Your soul will be filled with a burning desire

Have a desire like me to spread God’s Word
So that all can share the joy of God’s Love
And you will share the blessing as have I
From the Lord our God who is far above



of us has at lest one burden  to bear
Mine is mostly because of my poor sight
I have to attempt to do things twice
In order for me to get things right

This is where trusting the Lord comes in
I know He has a reason for my frustration
So even if I get frustrated I just grin and bear it
Thanking God for my gift of joy and jubilation

Obviously I don’t know what your problems are
Just turn them over to the Lord the King of Israel
For His Yolk is heavy yet His burden is light
The Lord will handle it so it’s not a big deal

And the burden that you carry may never change
Just remember that the Lord always has your back
But I’ll promise you that things won’t get any worse
Because Yeshua is protecting from the devil’s attack

Saturday, December 14, 2013



Many synagogues and churches have made changes
In the Lord’s Word to suit their very own needs
From the very first day that it was given to mankind
This surely isn’t the way that the Word of God reads

Does God consider those
Who do this to be a fool
When He gave His Perfect Word to us
God told us to use it as a learning tool

I’m sure that God doesn’t min certain changes
Such as languages which conform to modern times
But please don’t reinterpret what the Lord said
This is just one of numerous Ungodly crimes

God’s Decree to each of His Children is to Praise
Worship and Serve Him for He knows that we can
Those who sit back and do absolutely nothing
Are not conforming to the Lord’s Perfect Plan

The more that we do everything God asks of us
The more our heavenly storehouses will overflow
But if you should sit back and let others do instead
Don’t even think that the Lord of Hosts doesn’t know

Time is growing shorter here on the earth
We must do our very best in this endeavor
Everyone needs to accept Yeshua as Messiah
So that God’s Eternal Plan will be theirs forever



I had a very long talk with the Lord today
We connected through the Holy Spirit
He told me I needed to make some changes
And that I definitely needed to hear it

Contemplating what the Lord said to me
I pretty much knew what I’d done wrong
In order for me to cast these aspersions off
My faith in Yeshua must be deep and strong

It may not be the easiest of tasks
And in many ways I still may falter
But in the very end I’ll persevere
Because I left them at God’s Alter

Although Yeshua spoke about His Burden
Being light and on Him to cast your trouble
These iniquities which caused me to pray
Need my personal attention to burst the bubble

Even though I pray for their release
I understand that I must do my part
And when God sees my change in attitude
Each day He will grant me a fresh start

Friday, December 6, 2013

Important FYI from the poet

Out of town and lost the poems I was going to post this week.
Will post next Saturday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Scroll down to the archives to see poetry over the last 4 years.

Sunday, December 1, 2013



When you need to seeking the Lord Advice
Nothing’s better than the power of prayer
You know that He always hears your request
For the simple reason that He’s always there

Are there problems in your life that
You might need some help to resolve
There are many resolutions to be had
The first is to ask God to help you solve

But if the answer that you seek isn’t forthcoming
God may be saying to seek help from your peers
There are a lot of avenues that you can follow
In order to erase all of your doubts and fears

You might want to seek some help from a medical professional
Or perhaps a clergyman who’s willing to take the time to hear
Perhaps you may have the need to converse with an attorney
What ever the situation may be the Lord has put them near

And although unlike all the professional mentioned in the verse above
I’m also one of the Lords vessels to help you in whatever way I can
God isn’t too busy but like a company we’re there to assist you
No need to ask why for it’s all a part of the Lord’s Perfect Plan

The advice that the Lord’s Messenger has just given you is
Meant for you to look forward there’s no need to look back
Should you follow this advice from one of the Lord’s vessels
God is very pleased to tell you that you’re on the right track



Do you understand just how awesome
And how powerful prayer can be
Those who go to the Lord in sincerity
Will testify to you about its enormity

It’s sort of like the difference between two individuals
The unbeliever owns a Caddy and the Believer a Nissan
Both of the cars will get them to where they want to go
But the believer has a car he can drive much farther on

