Friday, November 1, 2013



That God never promised you a rose garden
Is an expression that you’ve heard quite often
If you hadn’t well now you’ve heard it from me
Although that doesn’t help the shock to soften

If you still don’t understand what the saying means
Daily events in your life can produce highs or lows 
We go though life tasting the bitter and the sweet
The ups and downs that the Lord our God knows

For life itself is like when the rose bends in the wind
It can all equate to the various paths that we travel
We can breath in the aroma of this beautiful flower or
Get pricked by its thorns and watch your life unravel

The path that you’ll travel on is in your hands
For the Lord also gave you a free will power
To follow the straight and narrow or to wander
Something that we may not know until our final hour

I’m quite sure that you’ve probably surmised by now that
The rose garden represents good and the thorn bush is bad
But I can tell you that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel
With the end result being that you’ll never again be sad

So here’s the good news that I promised to give you
There aren’t any thorn bushes if you get to heaven above
And the bed of roses that you’ll receive if you get there
Is in the Power and Majesty of Father God’s Love

But there’s a catch and perhaps you may know it already
Just profess Yeshua as Messiah and repenting of your sins
No one can reach Father God Except through Yeshua
And God’s Rose Garden is where your renewed life begins

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