Friday, November 8, 2013



 I was walking on a stretch of beach
When I began to stumble
I saw the bottle that made me trip
And it began to rumble

I picked it up and it was sealed
So I pulled the cork to look inside
What happened next was an explosion
I thought that I had almost died

But when the smoke had cleared away
A monstrous genie came into view
“As thanks for freeing me, he said,
I’ll grant three wishes just for you.”

My first wish was for lots of gold
And when I‘d gotten done
I was still on the strip of beach
Burning up under a golden sun

The next thing that I wished for
I had wanted since I was a boy
I’d really like an expensive car
What the genie gave me was a toy

I understood right then what was happening
I asked him to check inside his bottle for me
Once he was inside I sealed the bottle
And then I tossed it back into the sea

A lesson that we can all learn from this is
That we should never be filled with greed
The Lord will open so many doors for us
To provide everything that we’ll ever need

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