As you can see this is somewhat of an analogy
An unbeliever hopes that his god hears his prayer
But the believer can even take it one step further
Thanks to the Holy Spirit Yeshua is always there

And when the two different people pass away
Heaven’s gatekeeper will be very protective
Yeshua said no one goes to the Father but by Him
It’s unlikely that you can override that directive

Thursday, November 21, 2013


This week's poems about Thanksgiving and Chanukah are being posted today because I am spending Thanksgiving & Chanukah with my family. The next posting will be on Sunday, December 1st. Happy Thanksgiving & Chanukah to one and all. Blessings in Yeshua, Joel



This is a message about Thanksgiving and Chanukah
It’s a rare occurrence that they fall on the same day
Both holidays have the message giving thanks to God
Who makes all this possible lifting Him up as we pray

Most people know why we celebrate Thanksgiving
It’s the story of the Pilgrims journey to this land
But it’s also about the freedoms that we enjoy today
Something that a lot of people don’t understand

For the Jew Chanukah is also about giving thanks
But that’s only half of the story of this great holiday
When Judah Maccabee’s army defeated the Assyrians
They went to the synagogue to give thanks and to pray

Wanting to light candles to God to commemorate the victory
Sadly there was only enough oil to last for a single day
But the oil lasted for eight by the time the runner returned
It was a miracle that only the Lord our God could covey

In essence both of these holidays portray a similar message 
Giving thanks to God for all of the blessings that both enjoy
We must also observe and obey all of the laws given to us by
The Lord our God Jehovah Jireh Price of Peace Yeshua Adonai



We’ll be spending our Thanksgiving
By driving over to Grandma’s house
Not a soul will go hungry
Not even a little mouse

She started preparing
On the night before
If there was anything missing
She sent Grandpa to the store

Everything must be perfect
On this day you see
For it isn’t very often
That we gather as a family

After a long trip we arrive there
The first thing we do is turn on the TV
To watch the Thanksgiving Day parade
There are marching bands and floats to see

Before we begin eating
We hold hands and pray
Thank you Lord for the blessings
That you have given us this day

And we also pray a special blessing for
The men and women who protect our liberty
Please God keep them safe from harm
They understand that freedom isn’t free

Then Grandpa says, “Let’s eat I’m starving.”
The first thing on the menu is soup in a cup
In the background we listen to Holiday music
This always helps us to keeps our spirits up

Uncle Charlie carves the turkey and
Asks if we want dark meat or white
And even with this many people
There will be plenty to take home tonight

Pass the gravy and the rolls please
The peas and sweet potatoes too
The cornbread stuffing is delicious
And may I have some apple cider too

When we finish with the main course
The women will help to put things away
While the men go and watch a football game
Actually there are several of them on TV today

Once everything else has been cleaned up
Grandma serves coffee and pumpkin pie
All of a sudden it feels like we’re stuffed
For same strange reason we wonder why

Before we head back to our homes
There are still two things to be done
First we help to set up the Christmas tree
Then we join hands and thank the Holy One

Thank you Lord for the blessings of this special day 
We ask for traveling mercies and Your Grace again 
May all of our hearts be filled with Your goodness
And to this prayer all of Your children say, “AMEN.”

Thursday, November 14, 2013



I 've seen or heard of so many instances
Where God steps in at the eleventh hour
For He and He alone is our Saving Grace
Our Rock our Shield and our Strong Tower

When we put our total trust in the Lord and
Seek His Counsel through the power of prayer
We’re assured we’ll always get the right answer
For His Holy Spirit that’s in us is always there

Sometimes the answer isn’t what we expect but
Father God always knows what’s best for us
We must wait on Him for His Timing is perfect
The Lord knows that in Him we have total trust

Some advice for those who think they’re in charge
Only a fool thinks that they’ve got the solution
Without seeking God’s face you can’t do it alone
In the end all that you’ll see is His Retribution



Just how many poems have I written in
Over the seventy six years on the earth
I’d say it’s at least five hundred or more
But God has the number and their worth

Most were written in my latter years
For only then did I truly understand
The true meaning of what Salvation is
And why I heed the Lord’s Command

