Thursday, November 14, 2013



Just how many poems have I written in
Over the seventy six years on the earth
I’d say it’s at least five hundred or more
But God has the number and their worth

Most were written in my latter years
For only then did I truly understand
The true meaning of what Salvation is
And why I heed the Lord’s Command

God gives me word through His Holy Spirit
That lives in my inner Soul to hear and obey
Thoughts to help bring you closer to God
All of this in Yeshua’s Precious Name I pray

God has a purpose and plan for every individual
And yet sadly so many never know just what it is
If you’d like Him to reveal exactly what that is
Give God the Praise Honor and Glory that is His

That’s why the poem is called untitled and unfinished
I’m sure you know that the Lord’s work is never done
I’ll continue to obey whatever it is He Commands of me
Writing the Truth of the Father Holy Spirit and the Son

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