God gives me word through His Holy Spirit
That lives in my inner Soul to hear and obey
Thoughts to help bring you closer to God
All of this in Yeshua’s Precious Name I pray

God has a purpose and plan for every individual
And yet sadly so many never know just what it is
If you’d like Him to reveal exactly what that is
Give God the Praise Honor and Glory that is His

That’s why the poem is called untitled and unfinished
I’m sure you know that the Lord’s work is never done
I’ll continue to obey whatever it is He Commands of me
Writing the Truth of the Father Holy Spirit and the Son

Friday, November 8, 2013



Do you know someone with a type “A” personality
It’s like they never stop going except maybe to rest
Good qualities but sometimes they need to slow down
This is extremely hard because they become obsessed

Then there’s the other side of this two headed coin
They’re laid back not accomplishing what needs doing
There has to be a compromise to bring them together
Otherwise there will be a tumultuous storm brewing

I don’t know what the answer to this dilemma is
I do see the both of them getting extremely upset
They need to ask for God’s help to get them on an even keel
Before saying or doing something that they’ll both regret

I hope they realize that somewhere along this journey even
God knew they can’t do it without professional assistance
Trusting Him they believe a compromise can be reached
Without screaming and arguing and putting up resistance

Have your way with them Lord to bring them to that point
Only through Your Wisdom will come the perfect solution
Common sense will prevail giving a better sense of each other
Compromise is the only way in order to avoid retribution

Thank you Lord for the wisdom in Your Words
Sometimes they both can use a good kick in the butt
Without the wisdom of your Holy Spirit to guide them
They’d both continue to fall into the very same rut



 I was walking on a stretch of beach
When I began to stumble
I saw the bottle that made me trip
And it began to rumble

I picked it up and it was sealed
So I pulled the cork to look inside
What happened next was an explosion
I thought that I had almost died

But when the smoke had cleared away
A monstrous genie came into view
“As thanks for freeing me, he said,
I’ll grant three wishes just for you.”

My first wish was for lots of gold
And when I‘d gotten done
I was still on the strip of beach
Burning up under a golden sun

The next thing that I wished for
I had wanted since I was a boy
I’d really like an expensive car
What the genie gave me was a toy

I understood right then what was happening
I asked him to check inside his bottle for me
Once he was inside I sealed the bottle
And then I tossed it back into the sea

A lesson that we can all learn from this is
That we should never be filled with greed
The Lord will open so many doors for us
To provide everything that we’ll ever need

Friday, November 1, 2013



That God never promised you a rose garden
Is an expression that you’ve heard quite often
If you hadn’t well now you’ve heard it from me
Although that doesn’t help the shock to soften

If you still don’t understand what the saying means
Daily events in your life can produce highs or lows 
We go though life tasting the bitter and the sweet
The ups and downs that the Lord our God knows

For life itself is like when the rose bends in the wind
It can all equate to the various paths that we travel
We can breath in the aroma of this beautiful flower or
Get pricked by its thorns and watch your life unravel

The path that you’ll travel on is in your hands
For the Lord also gave you a free will power
To follow the straight and narrow or to wander
Something that we may not know until our final hour

I’m quite sure that you’ve probably surmised by now that
The rose garden represents good and the thorn bush is bad
But I can tell you that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel
With the end result being that you’ll never again be sad

So here’s the good news that I promised to give you
There aren’t any thorn bushes if you get to heaven above
And the bed of roses that you’ll receive if you get there
Is in the Power and Majesty of Father God’s Love

But there’s a catch and perhaps you may know it already
Just profess Yeshua as Messiah and repenting of your sins
No one can reach Father God Except through Yeshua
And God’s Rose Garden is where your renewed life begins



My wife and I went to an IHOP for breakfast
Once again the Lord’s timing was impeccable
Not only did we get to enjoying a great meal but
The conversations that ensued were delectable

The first was the waitress that took our order
Who admired my Star of David with a dove
It turned out that she was a Messianic Jew
Looking for a Messianic Congregation full of love

Then I heard some Spiritual conversation from the back
A group of men were having a biblical discussion
I introduced myself to them as a Messianic Jew
I’m thankful that they spoke English and not Russian

I invited them to come enjoy their Spiritual Roots
And gave them a card to my Spiritual Poetry site
The Lord had put people in my path to minister to
Then one last thing happened making the trifecta right

I met a young man who also worked at the restaurant
He’d undergone a great deal of trials and tribulations
Turning his life around he wrote hip hop Spiritual poetry
God used this to calm and change all of his frustrations

The Lord puts people in our lives for a good many reasons
In my case as a vessel He lets me know what people need
The three sets of people that I met already knew the Lord but
Each time I was led to plant a different kind of Spiritual Seed

Thursday, October 24, 2013





We know that God has a sense of humor
Just take one look at us who He created
I’m sure that He enjoys a good joke
Just as long as it is not X-rated

He created laughter for a specific reason
It helps to pick us up when we are down
Making you chuckle or laugh so loudly that
It creates a smile where there was a frown

Sometimes our laughter can get out of hand
We laugh so hard that it even makes us cry
And there are times when we can’t stop
It doesn’t even matter how hard we try

So each time that you feel a laugh coming on
Give thanks to God for this free medication
Knowing that He’s making you feel so much better
Is just one of His many cures for any given situation



How do you think you’d handle being rejected
Different people handle it in a variety of ways
Some might say that it’s the other person’s loss
Others are sad and they let it effect their days

Yeshua was rejected but He had to move on
He said to the Father,” Not my will but thine.”
For the Lord was to be God’s Sacrificial Lamb
Although rejected He’d committed no crime

Yeshua’s fate had been foretold in the Old Testament
To profess Him as Lord brings completion or Salvation
And because He is a part of the tri-unity of God
He accepted His fate without the slightest hesitation

Yeshua drew His Last Breath so that yours would be blessed
Professing Him is your one way ticket to heaven and eternal life
So give this a lot of thought if rejection should come your way
If you truly know the Lord you’ve conquered rejection and strife

Friday, October 18, 2013



Never Never Never question the Lord’s Power
For everything is done in His Time and Place
I had a person on my mind for many years
Today I was blessed to meet her face to face

I’d retired from my bakery job after thirty three years
Then worked in Georgia Schools in Special Education teacher
It was another chapter in my life before I knew Yeshua
I wasn’t aware that I yearned for The Lord’s Redemption

Becky was a fantastic first year Special Education teacher
Together we made awesome strides in the student’s lives
At the end of the year that school closed our class down
We both moved on to help other special Ed students thrive

In the last fifteen year I often thought about her
And wondered if I’d ever be able to get in touch
She was a great person as well as a good friend
Whose skills and personality I respected very much
Today at a Walmart even with my Limited vision
I looked around and lo and behold there she was
Later I prayed that we keep up on a regular basis
Thanking God for all the awesome things He does

So as I strongly stated in the opening verse
Don’t ever question anything the Lord does
He’s the Creator and we’re the Creation
The Lord our God who Will Be Is and Was



The Lord said that telling a lie is a sin
Apparently there can be no exception
But if a white lie is meant to do good
Will God in His Mercy show redemption

Sometimes they may be told as an analogy
Like showing a child what’s wrong or right
By just telling the truth it won’t sink in
One example of this is my loss of sight

If a child is old enough to understand
I tell them about losing sight in one eye
But because of the way I have to tell it
The story I that I tell is a little white lie

I tell them that when I was their age
I was running with a pencil in my hand
I fell and the point thrust into my eye
It’s a story that they can understand

Many different stories are told with white lies
And they are far too numerous to mention
But if they reach the person they’re told to
It’s a safety issue that has gotten their attention

So if they should happen to be running
And have a sharp object in their hand
They might think twice and put it away
Proof that my tale did just as I planned

I’m sure there are plenty of other examples
Which are good lessons that can be learned
Like that they shouldn’t play with matches
And then showing them where I was burned

Like I said all of these are all little white lies
With a moral lesson told for their benefit
I’ll find out the truth when God judges me
But for now it works so I’ll keep telling it